Quotable quotes by Jess C Scott

Brain Drain: The emigration of highly trained or intelligent people from a particular country.

Jess C Scott posted this in her article in TRE titled ‘The main cause of Singapore’s brain drain’.

Let me try another definition.

Shit Drain: The emigration of highly untrained or shitty people from a particular country.


Anonymous said...

So that makes us a shithole?

Anonymous said...

Shit Drain: The emigration of highly untrained or shitty people from a particular country.

No doubt there may be some shitty people lah, but as long as they are a minority, say 40% or less of all who emigrated from a particular country, it should be OK lah.

No doubt there may be some Sinkies who do not vote PAP, but as long as they are a minority, say 40% or less of all citizens above 21(instant citizens included of course), it should be OK lah. I mean for PAP lah, of course.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

Rb, that is the fastest way down the drain for a cuntry. ...... obviously.

The best and better ones emigrated - outflow.

The fakes and degree-mills type infiltrated - inflow.


What is so "happy" to celebrate about?

The beginning of the end? Or since the end long started, the final hurray, bash, last big meal before the curtains are lowered down?

FittingLEE. .......?

Majulah is going forward .....

How to say go backward in Malay?

Anonymous said...

Shit For Brains:
The policy makers who allow the immigration of highly untrained or shitty people from other countries into Singapore to replace Singaporeans.
Is this a fair definition?
true or not?

Daft Traitors
The Singaporeans who continue to vote and support the above policy makers ... even though the Traitors do not benefit from such policies.
True or not?
Fair or not?

Anonymous said...

Make sense.

Virgo 49 said...

Juboh lah!

SG50 beginning of the end.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, uncle Virgo 49.

Majulah Boleh Land!

Tak Boleh Land, skarang Juboh Lagi Lah .....

Pls "bear" with the "broken malay" for now ....

Learning sikit sikit .....

Will be better over time ......

请给两至三年时间, 一定会有进步!

Majulah 前进吧!

Tak Mao Juboh lah! 不要悬崖式的倒退了!


Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo 49, dictionary no "juboh" lah .....

Should be "ke belakang" for "backward"?

Like the army command "ke belakang pusing" for "backward turn"?

Anyway thks.

Internet search for "juboh" shows up "jubur" which means "backside" which is not really the intended meaning.

Thks anyway for the (fast) attempt.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I remember as a kid we used the word 'go stan' for going backward.
Is it Malay or baba Malay. Go ahead we said, 'go head'.

Anonymous said...

Thank you uncle RB, "go stan" is indeed used like a "slang" for "backward" among sinkies during the early days when directing a vehicle to "reverse" or " go backward" .....

For a nation, "go stan" should not be used in the same sentence ......

During TCC and GKS era, the word used in the same sentence with a nation is "Majulah" ...... a time when when national common identity and pride as a Singaporean arguably is at its heights .....

Anonymous said...

*a time when national common identity. ...

b said...

sg is good for being a stopover and not for the destination. many smart locals and foreigners from a few different countries know about that very well and will continue to treat this island as a stopover hotel.

Anonymous said...

Dear redbean
"Go stan" is Singaporean English for "go astern".

Emeritus Consultant Singlish Professor

- There really is such a title now in the civil service (Hospitals) - "Emeritus Consultant"
- Just like in the 1980's when Brigadier General job title exploded onto the scene with BG Lee Hsien Loong. Now everybody is a BG, LG or MG.
- How many farking Generals do we need for fark's sake?

patriot said...

The Military Title on the Names of the Rulers and Top Dogs in the Civil Service and State Affiliated Organizations in telling Sinkies that they were ALL MILITARY STRONG MEN.




Virgo49 said...

Just want to play with the word "Majullah" with juboh lah

Malay kampong vulgar word used by the Malay regiment soldiers

Now no more nation just a hotel. An international brothel hotel

So said juboh lah not Majullah

Virgo49 said...

Hi Patriot, one pee Sai red dot so many generals and rear admirers

How many brigades we have?? How many tank regiments?? Reservist camp started with 55Sir for first few batches ROD personnel and till now maybe 80 or 90
SIR. Bullshit phantom battalions

If got really many tank regiments island long time sink with the weights

Appointed so many high ranking generals like playing masak masak to kook the money
Churning machines of its true blue citizens

Just benefit their cronies

Anonymous said...

Why so much bad mouth against immigration of foreigners into Singapore? If they are really high quality people who can contribute to the growth of Singapore, I see no reason not to welcome them. Singaporeans are by nature a little kiasu and insecure. Many Singaporeans feel threatened by foreigners who have come to Singapore to better themselves. Of course, there will be those who have come into the country with dubious qualifications and by other illegal means, but that is expected because of the huge number coming in. Singapore needs a large working population in 20 years time to support the ageing retirees. Because Singaporeans are not reproducing enough to make up this future working population, the only way is to invite foreigners to make up the numbers. So, please do not be too harsh on the FTs. Many are in Singapore for the good of the country and at the same time better themselves and for their families.

patriot said...

Virgo 49;

You are absolutely right.

None of the Generals had any war experience except a few old soldiers that are in their late 60s and beyond in age who are dead or retired.

And why are so nany generals in the Cabinet, Ministries and Government Affiliated Organizations?

THERE WAS NO BATTLE AFTER THE 50s and our younger soldiers born after that had not participated in real battle, why are there so many generals in a tiny island? What's the Criteria to award the High Rank?

What is the PURPOSE O Pre-fixing their Military Ranks to their Names in their NON-MILITARY APPOINTMENTS when they are no more in the Military?

The Jobs that most of the Ex-military men are doing now are not related to their military training s, are they in any way better than those trained in the Respective field of specialized study, training and on the Job working experiences???

Can the Regime enlighten us the People on why so many EX-MILITARY MEN ARE iN THE CABINET AND GOVERNMENT RELATED ORGANIZATIONS?


Virgo 49 said...

Today GDP lowest and weakest. You expect good times forever???

Big recession and depression, with these refugees in our midst, hopefully you and your family still gainfully employed.

If not Heavens help you. All these bullshits harp of needing these refugees to sustain the economy.

Need ten millions to take care of these retirees need another twenty millions to take care of future retirees. When we I'll they ever end??

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha uncle Virgo 49, lucky gave some allowance for "slanted translation" and din take your "version " literally. ..... otherwise if put aristocrats name side by side with "juboh" in one sentence nanti awak kena "grease juboh" ...... ha ha ha "juboh peekcha lah" ...... ( pun intended ) ...... well ...... international hotel mb but an aristocratic atas hotel perhaps ..... whatever that may mean .....? ? ? ? ? Ha ha ha ..... this world is fast changing and what was yesterday may not be tmr ....... but perhaps best live by Suze Orman motto: People first, then money, then things and not GDP first, GDP second and GDP third .....

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

"Singapore needs a large working population in 20 years time to support the ageing retirees."
July 14, 2015 5:59 p.m.

Singaporeans just need Temasek and GIC to pay an interest of 7% on our CPF money.
Don't need so many foreigners.
Just need Temasek and GIC to outperform Berkshire Hathaway.
If cannot outperform, then please close down and use the money to buy Berkshire Hathaway shares instead.

Anonymous said...

China is also having "big problem" with their manufacturing sector in recent years despite strong economic recovery in their largest export market USA.

Sinkieland exports quite a fair bit to China nowadays and when China manufacturing tanks, there is cascading effect..... US of A is pulling back substantial investments in Asia on the back of Obama's push for reindustrialisation of their manufacturing base ..... China is getting multiple whammy to their economy on many fronts and sinkieland often is further behind China in their economic resourcefulness and enterprising spirit .....

Aristocrats are born with silver, golden and even diamond-laced spoons ...... can't really see how they can steer sinkieland economy out of the doldrums fast enough except build, build, build to drive GDP growth .....

However, the massive labour imports and build, build, build model may have to taper off bcos major construction phase could be over and no more gargantuan land sales revenue on the horizon. ....

So what next ....?

Not with an engineering trained technocrat helming MTI and a Math PhD helming this (aristocratic) republic ( how can we say our aristocrats are not innovative and creative and out and out bookworms when they can see, speak and breathe aristocratic traditions in a 21st century republic? )

Anyway, with MOE's (in)competency level of providing education that meets the need of the 21st century economic challenge and MOM's standard of (in)competency in overseeing training and retraining of sinkieland's work force to be at the leading edge where it matters and ahead of the curve, the "humbling process" in a rapid downward slide back to a 3rd world basket case may have entered 3rd gear and entering a "free fall" soon .......

The next phase may be one of "muddling through" with a lot of "sound, thunder, howling wind, even deadly lightning" but no or hardly any rainfall. ......

Time to consider retiring in much cheaper boleh land and have a golden sunset beach front semi-D perched on top a beautiful hillside coastal atas district with "still substantial amount of balance cash" to last beyond one lifetime .......?

"Brain drain in action ......"?

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

*one's lifetime

Anonymous said...

Singapore is in safe hands. Don't worry, as long as the PAP stays in power, things will be OK.

All the KPKB are not necessary. Sleep well and sleep safe. Mpney safe in CPF, Medisave and banks.

Anonymous said...

"Mpney safe in CPF, Medisave and banks."
July 14, 2015 8:40 p.m.

CPF Money is so safe, we can never touch it ever again.
- Let's vote out the condescending motherfuckers

Anonymous said...

*was at its heights

Anonymous said...

*Suze Orman's motto