Redbean Soup serving anytime soon

Everything is settled and the book is in the process of being printed. The printer has promised to deliver by 15 Jul or earlier, which means at the latest early next week.

There will be 54 articles as planned but not 200 pages. My intent was for 200 pages and I had to remove several articles earlier to fit to size. The printer has somehow redone the layout and squeezed the text all into 132 pages, very compact. I should have put back the articles I removed earlier but it would delay the completion date further. Inexperience makes a big difference. Will learn from this and not to repeat it in the next few books in the series, if the sales are good and I get to publish them.

For those who have ordered the book, I will autograph them and mail them to the addresses given. Anyone who need to make any changes, please email me at redbeansg@yahoo.com. For those who ordered multiple copies, please let me know how you want them to be autographed.

The book should be available by next week latest. I only print a small limited copies, for those who have not ordered, please make your orders asap as it would be on a first come first serve basis.

The book is recommended reading for politicians of all parties, colours and stripes as well as civil servants and uniformed services. University students and those taking their A and O levels will find it helpful in their  GP and English papers. And all Singaporeans who are interested in the affairs of our country, the book will set you thinking about what is going on and how things should be.


PS. Printer said the book will also be available at the National Library. I think this is a standard requirement.


Virgo49 said...

National Library confiscated one.

Later CUP- Controller of Undesirable Publications will request one.

Then C&E- Customs & Excise- oops no more now under ICA. will come knocking just like the Malaysian Kastam confiscating the Bibles.

Your Bibles will hurt the MIWs.

Next ISD and SB will come knocking.

Hopefully, not that Kaur again. She recommended IMH Block 7- Special room with cuffs and shackles.

Hi RB, just joking. Happy to receive my copies soon before they disappeared.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sure, would not forget your order.

This book is highly recommended for the ministers and PAP cadres and members to read to understand what the gripes are all about. Hopefully it will change them for the better.

Anonymous said...

"This book is highly recommended for the ministers and PAP cadres and members to read to understand what the gripes are all about."

Maybe they should all get a Special Edition .... which includes a hara-kiri knife signed by Khaw.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ok printer confirmed deliver book to me on Wed 15 Jul.
Was hoping he could send it earlier.


Anonymous said...

Wah ....... hot hot Redbean soup ...... straight from the printing press ...... YUM!