The intent is good, it is all for the good of Singaporeans

I used to be very angry with all the bizarre policies of the govt. I could not understand why these policies are so anti Singaporeans. I could not understand and see any good in them except for the good of foreigners. Now I beginning to understand and see things differently after Hsien Loong said this,

‘There may be different views on how the policy should be, but I hope people understand that the Govt’s intent is good.  We are doing this for Singapore, and for Singaporeans.’  Lee Hsien Loong quoted in ST 22 Jul 15

When Hsien Loong said that the Govt’s intent is good and doing all for the interests of Singaporeans, how can one not understand and don’t believe what he said? He is telling the truth from this heart. Then I went on to reflect on those policies that I was angry with him and now I understand, the Govt’s intent was good, and the policies were good for Singaporeans. Now I am at peace. I know many of you are still very cynical. I don’t blame you.

Now I know why raising GST is good for the poor people. I am looking forward for the GST to go to 10% after the GE perhaps. And I am going to wait for all the goodies going to the poor people and making them happy. Before this I simply cannot understand how it benefits poor and have doubts about the intent of the Govt.  Now I know the intent of the Govt is good. Don’t understand is my fault. I must try to understand and if I don’t understand, I should just believe on the side of goodness. I must admit I still don’t understand.

Of course the biggest bugbear must be the people’s CPF savings, including mine. I was cursing and swearing. Now I know it is for the good and interests of the people, me included. Now I am happier, really happy to know that when I die, I will die very rich, with a lot of money in my CPF, die with a smile on my face. For those who still cannot understand the Govt’s good policy, at least know that the Gov’t meant well and has good intent. Just the good intent is enough to absolve all blame and unhappiness.

I also cannot understand why the Govt gave  and is still giving so much free money to so many foreigners, students and lecturers but not to our own people and their children. This one is very serious, I still cannot understand even if the Govt is doing it for the interests of Singaporeans. But I am more at peace now, because I know the intent is good. Singaporeans deprived of university places, Singaporean lecturers lost their jobs to foreigners, no Singaporean core in the academia, never mind, it must be good for Singaporeans. Sometimes it is like a religion, have faith, just believe and all is well.

What about the PMEs that have become taxi drivers? It must also be good for them, I think. Otherwise they would not be their own boss and enjoy the independence of being your own boss showing how good quality of service is all about, carrying and loading luggages into the taxi with a smile. And saying thank you when a big tip is received for good service. Never mind, the intent of the Govt is good. More foreigners here are good for Singaporeans, to grow the economy, to create good jobs for the Singaporeans. How come I could not understand this simple logic before? Now everything is looking so simple and so clear. The Govt is doing it for the good of Singaporeans. Tiok. How, I dunno, but tiok good enough for me.

Housing for poor Singaporeans, I mean HDB built public flats, and a bit higher income Singaporeans, not just the rich, must buy private flats, good quality and live well. Now I also understand. The income ceiling, last time I think not right that NS men cannot buy public flats. Now I also understand that this is good for Singaporeans also. If they cannot buy HDB flats they sure must buy private flats, good for them and good for the property developers also. Win win for everyone. So simple, but I was confused last time. Boon Wan must not change the policy to make sure every Singaporean can buy a HDB flat so that as NSmen they have something to fight for. Let them buy private properties. Private properties cheap and affordable to the richer Singaporeans. Now they have more expensive properties to defend for, and doing NS becomes more meaningful. They would love to pay their big mortgages for the next 30 years as proof that they are richer.

I could go on and on. Now everything seems so positive, knowing that the Govt’s intent is good and doing everything for the Singaporean’s interests. It cannot be otherwise right? If otherwise how can they be elected to the govt again in the next GE. It only means that many have known this truth but not me. Now with the intent so clear, sure get elected to the govt with bigger majority in the next GE. Hsien Loong should have talked about the intent part earlier to win the hearts and minds of the people.

Now I also agree the ground is sweet. Quick call for election, I can feel the sincerity all over the place.

PS. When I read some of the comments in similar posts in the TRE I just cannot understand why so many people disagree with me and still refused to understand and cannot see the intent and insincerity of it all. What a pity. But, but everyone has a right to disagree. Tiok boh? The difference is whether you see the intent or not.


Anonymous said...

" The intent is good, it is all for the good of Singaporeans "

Sounds a lot like the magic phrase "It's for the greater good". A phrase that is used by leaders through out history before they do something unpleasant to an unfortunate group of people.

“It is quite redundant, really. There is nothing greater than myself.”
- Oscar Wilde on Greater Good

Sometimes, when a community faces problems, the leaders of said community may have to make tough choices in the name of something often referred to as the Greater Good.
Despite numerous attempts by social behaviourists, Ph.Ds and various linguists, researchers, clerics and scientists, no-one has been able to quite determine what the concept of Greater Good entails.

Some have suggested that only political leaders are allowed such information after an initiation to the fifth level of leadership in the Political Order of Rambling Nimrods (P.O.R.N.)


Anonymous said...

Definition of Greater Good
In order for something to happen in the name of Greater Good, it is often considered to be imperative, that something rather unpleasant and often quite lethal will happen to someone in order for the Greater Good clause in the obscure P.O.R.N. leadership manual to take effect.

One of the first recorded cases of a leader having to make a tough call in the name of Greater Good was during the Great Biblical Flood ... when Noah chose to strike dinosaurs off the passenger list in fear of the Triceratops poking a hole in the hull of the Ark.


patriot said...

Wow! Today Redbean posted the Most Agreeable Piece, since I accidentally visited My Singapore News a decade long ago.

Most factual is more population results in more taxi customers and more Sinkies become their own bosses driving taxis.
Most taxi drivers speak favourably of the Rulers too. They are very happy to be their own bosses regardless of their earlier profession and appointment.

Me also likes the Comment that Noah excluded the Dinosaur.
I doubt anyone was able to build any vessel to accommodated any species of dinosaur sizes in the Biblical Time. If the Fable can be believable, the Dinosaurs(remember thhey had to be on pairs of different genders/no homsexual) would have the Vessel sinked in no time and there wont be any beings after that.
Anyway, it just leisure disxussion about the Fable; do not take it seriously.

Hope the General Election will be called as soon as possible.
Personally, I guess the Chief Aristocrat may become a dinosaur soon.

Have a good day.


AhKong65 said...

Wow! RB today forget to take medicine . The intent is good....CPF minimum sum is so good that it now fits squarely into this phrase "人在天堂, 錢在銀行 "

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Fuck "intent" lah. You can never know with 100% certainty what people's TRUE motivations and intent are, so fuck it....forget about using it as a point for debate.

What ultimately matters is RESULTS.

THE CUNTRY is more important than the people. People come and go, live and die, but The Cuntry (Hotel) lives on.

As long as Singapore is a rocking awesome, one-of-a-kind cuntry and Hotel, IMO, "The Management' can do whatever they need to do to maintain the AWESOMENESS of Hotel Singapore.

The Sheeple---well, the loudest of them are ENTITLED ASSHOLES anyway, so they can all GET FUCKED lah. They deserve the govt they get.

The only "metric" of interest to me is the scale of AWESOMENESS by which Singapore is measured, and if the ground vibrates because Singapore is ROCKING so hard.

Singapore's culture is based on materialism and meritocracy. If you cannot accept that, your life will be "full of surprises", and they very first and last lesson you will learn is that: Your life, your business...you die, also your business.

>> I also agree the ground is sweet. Quick call for election <<

You will get your wish, probably within the first 2 weeks of September ;-)

patriot said...

Correction to

'to accommodated'.
It should be 'to accommodate'.

My apology.


Anonymous said...

" The intent is good, it is all for the good of Singaporeans "

Oh boy! Do you think this may mean that there will be a new policy after the General Elections in which Singaporeans are going to suffer?
What do you think?

jjgg said...

History so full of people with good intents..u think Hitler told the German ppl he had bad intentions...similarly..did Hirohito's tell the Japanese ppl he had evil intentions..was 'stop at 2' or graduate mother policy evil intended? Did RB have bad intentions starting his blog? Was paying yourselves big bucks well intended?

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Hey redbean, Did you read LHL's piece in the ST about the next 50 years for Singapore?

LHL, and now The Economist's Simon Long have mooted the idea of "Singapore EXCEPTIONALISM". LHL: "To survive you must be exceptional".

Come now, let's discuss this wonderful idea of Singaporean EXCEPTIONALISM. Just like American Exceptionalism, it is bound to ruffle feathers domestically, regionally and perhaps globally.

We are Singapore. We are 50 years old, and We are EXCEPTIONAL! The rest of Asia, kneel at our feet and suck our dicks! :-))

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Link: THE ECONOMIST : The Singapore Exception

Anonymous said...

Singapore exceptionalism is about materialism, meritocracy and marriedocracy.

Singapore exceptionalism is meant only for the nobles and aristocrats, by birth, and must be paid in the millions. No millions I don't work.

Anonymous said...

Damn bloody "lor sor". Good lah. Everything by government is good. Good for who? Don't know. Must be good lah!

patriot said...

Sin nothing exceptional, just a piece of barren rock.
But, Singaporeans very exceptional; work like ant and bee and than kaput.


Anonymous said...

Too little too late liao.

Anonymous said...

柴米油盐GST, COE, ERP, 还有SG50,
许多oldies 含恨心里藏着无限懊悔,

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think I am having bi polar.

Anonymous said...

Its folly to talk about matters of God, the Creator, without knowledge. It is most unwise to chose to be an enemy against the Creator of everything. Better fear God.

Dinosaurs could have became extinct before Noah's time.
Dinosaurs could be great sea creatures, that got destroyed by the great flood and their carcasses deposited on the land.
One day in creation could be a thousand years.
Adam and Eve could have lived in the Garden of Eden for millions or billion of years before they fell into sin.

The Creator, God, so Almighty powerful need not create an egg before He create a newborn chicken or in an instant a 5-month old chicken and for that matter a 5-billion year old earth. He can do anything. He creates time, so He is not restricted by time.

Look at creation and think a bit deeper.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 猪脑屄, 317:

Eh entitled asshole, allow me to refresh your ailing memory on the prerequisites of life in Singapore:

1. Most people have to work. Lucky that parents are working, so they can give their families a good life. In cuntrees like Spain, Greece, unemployment rate are expressed in DOUBLE DIGIT figures.

2. COE, ERP etc are all part of life in Singapore. Everyone has to pay lah---even non vehicle owners pay indirectly when they take taxis. Anything to do with SPACE in 700+ km^2 Singapore will attract a premium. At the moment, the population density is nearly 8000 people per sq km, about 20+% HIGHER than Hong Kong. Singapore has adapted very well to high population density with an UPWARD trend.

3. I wouldn't matter to much about the BITTER OLD ☛ ☛ UNGRATEFUL ☚ ☚ Sheeple. Fuck them, may they die off quickly. The whole cuntry has bent over backwards to thank them and acknowledge their contribution, and yet some of these entitled old cunts still whine and complain. They have NO MORE CLAIM on the state lah. In Singapore, the strong FILIAL PIETY Laws (if applied with MORE VIGOUR) can guarantee that these old cunts go to their families for "support" instead of asking the govt to ROB younger working people to pay for "welfarism".

4. Singapore culture is GROUNDED in materialism and meritocracy. This means: you'd better have MONEY, and you'd better wake up your ideas and obtain the means to earn MONEY. Social Rank---an artifact of Singapore culture---is measured on your economic ability and success at WEALTH CREATION and UPWARD MOBILITY.

5. If you enjoy rolling hills and infinite landscape, Changi airport (and thus the rest of the world) is only a taxi or train ride away.

6. CPF is not your money. Stop whining, because it won't make any difference: you won't be getting that money back anytime soon. It is sunken cost.

Got gratitude? Or are you still an old bitter 猪脑屄 ?

Anonymous said...

"IMH BLK 7 Escapee running amok again" ......

In Chinese, "脑残" 。。。。。

Heard a Chinese term, "显丑不如藏拙"

Please lah ........., if your Chinese "baey siew", "不要在所有MSN oldies 面前丟人显眼" 。。。。。

Heard before in dialect "Baey Mm Zai Min Teng" ....?

In Chinese, "马不知脸长" 。。。。。。

Well, ..... what next ......

A bout of vomit/ diarrhoea of "vulgarities" from the 7 holes of an escapee's body?

Btw, who is "猪脑" turning to "some Internet translation" for Chinese passage ..... and vocab"?

Hope this "猪脑" will not turn to such translation especially in a "court case" to understand Chinese passages and write in Chinese.

Otherwise the judge might "die" of stomach ache and uncontrollable laughter from such "hilarious freak" ......

Wonder whether he knows what is "白痴" 。。。。。?

Yes, a Chinese adjective fitting this fella to a "T".

Anonymous said...

Must salute Matilar, a self identified mix blood for interacting with others in both the English and Chinese Languages.

Many OCBCs in Sin are completely lost with their Mother Tongues.