SMRT lessons: Look at the positive side

It is not good to be negative. Look at the bright side of things. The recent and past breakdowns of the MRT should not be cause for alarm and depression. We need to look at things positively then we can put on a brave and cheerful front and go about life feeling good.

Just look at those countries that don’t have MRT, count yourself lucky to have MRT to move around.
Look at those countries that have people hanging on the trains from the outside, or sitting on the roof of the trains, aren’t you grateful?

Look at Japan, they have to hire pushers to push you into the trains. Here you wait for the second or third train and sure you will be able to get in without being pushed into it.
And where on earth can you find the best talents, paid in the millions, to manage the trains and run it so efficiently?

Be reasonable. It could be worst if you don’t have the best talents like ours running it, or don’t even have trains to take you around.
Don’t listen to people saying that only poor people take trains and you need to bath the moment you get home to rid yourself of the smell of poor people. Our trains are used by rich local people also. They don’t smell so bad like the snobs said.

Count your blessings. This is as good as you can get. Stop complaining. Wait till you get a rogue govt and mismanagement then you will know how good things are today.

See, positive thinking, I already feel better. Hope you people reading are also feeling better. And with the GE around the corner, things can only get betterer. Even the supply of COEs is more than before. And they have found out that Singaporeans are better for banking jobs also and the banks have started to recruit Singaporeans. Everything is so promising.
And there is a good chance that you may get a whole new train system to replace this ageing system. Now that must be something to look forward to. If we can scrap cars after using them for 10 years, we should consider scraping the train after 30 years and get a new and gleaming one with no problems to run again.

Smile, the sun is smiling.
Lin peh kong swee swee.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the sun is smiling at us!

Yes, we are "swee swee swee swee"!

Yes, we are the PARADISE here!

是! 是! 新加坡是天堂!

如果新加坡不是天堂 哪里是天堂?


agongkia said...

Yes Mr Bean
Glad that U finally come to yr sense and can look at the positive side.
More train breakdown mean you all can have more practices on how to handle emergency n not panicked if there are fire or in case of terrorism act.
More excuses for reporting late for work.
What more can we ask for.

Anonymous said...

Brand new train system huh, wow but sure why not. Is singapore right.m
They are flushed with money from taxpayers and their piggy bank is rich, in theory.
Besides, you have already torn down an airport that so old before and get it rebuke from zero, why not train.
Reset is so simple. I bet voters can also do reset button too.
If it's true for building, airports and train, why not govt? Tiok bo

Anonymous said...

you are correct......

we are now very very the swee swee swee swee.......

the grounds are aso very very the swee swee swee swee.........

that is why the GE is swee swee DAYS ONLY away.......

so, let us all swee swee swee swee and more swee swee swee sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.........

Anonymous said...

Some days when RB is sober, only good things are being said. If it pleases agongkia, what else can I say?

Anonymous said...

The SMRT also got chance to test their Free Shuttle Service.

Anonymous said...

Is this true & fair?
"If you want a better train system, we better vote out the PAP government first. Because PAP may not have the knowledge and skill set to operate a train system in a sustainable manner."

Just like Malaysia.
A brand new hotel there is very impressive.
But after 5 years, everything is broken down because there is no systematic maintenance.

Under the PAP old guard (when PAP was new), everything worked well.
But after 1984 ... was it downhill all the way?

But I think the above is false.
Singapore and the MRT is very well managed by PAP.

Virgo 49 said...

This MRT business like Ah Yoon Soo's (hokkien woon soo- sure lose) son running a transport company bequeathed by his rich toway's father.

Son runs business with no maintainance budget for his fleet of prime movers, lorries and other vehicles.

Just carry on business days and nights with profits spend on high salaries and other expenses except proper maintainance.

Come until all vehicles broke down. Overhaul here, repair there, another lobang broke down.

In the end tells PAPA buy new fleet. Start again.

Papa got monies.

Puah Siew Kia.

Anonymous said...

MRT train is old.
Throw away and buy a new train.
Singaporeans are old.
Throw away into old folks home in Johor and import millions of new citizens.

Is PAP 50 years old and getting too old to lead Singaporeans to greater heights?
Is it time to throw out PAP and vote in a new government?

Anonymous said...


Think positive.

Nobody is perfect including aristocrats.

They cannot please everyone.

So dun complain anymore.

Some things can change but some cannot.

Hardware comparatively easy to reset.

A good, "aristocratic" republic government where to find ...... how can anyhow change ...... ? Later non-aristocratic but rogue government how?

Tiok bor?

知足常乐 。。。。。

Literally means contentment brings frequent joy and happiness. .....

With this mind set, now never khaw Peh Khaw Boo liao ...... feel more happy already. ......

Be positive.

Vote wisely when u have such a good and efficient government around still khaw Peh Khaw Boo for what?

Must be so thankful we have such a good government, aristocratic or otherwise. Non-aristocratic but rogue government what for ...... tiok bor?

Which one better?

Aristocratic but good government?

Or non-aristocratic but rogue government?

Answer is so obvious right ......?

So please dun khaw Peh Khaw Boo anymore. ....

Vote in a good (aristocratic) government and all can have more gooooooooood years ......

Western style liberal values can eat me ....?

Tiok bor?

Look at grease. ....?

Referendum, democracy, change party and have snap elections like change clothing but people suffer, no $$$$$, put inside bank also not safe ..... see!

So no khaw Peh Khaw Boo liao ..... ok?

知足常乐 。。。。。

Majulah Singapore ......

Uncle Virgo 49, no "juboh lah" please hor ....

Anonymous said...

* can eat meh. ..?

Virgo 49 said...



Anonymous said...

"f we can scrap cars after using them for 10 years, we should consider scraping the train after 30 years...."

Trains got COE like cars meh ?

Sinkies got opposition ready to be govt meh?

Virgo 49 said...

Instead of solving problems, LTA said commuters now more gracious.

Shit times said bring up the best in Singaporeans.

Must divert attention and must test daft sinkies of their tolerance to the breakdowns

Think got to put them in IMH block 7.

TCH: what do you think??

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans have no cause to complain about the public transport system of Singapore. The mRT trains are clean and not too crowded the best of time. The buses are plentiful and quite punctual. On rare occasions things do break down, but that is to be expected as in all systems. So I say Singaporeans who complain about a little inconvenience due to MRT breakdowns are a little unfair.

Anonymous said...

"So I say Singaporeans who complain about a little inconvenience due to MRT breakdowns are a little unfair."
July 15, 2015 5:04 p.m.

This one sound like Millionaire Bala.
What more do you want?
Three hour delay only complain so much.
You expect all the trains to run on time is it?
You think Singapore is as good as Hong Kong is it?

How much is Hong Kong MTR CEO pay?
How much is Singapore MRT CEO pay?

Anonymous said...

"On Channel 5′s Talking Point yesterday (14 Jul), ME8 (NS) Lee Ling Wee admitted on national TV that SMRT was not able to handle last week’s massive train disruptions on its own, despite deploying 700 staff that night.
He suggested setting up a taskforce by roping in the Land Transport Authority and other enforcement agencies."

Millionaire E8 (NS) Lee Ling Wee.
I think this is called kpkb.
Your MRT cannot work.
So you expect to get free labour from government agencies.
This you call meritocracy is it?

Your salary why you don't call "LTA and other enforcement agencies" to share?
When you got problem, then you call for help to share problem is it?
Good you don't call us.
When there is shit then you call us.

Fark You.


Anonymous said...

Peace lah.
Some breakdowns are to be expected in anything and they are bound to happen.

When Khaw Boon Wan had to correct or repair his heart, you think he asked for it bcos he never take care of himself? Or with millions dollars income he was not not bothered? Somemore he very pious and good hearted. He even told the World that he was healthy bcos he lives healthy lifestyle.
So, is PM Lee, You think he loves to have Cancer? He cannot help it, no one, not even prime minister or minister know what will happen, that's why cannot blame anybody for mishaps or unforseen events.

Trains can be replaced with new ones, however, Sinkies never requested or demanded for change of faulty ministers neither did they see fit to have replacements.

Sinkies are actually very reasonable and kind, so only some or rather only few kpkb lah.

Virgo 49 said...

This one exactly like Howe Yoon Chong.

When his residents complained f frequent faulty lift breakdowns, he retorted; lifts cannot break down?? Machines can Also break break down

Pay me millions and I will also said the same

Easy as ABC