The lying and mischievous Japanese

Japan has published a White Paper branding China as an aggressive nation and putting up some of the unilateral acts committed by China as hostile acts. These included building oil rigs and structures in the waters within China’s sovereignty, reclaiming islands in the South China Sea and claiming Diaoyu Islands seized by the Japanese through war.  China’s growing military might is also claimed as an act of hostility as proof that China is an aggressive country.

On the other hand Japan is a friendly country but is tearing its Pacifist Constitution that forbids Japan to conduct wars of aggression so that Japan can conduct wars again. And what had Japan done to China before? Japan declared wars unilaterally on China in several occasions in the 19th and 20th centuries. It invaded China, attempting to conquer and colonize China and colonized Korea, putting it under oppressive Japanese rule. It invaded the whole of South East Asia and committed wars of aggression, killing wantonly, forcing neighbouring countries’ women to become sex slaves, robbing the conquered countries, raping, looting and killing millions of Chinese. It still held on to Chinese territories like Diaoyu Islands and renaming them as Senkakus, as Japanese territories.

It is now telling lies about China like it did before it invaded China unprovoked, unilaterally, to conquer China. It was defeated by the Allied Forces led by the Americans after it conducted a sneak attack on Pearl Harbour, destroying the American Pacific Fleet and killing thousands of American servicemen. Now with the connivance of the Americans, it is reclaiming its right as an Imperial military power to conduct wars again.

Who is the aggressive and dangerous country? Who is the peaceful country that was violated, invaded, lost territories and millions of live of its citizens, and now wanting to reclaim its lost territories due to conquest?

Japan a peaceful country? It has been peaceful in the last 70 years because it was defeated by the Americans and prevented from becoming another menace, forced to accept a Pacifist Constitution. It has no choice but to behave like a good boy. Now it is given the consent by the Americans to tear away its Pacifist Constitution, to remilitarize and to conduct wars again. It is showing its intent to be the aggressive and barbaric Japan all over again, spreading lies to start wars, just like the Americans.

The world and the Americans would live to regret once the Japanese have fully rearmed to take on the world again, and America would have to repay for the two atomic bombs on Japan and the millions of Japanese killed in the Battles of the Pacific Islands. The complacent Americans would have to relive Pearl Harbour once again, with more destructive forces than 1941.

The passing of the new bills to allow Japan to conduct wars is the clearest proof of the real Japanese intent and what the real Japanese are, like their forefathers during the Second World War, aggressive and imperialist militants. All the public protests against the Abe and his military ambition are only a sly act to deceive the world that they want peace and did not want wars. The majority in the Diet tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth of Japanese military ambition.

Good luck Americans!


Virgo49 said...

Jepun after military conflict with China with the Americunts suddenly pull out and stand aside would be really oor Bak Kat by the PLA

Normally big bully instigated small fries to fight and when the victim fights back also runs first

b said...

Thanks to america, the evil emperor still walks free and enjoying his lux lifestyle. That is the greatest injustice ever inflicted on the world, human beings and nature.

Anonymous said...

Japanese have always revered war. The samurai trait does not die off but is resurfacing. China beware because Fukushima will spawn the evolution of Japanese Mutant warriors, more warlike, cruel and cunning than the Ninjas.