Singaporean beaten by a foreigner

I copied this picture from TRE. This Singaporean was beaten by a foreigner when the foreigner shafted his car into a parking lot he was waiting for in East Coast Park. The case would be heard in court on 25 Aug.

It is so depressing to see Singaporeans being repeatedly beaten by foreigners in Singapore. Where is the Singaporean identity and where is the pride to be a Singaporean when foreigners coming here to make a living has no qualms and hesitation to beat up a Singaporean?

While we are going to celebrate SG50, think about this face.

It was reported that the attacker, a John Duncan Tasker, a PR, is a grassroot leader, a vice chairman of a Neighbourhood Committee.


Anonymous said...

there is a 60.1% that the beaten up Singaporean is a PAP voter.
- in which case, maybe he got what he voted for?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans like all Asians are small and foreigners, esp. the Europeans are larger. Therefore kena wallap and ill treated. Never mind, you invite them here, so getting beaten is part of the deal. They re here to help your economy, so must give them a little right to be more aggressive. Many more are coming here to help your economy, so get ready to be beaten occasionally, If you want change then remember this when you place your cross on GE day.

Anonymous said...

It was the Singaporean's fault.
He deliberately put his face in front of a punch.

Anonymous said...

How come PR can be a vice chair of a neighborhood RC/CC ?

What is it thT this Angmo knows more about Singaporea grounds and hood that local born and bred doesnt?
is it because this place upper changi is very high level military base that it is carved out , like sentosa for expats securities personnel to govern only?

So how many more parcels of this lands are there more going around kelong to them?

Anonymous said...

we are well trained, law abiding citizens of the PAP government.
Next time we get invaded by a foreign army, our NS boys and generals will make a police report.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is so difficult to put up a post like this. I have to be very careful or I may be accused of xenophobia or worst. Anyone feel offended by this post please let me know and I will remove it. I know it is sensitive to highlight this kind of Singaporean bashing in social media.

I must clarify I mean no offence. I just copy from a post in TRE. I would not dare to be the first to post it.

Anonymous said...

Sad! Very Sad! Very Very Sad!

Why do we ended up like that?

Badly beaten by a PR!

Toooooooooo many Singaporeans beaten by foreigners!

Why? You tell me lah.....who's fault!? Who's fault!?

Is it true that the PR is also a grassroot leader, a vice chairman of a Neighbourhood Committee?

I hope it is not true.

If true, sad, very sad, very very sad!

What should we do?

Anonymous said...

@ redbean @ July 31, 2015 12:19 p.m.
"It is so difficult to put up a post like this. I have to be very careful or I may be accused of xenophobia or worst."

As a Singaporean, I fully understand your sentiments.
That's why I am boycotting SG50 celebrations.
What's there to celebrate if we are so scared to be jailed for standing up for our fellow Singaporeans?
What does this tell us about the state of nationhood in Singapore today?

Anonymous said...

It's a shame to be a Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

But why this Singaporean dare not fight back? Is he afraid of being arrested and charge in court if he fights back because fighting in public is an offence?

Just like the 60% dare not vote opposition because the opposition is not ready to be govt?

Anonymous said...

He should have fight back like this guy in red in below video:

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singaporeans have been warned many times not to fight back or take the law into their hands. They would be charged in court for beating up the attackers. The best thing is to receive the blow, wait for the police to come, and hope that the injuries are serious enough for the police to take action to charge the attacker.

If the injury is not serious, he would have to pay for a lawyer to file a civil suit. That is the accepted behaviour for the Singaporeans.

For foreigners, anything can. We have to be kind and gracious to the foreigners. They are the darlings and hot properties invited here to help the Singaporeans and to provide jobs for the Singaporeans. Be nice to them.

Anonymous said...

i feel like throwing away my sg50 flag. so ashamed.

Anonymous said...

It's true that more jobs will be created. Now the police will have to investigate the case. The doctor will have to be consulted. The victim will have to take time off from work to file a report and see the doctor.

You see, foreigners are here to create jobs for us.

Anonymous said...

It is okay for Ang Moh Aliens to punch Singaporeans .... as long as the ang moh's heart is pure.
It's okay to send your parents to old folks home in Johor ... as long as your heart is pure.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans, do you want your face to be like this one?

Anonymous said...

Please keep the Flags in good condition to cheer the Victories of the Opposition Parties when the Polling Results are announced

Anonymous said...

Let's invite 50 ang moh FTs and 50 Singaporeans onto our Marina bay stage.
And we then we invite the 50 ang moh FTs to punch the 50 Singaporeans.
To celebrate SG50.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3.59pm. Pls note............

The answer is of course NO! NO! NO!

Then.............what can u do lah!

KPKB only, right?


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 4.09pm

You meant to celebrate SG50, ask the ang moh FTs to punch 50 times?

That is " very eat strength "!

agongkia said...

Meaningless to fight over car park lot.

Solution:Do away with car ownership.
NS to include 1 year of kung fu fighting , defence tactic or unarm combat.
The victim is too soft so need learn to be street smart.
This angmo should be punish n deported as he appear to be high handed and will repeat the act again.
RB.This time I am with you.

agongkia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agongkia, the photo must have changed your mind: )

Anonymous said...

There are good foreigners and bad foreigners. We want the good ones - good looking, smart, kind, humble, courteous and contribute to society type. The bad ones we don't want, like the Casey guy, the train vandalism guys and this one.

Locals also got good and bad. So cannot stereotype.

Anonymous said...

Political Joke
Q: What does PAP call a united coalition of Opposition Parties?
A: An un-HoLee Alliance

Anonymous said...

I quote a comment above:
"Locals also got good and bad. So cannot stereotype."

My friends, please do not get side-tracked by this kind of diversion.

Locals also got good or bad, yes, deal with it, they're our kind. Just like family, there are good and bad in our family, we deal with it.

But those outside of our family, there are also good and bad. No need to be simple minded. We invite the good into our home, we do not invite the bad. If we find anyone bad, we eject him/her out of our house.

It should be the same with foreigners. We let only the good in, not the bad. If we find anyone bad, we should eject them out. It's simple, isn't it. But are our leaders doing that? Are they doing the right thing??? Or are they creating the diversion - that locals also got good and bad, accuse us of stereotyping? My friends, please don't fall into these kind of trap.

Anonymous said...

@ agongkia July 31, 2015 4:50 p.m.
//This angmo should be punish n deported as he appear to be high handed and will repeat the act again.//

Your spelling of //angmo// and //angmo(kio)// is very close. Is the former related to the latter? Or is the former a resident staying in the latter or in charge of the latter? If the former is in your words
//deported//, what would happen to the latter? ( pun intended )

Anonymous said...

But your garment like foreigners leh. Bad ones, beat up singaporeans, insult singaporeans, oso can. Fakes, degree mills also can.

What can you do?

Anonymous said...

"What can you do?"
July 31, 2015 8:04 p.m.

Vote them out lor!

Anonymous said...

How about test our some of our so many paper generals and see whether can take on Angmo bullies? hehehe.

Vitgo49 said...

My face battered worse than one shown in photo also caught off guard and beaten by one late 20s
Brit or barbarian for telling him not to crate nuisance noises practically every nights when he comes home drunk

Warded for observation and discharged to be warded again for vomiting

Police reports and magistrate ordered investigations. After nearly year and half recommended mediation

Twice this Brit do not give a damn to attend. What can the courts do!?

Give order to close case as this is voluntary. Singaporean victim told magistrate that this barbarian do not give a damn to sinkie laws.

Got warned by her not to said such foul language or be charged by court

Do not give a damn foul language meh?? She does not hear anything worse in the saf camps. Staying in ivory towers

After that called to SPF hq and scanned like criminal to be escorted by armed Chak Liao bee in own liar to be given a warning letter

Victim received warning letter and aggressor got away scot free each time giving me a sneer when he sees me.

What can you do to me old man!?

Fuck you, your bloody government simply loves us, at one time I went to his unit and told him to tone down or I have to report matter to my late beloved LKY just to bluff bluff a bit to make him scared.

He told me bluntly : I do not give a damn to your old man LKY which I related this in my police report

Now I feel shiok that he berated my beloved Singapore founder which his nincompoop son allowed him in as a PR


‚Ą≥atilah_$ingapura said...

Here goes the old xenophobe redbean trying to "justify" his overt racial bias by offering some perfunctory gobbledygook. As usual: epic fail.

Why do the facts that this fucker is a Brit foreigner have anything to do with the CRIMINALITY of his actions? Apparently in redbean's world it does.

Also, what's up with the locals? How come they never defend themselves?

AhKong65 said...

agongkia 4:51pm

The last time you supported the young man in MRT to quietly move away from aggressive angmo .... do not argue back or retaliate . Today you are talking about asking Singaporean to do away with car ownership because of this parking lot issue . Maybe tomorrow you will again ask Singaporeeans to give up Singapore to this aggressive angmos since they like our beloved island so much .
Who are you.... do you have backbones ? What is the kungfu and unarm combat for if you do not have courage to defend yourself and fight back to this arrogant people , be it angmo or Singaporeans.

Pioneer Generation and a Proud ex-serviceman.
P/S : I am not against you , but I just think that your method will encourage more aggression from this unreasonable people.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the no backbone traitors, both of them.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Singaporeans are not outraged by this attack proves that there is no more Singaporeans left. What toking about a Singaporean identity and a Singaporean spirit? Singaporeans would not care about the fate of fellow Singaporeans anymore. They will party at the SG50 and would not even think about this poor Singaporean gonna bashed up by foreigners.

Right, this is NOT a country anymore.

agongkia said...

Ahkong65 1.32pm
Lau chek ah.
Nothing to do with backbone lah.
If its me I will be alert n park my car straight into the lot immediately when seeing one.Not dropping family members n think someone will not come for the lot.
It shows how complacent and entitlement mentality Sinkies has.
Next never understimate others.Always ask whether we can defend ourselves before we try to reason with others.If not confident we shd LL n try to give way.Better to be call a coward than be a dead hero.

This specky need to use his brain.He is not alert n being unable to foresee danger.He think all angmo are harmless.
Luckily only one eye kena kopak.
If one is having problem like finding a car park lot then its better not to own a car
Just like marrying a wife but is unable to find her a place to sleep peacefully.
Be operationally ready n learn from NS.
If not worry of landing in station , jail ,hospitalise, getting poorer or no family commitments then use your right of private defence and whack the bully since one already sustain injury.
Not gong gong n challenge bully n get hit without knowing how to block from punches .

Now.Go learn some kungfu.

agongkia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
agongkia said...

Talking about backbone...you shd ask yrself or your children or those Sinkies who name themselves or their new born as Peter Lim, Donny Tan , Isabella Koh....

Anonymous said...

Back bone everyone have lah. Some born crooked, some got slipped disc in between, some got bad hearts beside their backbone and of course some got cancerous liver, lung and blood making the backbone quite unable to hold everything together.

Having backbone alone is never enough.

AhKong65 said...

I like this statement. Just make a police report like a law abiding citizen. No need to defend...anyway many of them are already IN Singapore long ago.

Lim Bo Seng said...

I think we will see in the end there is more to this case than is being revealed at this time and to whine, complain and point fingers now with out a full understanding of the facts does cross over into xenophobia and reveals those who would support it, lah!. I think I can see similarities here in those events that played out in pre-Nazi Germany in the '30's, Lah!.

Anonymous said...

This Brit monkey's business is at VBOX 881156 in Singapore Island Country Club...selling Sports related stuff. Singaporeans should teach him a sore lesson.