No need for so many universities

We used to have Singapore University and Nantah. Now we have University of Singapore, Nanyang Technology University, Singapore Management University, USIM, SUTD, SIT, Yale Singapore Joint Campus and many others in the private sector joining here and there. What is the purpose of so many universities? Is it not the official view telling students there is no need for a university education when such a thought goes against the need for more and more universities?

There is also readily available graduates from the best in the world and the best from the village universities of 3rd World coming here for our choosing, the so called cheap and good. And there are millions of fakes and those genuine degrees from quality degree mills to choose from. There is thus no need to provide universities for our young when we can get them free from the whole world.

There is another reason why there is no need for so many expensive universities. Why spend so much money building universities with the best facilities money can buy to be filled with foreign as lecturers and non academic staff, practically the whole university staff are foreigners except for the clerical jobs and cleaners. Maybe the cleaners are also foreigners. Where are the job opportunities for the citizens? Oops, we our policy is to hire the best from the world, regardless of nationalities. I remember.

And why build universities staffed by foreigners and to be filled by foreign students and paid by tax payers’ money as well in the form of generous scholarship? Is there a need to spend so much public money doing this? Wait a minute, if the foreign students return home, they will have fond memories of Singapore and when and if they are in positions of authority, they will be kinder and look at Singapore more favourably. There are so many whens and ifs to happen to benefit from this huge expense. Just hope they don’t return with a lot of hate for Singapore and Singaporeans.  

If the universities are built as business concerns to generate economic growth, for more revenue for the state, that is a different matter. If the universities are self sufficient financially, making money from the foreign students and providing good jobs for our citizens, that is a good proposition and is most welcomed.

But if the universities are built with tax payers’ money to feed foreigners as lecturers and staff and to finance foreign students to get their education and we pay for it, what is the point? Do we need to spend this type of money, so much money to hope for some good will and kindness?

Are we really doing these kinds of things with our taxpayer’s money? I hope not. If it is, there better be a rethink and use the money more wisely to invest in our very own children. We are not the Santa Clause to the whole world. We are not slaves and servants to the whole world. We don’t owe the world an obligation to provide jobs and university places for them. We are a small little dot with limited resources. We are not a super power with super power ambition and interests.

Anyone got any figures to confirm that this is or not the case? Anyone knows how much we have spent annually on this inexplicable myth?


Anonymous said...

We are awaiting Mumbai University to set up a campus in Singapore.
This will propel Singapore into the top ranks of global education.

Anonymous said...

"What is the purpose of so many universities?"

"What is the purpose of so many PAP MPs in parliament?"
- you hear one PAP MP talk is the same as hearing all of the PAP MPs talk.
- if you read the book "Hard Truths", I think you no need to hear PAP MP talk anymore. Because I think everything a PAP MP says can already be found in the book "Hard Truths".

Anonymous said...

"No need so many universities"
Tiok. Tiok.
No need so many PAP MPs.
lagi tiok.

Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of so many universities?

Hahahahaha. Then what is the purpose of having 2 casinos? For the same reasons lah.

So have I answered your question, RB?

Anonymous said...

For anything to qualify as a religion, there must be a God, a belief system and the bibles. The Hard Truths book is the bible and they jolly well read them well and be able to quote them to justify their actions.

Anonymous said...

" ... we are in a new dark age where college does not pay. At $1.3 trillion, the student debt balance is not getting any smaller. Facing a lifetime of debt slavery, the millennial generation is doing whatever they can to avoid homelessness. Whether it's stripping or working at Rent A Gent, all options are on the table. Now, they are flocking to Seeking Arrangement to prostitute themselves so they can pay for school. Since 2009, the number of student sugar babies has increased by 1,200%!
The labor force participation rate for college graduates has been on a relentless downtrend."



Is Singapore becoming Matilah's Paradise?
Will you find Matilah in your daughter's bedroom tonight?

Anonymous said...

you don't know meh.......

we are the world.......

we are the "para-dice" of the world........

是! 新加坡是天堂!

如果新加坡不是天堂 哪里是天堂!


b said...

Most universities in this world is trying to make money and profit from the people. Most MOE in this world is trying to transfer public money legally into selected few private hands. Democracy is all along a scam.

Anonymous said...

Why would this country need so many university when the guy in white is telling all Singaporeans not to send their children for higher education and just stop at ITE or Polytechnic....oh forgot that he is bringing in talents from abroad to boost the population to 6.9million,so I guess those universities are built for the foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed here. Singapore universities are famous for their quality of education and for producing high standard graduates. All universities, both private or government, able to establish a foothold in Singapore must be of high standard otherwise they will be closed or not given permission to exist.

The reasons for having so many universities in Singapore are many. IMHO these are the main ones,

1. To encourage foreign students to come to Singapore to study with the hope they will stay and become citizens, thus growing the future population of Singapore.

2. To make a good name for Singapore as a high standard study hub.

3. To be seen a a charitable country, giving scholarships to students from poorer countries.

4. To be able to provide a good university education for all Singaporeans.

There must be many more reason why Singapore has so many universities. This cannot be bad, can it? It is a win win situation and everyone happy.

Anonymous said...

Speeds' Comment No. 4 runs counter to Redbeans' Articulation here that Singaporeans are deprived of tertiary education due to intake of foreigner stidents as well as foreigner students awarded scholarships by the Sin Government.

Anonymous said...

"Singapore universities are famous for their quality of education and for producing high standard graduates."
July 04, 2015 4:53 p.m.July 04, 2015 4:53 p.m.

Really ah?
Is that why we have so many PAP politicians?
And we have so many gems like "GST is to help the poor".
"Good, better, betterest"?

Virgo 49 said...

MP Ting Peh Lin just Bachelor of Arts & Social Science.

With this degree can draw 16K per month if employed in private sector???

This is one soft subject degree of all degrees.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi RB, speed here. Singapore universities are famous for their quality of education and for producing high standard graduates. All universities, both private or government, able to establish a foothold in Singapore must be of high standard otherwise they will be closed or not given permission to exist.

Sad to say, the above is a myth. Look at all the CEO's in the private sector and even govt ministries, from now going forward, more and more will be foreigners, a testament that our universities are producing duds, no talent, no skills sets. And these duds cannot even compete with 3rd World university grads and despised by 3rd World grads and got to work for 3rd World grads.

Dunno want to laugh or want to cry. The fact that Tharman, a former Education Minister is saying there are NOW starting to want to train for the future is a very sick joke. So pathetic but no daft sinkies and super talented ministers can see that.

If botak really good, MOE would not be the state it is now ...... said...

Botak himself is the biggest joke!

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

It is a case of Singapore "over cooking" a plan. Too much lah. So much that the value becomes DILUTED.

"Educational Inflation" emerges from a culture based on "Credentialism".