Najib versus the indestructible Mahathir

Najib is on the defensive and looking very lame. No one could resist an attack by Mahathir. Many had fallen, including Prime Ministers and every one of his heir designate deputy PMs. Could Najib be an exception and survive this final onslaught of Mahthir? At his growing age, this could be Mahathir’s last battle before calling it a day and could be his biggest battle to date. Winning this battle is looking like a cake walk. Losing it, if it ever happens, could bring an end to the Malaysian legend.

What is left in the armoury of Najib to take on Mahathir? Najib could count himself lucky that his cabinet is still with him except for a handful waiting to see his downfall. But this situation cannot last for long if he can’t pull out a jack rabbit from his hat and turn the tide. When cornered and no way out, the only thing to do is to strike back hard and die together, forcing the attacker to retreat.

I thought Rosmah could be Najib’s trumph card. The most powerful and influential woman Malaysian ever had. She is so quiet. This is very unusual knowing her reputation. What is she thinking or planning to save her husband and beat Mahathir at his own game? Mahathir has always been the aggressor, the attacker. He has never been on the defensive, being attack and on the defensive. He is looking like a flawless politician that his enemies could not find any traces of flaws to wave in public.

What is Rosmah doing about it? For sure she is not going to take things lying down. That is not Rosmah. Mahathir, watch it. This could be more than you can chew.

There is another card that Najib could possibly use. This is presently under lock and key. Would Najib unlock it and throw it at Mahathir? Yes, this card is behind bars, the Anwar factor. Anwar was heard to have many boxes of documents to prove against Mahathir when he was on the receiving end. He did not have the chance to use them when Mahathir prematurely quitted his post as PM. If these boxes of documents are there and hold interesting and damaging information against Mahathir, they are something that Najib may want to lay his hands on.

Are these boxes of documents real and still there? If not, then Anwar would be a spent force and best left forgotten. Would Najib make a deal with Anwar and join forces to take on their arch foe? Is Anwar dead and gone or would this be his last chance to get back to the centre of Malaysian politics? Would he be able to do what he wanted to do against Mahathir and now with the support of a standing PM in Najib, the job could be much easier.

Malaysian politics are full of intrigues and plots and counter plots. How would this final battle of Mahathir against another PM turn out? Great drama and Hollywood material.


The said...

///What is left in the armoury of Najib to take on Mahathir? ///
How about publishing all the dirty deeds of Mahathir during his 22 years of absolute power?
Failing which, how about using the ISA, OSA and the Sedition Act?

Anonymous said...

This one really keep rising from the dead whenever he feels that something is wrong.
Unlike the other old fart.

Anonymous said...

What strategies will N use?

Fear not! Fear not!

He is Man of Steel!

Nothing will happen.

Nothing! Nothing!

Anonymous said...


For all we know, Rosmah may be the one that is going to sink the listing ship.

The old fox is really much slyer and smarter than Najib. Some of his children are billionaires through his connections, all legally done from business deals in favoured positions, like the Suharto children.

The old foz really knows how to wipe his mouth clean before leaving office. Now he is trying to elevate his son into political power, after failing to control Badawi and his successor to do his bidding. But maybe a little late and he has not much time left.

Malaysian politics is much more interesting than Red Dot. Mslaysia Boleh!

‚Ą≥atilah_$ingapura said...

1 SGD = 2.81 MYR...and dropping!

To the 2 most powerful Mats in Asia: Please continue what you are doing. Keep on fighting and smashing each other up. This is very good for a materialistic, profit-seeking, kiasu Singaporean like my good self and fellow citizens.

We will now be flocking en masse to indulge in "Healthy Leisure Activities in your many splendid "Health Centers"!

Keep up the good work guys!

Anonymous said...

Najib is the incumbent. There are great, even sure win, advantages being the incumbent. Don't believe, just look at Anwar now.

And this applies all over the world, the great advantages of being the incumbent. And short of a military coup or a mass revolution, nothing will remove incumbent, not even in an election where the incumbent got even less than 50% votes!

This I think Lee Hsien Loong also knows. In fact Hsien Loong is even much stronger than Najib as an incumbent. Don't believe, just look at the pathetic Sinkie opposition!

Anonymous said...

The one fundamental question to be answered is how much support Mahathir still has. If he wins this tussle, I am sure many of Najib's supporters will jump ship to side with the old fox within UMNO. Najib may be the incumbant, but he is dealing with an equally formidable opponent who is sly, wily and as vindictive as our own Horrible Man. Of course the advantage still lies with the incumbant with the support of all the resources and control of the police, judges, law enforcement agencies etc.

Singapore has no one in the opposition of the calibre of Mahathir to take on the incumbant. Not that there were never anyone capable enough, but they were deprived of the conditions to thrive and take on the PAP.

Anonymous said...

Never never write off the idea of the famous "crooked bridge" across the causeway!

It is still alive!


b said...

I think they are trying to put up a good show and eat the money sg gov invested in matland.

Anonymous said...

RB, I must agree with you that Anuar is the only Wild card left. If everything else fail, bring him back to UMNO. Anuar will surely tip the balance. Interesting time to watch things unfold.

Anonymous said...

If Najib is proven guilty, bringing the wild card into the soap opera means little to the rakyat other than also bringing down Mahathir from his fortress of invincibility and make him eat humble pie.

Anonymous said...


If Anuar brings out the documents, Mahathir will bring out the mattress yet again.

Malaysia Boleh!

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia, all of them are dirty and corrupt, including Mahathir, Najib, Anwar, the Attorney General and the Police Commissioner. That's why the say goes "Malaysia Boleh"!

Anwar is a spent force in prison, and he got nothing incriminating against Mahathir or Najib to bargain with. Otherwise, he would have used his trump card to stay out of prison. Mahathir is calling the shots because of his influence and connection to call up whistle blowers within 1MDB. But, bringing down Najib is not easy. With all the evidence, Najib will simply deny everything (like he did in the Altantuya case). All the investigations will eventually come to naught. Why? Because everyone involved is on the take and will not dare to stick out his neck. Najib has all the evidence of the money distributed by him from the various sources including 1MDB and the submarine cases. If he falls, he will take all of them with him. In the end, it will be a stalemate. In Malaysia, even murderers get away with it!!