Muhammad Hanafie aka Elfy, our hero

This young man of medium built, only 25, stood up to a bully more than double his heft, to defend another smaller young man who was being bullied and threatened with violence. The sin of the younger man was to wear a loud T shirt with the words, ‘I’m F—king Special’.  I did not see anything wrong about that except for the prudes and the priests. This is nothing to a westerner, and that bully is a westerner. For westerners, saying fuck in every sentence even in the corporate office is normal. Now what is so fucking unacceptable about the young man’s T shirt that gave this big bully the right to threaten to beat him and to throw him out of the train? The one that needs to be thrown out of the train is the big animal! And he was shouting and cursing at the young man all the while until our hero stood up to stop him.

When I read that both were let away by the Police, I shared the concern of many netizens that our hero might suffer the injustice of being rude to a foreigner instead.  Thankfully it is reported in today’s ST that Elfy was invited by Shanmugam at a ceremony for his bravery. I can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it ends well for Efly.  Thank you Elfy, proud of you!

Now what about the bully? Is anything going to happen to him for intimidating another person and threatening him bodily harm? Was it not criminal intimidation or threatening the peace? Who is he, what is his name, what does he look like? We want to know. The public has a right to know that there is such a bully in their midst and to avoid him at all cost for those who could not stand up to him.

Would the media or the Police publish information on this bully? Why is there a need to protect his confidentiality like an underage boy of 16? If he dared to behave like a bully in public, to threaten to beat up people in public, there is no need to hide his face and identity.

Would the Police be taking action against this bully now that Shanmugam has acknowledged that - ‘The bullying was unacceptable, and what Elfy did made me feel proud – standing up to a bully’.  The bully must be taught a lesson to send a message to all the bullies that they will be dealt with by the law, harshly, for threatening to harm another person and for disturbing our peace.

We are waiting to see what the Police would do to protect the citizens from such bullies. PNG him if necessary and sent him home. We don’t need such rogue here!


agongkia said...

Please lah.
If local cannot , bochup, unable or fail to teach their children , I dun see anything wrong for adults to teach them on their behalf.
Such harsh words without using force can make the boy grow up as a more considerate n discipline man in future.
Angmo is doing it in good faith.
If he did not control his temper I am afraid your so call hero here may land himself elsewhere instead of being invited by M.Sham.
Dun get the wrong message.

Anonymous said...

That boy should have walk away instead of being at the receiving end of a bully.

Anonymous said...

hope this gongkia meet this bully one day.

Virgo 49 said...

Ah gong kia will kow tow to the ang mo and offer to suck his dick.

If Ahgong kia is the chief of stuff of the Armed Forces, the nation's flag only one colour- completely WHITE when displayed in battles.

Anonymous said...

"Thankfully it is reported in today’s ST that Elfy was invited by Shamugam at a ceremony for his bravery."

Dun be naive lah.
Shamugam is a PAP Cabinet Minister.
The same PAP government whose Alien policy allowed the big Alien bully into Singapore that created this problem in the first place.

I trust Elfy.
But I question Shamugam's motives.
Shamugam voted for Ah Loong's Population White Paper to allow for more Alien bullies into Singapore.
If Shamugam wants to stop the Alien bullying and sacking of Singaporeans, then why did he support the Population White Paper?

Anonymous said...

The important thing is that Elfy is safe.

b said...

There are good and bad people from all races. Same race also bullied each other. Tiok?

b said...

There are good and bad people everywhere. Same nationality also bullied each other.

The said...

It is very clear that a crime has been committed - assault, as opposed to battery.

The legal definition of assault is appended below. From the video, it is clear that the obnoxious asshat was aggressive and threatening. He was about to move up against the young man and that was when Elfy intervened.

I am sure the Law Minister knows Singapore law inside out. Which is why I find it puzzling that he's passing the buck to that jerk's employer when that said jerk can be charged for criminal offence.



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you The, according to the provisions on assault and criminal intimidation, intention and gestures are enough to constitute assault and criminal intimidation without hitting the victim.

This bully is guilty on both counts.

agongkia said...

Lau chek ah.
During yr generation I believe you would have heard of the word Boh Kar See.
Many of the PG has caused a generation of selfish breed that only care for themselves, inconsiderate n 目中无人。The word on the T shirt may not be offensive to you people. But is it suitable to be worn in public with many ladies n mei mei around?

The boy is one example ,simply inconsiderate and no respect for those around.Need to wake up, by Angmo or not.
Even if there is slight injury or a slap, there is no case even if police intervene.
Many cases of such nature happen everywhere here n unless grievous hurt is caused, unlikely action can be taken .Uncle Virgo has that experience.Maybe the boy can file a complaint with the magistrate for civil action . If he does not,why do we need to insist its an offence .

The said...

agongkia - what do you mean no case? Read the penal code - it is clearly spelt out what constitutes assault, battery, intimidation. The case for assault does not even have to involve laying a hand on you, or touching a single hair. The question is whether the victim wants to press the charges, and whether the police wants to act.

agongkia said...

Then go find out how many cases of kopitiam disputes or neighbour dispute everyday. Threat or gestures happen during disputes.How many really got charge ?Except maybe affray.

The said...

I see so many jaywalkers everyday. How many got charged?

agongkia said...

Precisely. Why insist someone must be charge? Becos he angmo?
I would prefer both to be charge then.
Maybe for Annoyance or whatever under the Miscellaneous Act.
Ah boy don such T shirt caused Annoyance.
Angmo Kaypo disturb the peace caused Annoyance.
Fair or not.

The said...

We are saying the same thing. The laws are there. Whether the people or police act on them is another thing. Don't have to count - just the sheer number of jaywalkers in Raffles Place will drown out your kopitiam or neighbourhood disputes. If you insist on counting, tell me the numbers first.

All I am saying is that the Singapore Penal Court says what happened in the train is a criminal offence. Period.

The said...

/// Threat or gestures happen during disputes.How many really got charge ? ///
One possible reason - many people are not even aware of the legal definition of assault. We all assume assault means actual physical violence - this is known as battery. Assault does have to be physical. Imaging if I smash a beer bottle and charge at you, not to injure you, but just to scare the shit out of you. This will be a clear case of assault.

Ask redbean whether he knew the difference between assault and battery before he read up on the laws.

agongkia said...

Law written by human la.Not up to me to interpret. Go ask those professional n I am not in any position to reply.
My stand is simple.
Learn a lesson n be considerate in whatever we wear.
Maybe next time can propose for a law to ban such T shirt that caused annoyance or ill feeling.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr Elfy will also be charged for creating an affray or fracas with this ang mo???

SIN penal code a joke!

Luckily Sham chot bin. If not Elfy also kena charged

Anonymous said...

@July 16, 2015 5:13 p.m
Fucking agongkia again.
Dunno why this cheebye kia hum kah ling never drop dead yet.
I cannot imagine a Singaporean can get away with such behaviour against an Australian in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Ya, this agongkia eat too much seow. Everytime talk seow.

Anonymous said...

agongkia, why are you standing behind this ang mo?, strange that you take it that we must wear proper cloths even in this era, the fact remains that ang mo had no right and there was a law.....yet you argue?
"The", has put it into perspective, and have even bothered to explain to you.....damn nut case.

Stupid, its not the tee that he's wearing, its like what rb is trying to push across your pig brain, "WHO GAVE THAT ASS THE RIGHT TO DO WHAT HE DID.....TO THE BOY".

Which time zone are you stuck in?
All the mei mei's showing their tits to you is proper?

Anonymous said...

What is truly UNsurprising is that only 1 person in a crowded train stood up for this guy. What national spirit, or lack off, in this so called country. For all that so called nation building, and so called benefits of national service, national "studies", we are still a country of self-serving, pussies. No wonder the old looking angmo found it OK to push us around. For all the expensive leopard tanks, F16s we have bought, there is no question that any country can simply walk in and invade us easily, because a national backbone cannot be bought. This would not happen anywhere else in the world, even in the PRC, which pretentious Singaporeans feel themselves superior to.

agongkia said...

Sinkies love to name themselves or their new born as angmo , Peter Low... Reuben.Michelle... dress n behave like angmo , gave angmo a chance to feel superior but when being challenged, unable to handle.
A total disgrace .

Anonymous said...

And who is the ang mo to threaten him? So does that mean I can slap your children who misbehave in public places?

patriot said...

The National Education, National Service and Pledges etc are TO INCULCATE A LAND FULL OF SHEEPLE FOR THE ARISTOCRATS TO LORD OVER.


Virgo 49 said...

Bro, many of these still have not go and join LKY sells salted duck eggs.

They are brought up with from the older generation of stick rules and customs to adhere to.

Children to be seen not heard. Now their brains still having their great great forefathers abusive domineering attitude.

Anything against their customs are taboo. Don't care right or wrong, we are always right.

This is also the legacy left by LKY. We are the elites, you are peasants so we know better.

Just follow no boh tua boh sua, chow ba ba.

So if you gave yourself or children alien names, you boh deen chor. So you OUTCASTS.

Take some time before these generation last half screws go into their coffins.

Old foggies had no qualms hugging meis meis which to them not sinful as I got monies to spend mah

But you have ang mo names, they said your eyes not blue your hair not blond why ang mo name??

agongkia said...

@anon 6.07am
Its a Transfer of knowledge from the talent.Maybe he appear to be harsh but its done on good faith to get the message across.I will reflect n stop wearing such T shirt if its me.
The angmo did not slap.So you can transfer knowledge to my children if they misbehave in public but not slap:-)

agongkia said...

Lau chek ah.
Aiyo.I am much much younger than you la.
So u another Robert ah?Or Richard? Then you shd go built up a good relationship with yr angmo neighbour above.Tell him u r Robert.Dun gado gado n kacheow our MIB .
Who say hug mei mei must spend money.

No wonder cpf kena tahan.