NDP - Yesterday once more

I went to shoot the NDP rehearsal this evening and here are some of the pics for your viewing pleasure. Top pic are members of the SADC and Naval Command, not sure what they called the Navy then. The respective insignias were an eagle and a marlin. Next pic is the Dad's Army, our early pioneers in the PDF. And the police wore shorts then. The next pic are members of our Fire Brigade. The rest need no further introduction, the POSB, Nurses and the SIA girls, what a great way to fly.


Anonymous said...

The Navy was previously known as the Singapore Maritime Command.

Anonymous said...

This will be a great NDP. Many will attend and enjoy. Good for Singapore.

agongkia said...

When I first saw the top picture I thought they are preparing for the celebration of the coming Security Officer Day.
Only the picture of that kebaya girl with blue umbrella without carrying the flag attracted my attention.

Virgo49 said...

They gonna glorify our ex Fouling, oops Founding Great Leader Declaration of Independence of August 09, 1965 on all media till Election Day.

Will tug all the heartstrings of all oldies with his famous cry.

Election Day after the NDP in Sept with a similar memorable day line up of Guards of Honour thru the same route of the funeral to bring back memories.

Even Kim Jong Ee will be green with envy

PAP sure garner 90 percent votes

Anonymous said...

SG50 or PAP50?
Which is a more accurate description?
Should we support our fellow Singaporeans who have lost their jobs due to discrimination.

Should we boycott this event?
Should we turn off our TVs?
Should we refuse to hang up our flags?
Should we vacation overseas instead?

Choose an action to show us how you really feel.

The said...

One contingent is missing - the old PAP who were thrifty and ministers who earn a few thousands dollars a month, but gave superior performance and high GDP growth rates.

Anonymous said...

They probably turned down the invitation.

Virgo 49 said...

Most of them sells salted duck eggs liao. Now the Chief presides over them in their own parliament.

Some lau hans asked hey what happened??

The Nation we built so painstakingly had gone to the skunks???


‚Ą≥atilah_$ingapura said...

Most people I know have booked their mini holiday for the 4 -day "long weekend".

Fuck the NDP communist celebration bullshit lah.