Muhyiddin – Checkmate!

Channel News Asia reports,

Malaysian media reported on Tuesday that Prime Minister Najib Razak has dumped his deputy and four others in a cabinet reshuffle, with the attorney general also replaced amid the fallout from a graft scandal at state investment fund 1MDB.

Najib's government announced in a statement that Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail, the man who had led investigations into the 1MDB scandal, had been replaced by Mohamed Apandi Ali. It gave no reason for the change.’

I cannot believe it. I thought Najib was in a fix. This amiable guy has pulled off a near impossible coup while under pressure from the most powerful political forces in Malaysia. I must say I never expect him to get out of this rut unscarred. And now he got one up on his opponents by removing his deputy PM Muhyiddin, the most outspoken UMNO critics on the 1MDB saga. And the attorney general investigating the case is also removed. There was also an edict that no newspaper is to report on the 1MDB case until the investigation is over.

I think even Mahathir could not see this coming. What is happening? What Najib has done is even more ingenious than Mahathir in his heyday. Mahathir was only able to drag a piece of mattress all over the courts. Najib simply disposed off his opponents in a a simple stroke of the pen, no drama, and no time wasting. Respect!

What’s next Najib? Or what’s next Mahathir? The power play has just begun and Najib is on top. And Rosmah has not even appeared or said a word. Can’t imagine what would happen when Rosmah pulls the rug off Mahathir’s feet. Don’t pray pray with a woman’s wrath.

The hunter is now the hunted. How would this game end is still too early to tell but you can bet there will be more surprises from both sides of the camp.



Anonymous said...

Never forget their war cry. Malaysia Boleh!

Mahathir will not take this lying down on his own mattress. He will want to go on top.

Anonymous said...

Interesting developments. PAP must have learned a lot from our friendly neighbour above. the only problem here is that PM's cabinet are all yes men, perhaps, with the exception of Kebun Baru MP.

The said...

/// Mahathir will not take this lying down on his own mattress. He will want to go on top. ///

And if the frontal approach does not work, he will attack from the rear.

Redbean - not just the mattress - but with lots of semen sprayed all over the mattress.

Anonymous said...

Don't need to have a PhD in political science to know the final verdict!

N will be cleared! Life goes on! Nothing changed!

Malaysia is always BOLEH! BOLEH!


Anonymous said...

I believe that Najib will wriggle his way out. The same way he dealt with the Mongolian lady's murder case. He holds the reins of power, fed the horses running the show and he can order them where and when to turn things to his advantage. Who can challenge him openly and stay unscathe?

Power and wealth can enable a person to get away with murder is never off the mark.

Anonymous said...

Najib's goose is cooked! It's a matter of time. Unlike the Altantuya case, the evidence of his involvement is in the public domain and cannot be denied. Sooner or later, he has to explain and face the music if he cannot produced evidence of his innocence. Once he's down, the Altantuya case will re-surface as the two murderers will have nothing more to hide, or to threaten them or their families.

Anonymous said...

Was like that also can meh? Then next one on the block is chief of police, chief of anti corruption agency, chief of central bank and may be judiciary also. Walau then no one left to investigate him Lor

Anonymous said...

najib dispose his Deputy is like mathathir dispose of Anwar lah. He leart for his sifu, so no surprise what.
MY politics is a mirror of what absolute power can do absolutely.

Anonymous said...

He is the man so he can remove anybody. The only way to remove him is for the deputy pm with his faction to join with opposition to defeat him with no confident vote in parliament

Anonymous said...

He is removing all who so not support him, putting his own supporters into positions of power. Same same everywhere, here and there.

If he should fall, lots of rats will be scurrying for shelter in opposition holes.

Politicians are the dirtiest creatures on this planet.

Anonymous said...

'And if the frontal approach does not work, he will attack from the rear' unquote

If that happens, Najib will do an Anwar on Mahathir. You can say then that Karma really works.

Don't say it will not happen. Remember 'Malaysia Boleh'