The future - the Chinese or American way?

What is China creating for the future and the New World Order? What have the Chinese been doing? Domestically they are building new cities, modern cities, clean cities, highways, super highways, high speed trains. Internationally it is trade and growth, more trade pacts and more growth. The One belt One Road is about economic development and about trade. The AIIB is about infrastructure development for economic growth, connectivity for trade. These are the Chinese initiatives and way forward to a new future and a New World Order of peace and prosperity.

What is the American Way? Defence Pacts is the way. The Americans are signing defence and military pacts with every country they could convince to sign on the dotted line. US India military pact, US Australia military pact, US Philippines defence pact, US Japan defence pact, US Taiwan defence pact, US South Korea defence pact. And the Americans did not stop at just signing military pacts. They moved their weapons to Asia, conduct war games everyday to simulate an attack on Asian countries. And they have military bases in South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Guam, Gan. And they are conducting wars in the Middle East, and inciting and provoking wars in the East and South China Seas.

This is the future and the New World Order of the Americans. It is all above wars and conducting wars. It is all about waving an iron fist. It is not about trade and peaceful economic developments. And they are conning the Asians and the world that they are for peace, freedom of navigation, human rights and regime change. And the silly Asians believed so without thinking. And they told the silly Asians that China is belligerent, would run over all the countries, China would not allow freedom of navigation, China is assertive. Which country or countries have been intercepting ships in international waters against freedom of navigation? You guess it. Which country has been bully every country with the slogan you are with me or against me? And the silly Asian countries believed.

The Silk Road is not for peace or trade. AIIB is not for peace. It is about control. The Americans are not controlling anyone. They just patrol all the oceans and fly surveillance planes over other countries. They have 7 fleets of aircraft carriers and ships of war all over the high seas. China reclaiming islands from the sea is expansionist and a hostile and aggressive act. All the military and defence pacts the Americans are signing are for peace. All the military weapons and military bases are for peace. All the surveillance and war games are for peace. All the wars the Americans are fighting are for peace. Who is the Empire controlling the whole world?

China is for war, but never fight a war, no overseas military bases, no war games, no military or defence pact, but still a warmonger.  China is dangerous?

Can the Asians and the world see through the hypocrisy and the American myth and how the evil Americans are demonizing China and controlling the world?


Anonymous said...

The Americans are controlling the world. But they are conning the world that they need to balance the rise of China when it should be a rising China to balance the Empire, to prevent it from bullying the smaller countries.

Anonymous said...

//they moved their weapons to asia"

So who "invited" them here?
Why are the IMF or Interpol and many other organizations here in our land.
Not to mention more air base later.
Are you sure China is part of the new world order? Do you see them in the hilderberg meeting chaired by the rockefller? Is Russia at the table seat? Who is wrecking and later now drumming up the war against Russia now. Is www3 in the making? Whose side will sgp pick?
Connect the dots and is a no Brainer lah..whose puppet and bitch we belong to.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ already made up his mind, Redbean:

>> Can the Asians and the world see through the hypocrisy and the American myth and how the evil Americans are demonizing China and controlling the world? <<

See thru? Are you nuts? Asians ape the "American way". They greedily soak up American culture like a crack whore sucking dick for her next fix.

Except for its food, art, architecture, Asian's will get rid of the "bad" aspects of Asian culture---like community spirit and cooperation---and replace it with the "sexier" American Individualism, with the "garang" attitude, confident swagger, "badass" manner.

Asians will allow some of their traditions and cultural norms TO DIE, and embrace "westernisims", because the foundation of western liberty, especially the American version: Individual Freedom, is the most seductive existential concept.

China, and Asia together, may win economic wars, and write the history books of how the worlds poorest places became rich and continue to get richer.....all in less than half a century. (With western help, of course---good help as well as the meddling, epic-fail type of "help"; no one's perfect.)

However culture wise, The East will inculcate more western influences in their own cultures. Western culture is rarely influenced by The East.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The top 3 contributors to AIIB are China, India and Russia. The 3 Asian countries are calling the shot instead of being nobody in IMF and the World Bank. This is the beginning of the New World Order where Asians are in charge of their own destinies.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB

Hmmm...China, Russia, India...smells like future trouble to me.

>> This is the beginning of the New World Order where Asians are in charge of their own destinies. <<

They have been self deterministic already lah. WTF are you talking about? The is no "western oppression" lah. The US-friendly Asian states did so out of their own choosing lah. They send multitudes of envoys to Washington to suck dick. Then if the US President feels "benevolent", he will visit their shithole cuntree, and the shithole Asian cuntree will go ape shit and make a rally big deal out of a US Presidential visit.

All of a sudden they will spend money (they supposedly don't have for schools, hospitals etc.)) on sprucing up the cuntree to "impress" the sitting US President.

You invite a robber into your house. Then complain that he's stolen your stuff.

Anonymous said...

Let the American and its poodles continue to bark. Let it be because, as they say, none so blind as those who refuse to see, even if they have eyes.