Marine Parade the first GRC likely to go to the opposition

The redrawing of electoral boundaries makes Marine Parade a ward with the most changes, with a cut and a paste. Presumably the changes are meant to favour the PAP in Marine Parade. The weakest link in the team, Tin Pei Ling, has been hived out to front a single seat in MacPherson. Many political observers see her as a liability and her absence in a way should strengthen Marine Parade some what. But this is off set by the inclusion of Joo Chiat. The marginal win at Joo Chiat must be scary for the PAP and it must be hoping to retain Joo Chiat by making it part of the firmer Marine Parade GRC. How would this work out is yet to be seen as the voters in Joo Chiat seem to be swinging towards the WP camp.

The incumbents in Marine Parade are no guarantees for a win. Chok Tong, the strongest candidate due to his Premiership status is likely to be retired. Tan Chuan Jin has not much to show during his term in MOM and would not be the persuasive factor to carry Marine Parade. The rest of the team are just so so.

Now comes the checkmate move by Low Thai Khiang. He has announced that WP would contest Marine Parade. Low Thia Khiang has a very good track record in winning elections. He broke ground by winning Hougang. Again he broke the records by winning a GRC, once seen as near impossibility. For Low Thia Khiang to make his move in Marine Parade and East Coast, he must have read his cards well. He must have sense the moment has come.

PAP’s performance against NSP in the last election was nothing to crow about. NSP was a very weak team and the Nicole Seah effect was enough to rattle the PAP team and nearly knocked them over. The WP is no NSP, and has a more respectable track record and seen as a real challenger to the PAP in times to come. A so so team in Marine Parade is going to be a tough call and the chances of it falling to the WP is quite expectable. Would the PAP boost up the team with more ministers and take a big gamble to lose big?

Just a few days after the electoral boundaries have been changed and confirmed, and with some comments and indications of intent from the opposition parties, Marine Parade is now hanging by a very thin thread. And the bonus that could come along would be MacPherson. If top notch candidates like Dr Koh Poh Soon can lose to Ah Lian, Tin Pei Ling would need to a miraculous act to stand a chance against an opposition candidate on her own. Very likely she would be retired on medical ground from this GE.

It is looking like 1 GRC and 1 SMC down before the GE even started.  My God, if this is the case, Tan Chuan Jin would be no more a minister.


patriot said...

The Candidacy of Tan Chuan Jin will add woes to Goh Chok Tong's Failure to deliver not only an an MP, he was the Prine Minister when he promised Swiss Standard of Living.
he made LIVING SUB-STANDARD for most of us.
Costs of living ever increasing like the importation of aliens and jobs and incomes become lesser for the Native Sinkies.

CRONYISM has been on the Rise and VOTERS MUST PUT AN END TO IT.


market2garden said...

By just looking the map,
MP is most likely the one,
not the EC.

Anonymous said...

"Marine Parade the first GRC likely to go to the opposition"

Not really lah. Like WP Teochew Ah Hia already said, and it is worth repeating, in a GE, majority voters (aka 60%, including those in Marine Parade)are very scared to accidentally vote PAP out because even strongest WP is not ready to be govt.

Hence by voting PAP out in Marine Parade GRC, they(majority voters) might also accidentally vote PAP out of govt, if 100% seats are contested again in coming GE.

Can you imagine Teochew Ah Hia, Hainan Ah Ko, Kenneth (son of JBJ), Aung Juan Soon Chee, botak Benjamin Pwee, botak Gilbert, "madcow" Goh Meng Seng, etc coming together forming a cabinet of ministers to govern Singapore after the GE? They are not even talking much to each other, if at all, before the GE, let alone united to become govt after GE!

Anonymous said...

What accidentally voting PAP out? This is the mission for the people in this election. Voting PAP out is now the thing to do. It cannot be worst than having PAP to continue with another term and more Singaporeans losing jobs and their savings in the CPF.

Virgo49 said...

Why you always keep on harping that just because WP does not contest 100 per cent and not ready to form the government, others cannot joined forces to form a coalition and form the Government???

You must be a PAP IB pouring cold water to protect your Masters.

Your incompetent PAP Ministers and MPs are no match for Teochew Ah Hia, Hainan Ah Ko, JBL's son Kenneth, Aung Juan Soon Chee put together.

How the HELL you know that they cannot do their governance better than the PAPies???

The PAP have already prove them to be just duds drawing million dollar salaries.

Now best strategy is to disperse the heavy weights of Aljunied GRC MPs to head the new GRC that they contested. The voters will vote for the Party even though three rest of the remaining candidates are new and raw.

Now even Tanjong Pagar, they are putting in a chow hay woman to contest as the heavy weight of Indranee and CCS are scrambling to safer GRCs to secure their positions.

The PAP now putting their own daft lambs for slaughter in constituencies that they are not confident of winning.


agongkia said...

There is a very good reason to let Ah Tin stand alone n its not becos she is seen as a liability.

agongkia said...
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Anonymous said...

With all the machinations behind her , TPLmhas given a PR rebirth with 4 years of lead time to show results.
With a majority of old people who are very easy to deceive and pleased, plus a full time job on the ground, never underestimate her chance to win. Did she win because she is the best candidate? No. She got in on the gravy train at the expense of other voters choices and on coattail of the heavy wights, and given the chance to seize her oppty. That's all. She is merely an ordinary overpaid candidate paid to do grassroots works. One less of her in the parliament will not have any impact or adverse results for the voters. That's why she is a dispensable chip in LHLs overall chess board.

TCJ has been mediocre so far. His portfolio in MOM was a let down, and now his early MSF works is also doubtful. I doubt he is in his element doing work he enjoys...in other words, it is not his passion to be in politics and it shows. The people should just vote him out to save him further misery and contamination of the party's doctrine where he is clearly In half hearted place. He is a good man but placed in the wrong job. Let's save his soul.

But no, east coast is not a given to WP.mif you think so, you are having wishful,thinking.

The said...

LTK's strategy of going for broke in the last election by giving up his almost-certain Hougang seat and fighting in Aljunied against 2 ministers, and 1 potential mayor paid handsomely. Now that the PAP is trying to mess up Aljunied town council, LTK should put in a suicide team in Aljunied to battle PAP's Aljunied suicide team. And switch the current Aljunied Team to Marine Parade GRC. Who knows, WP may just win both Aljunied and Marine Parade GRCs. And also East Coast GRC if WP can field a credible team there as well.

Anonymous said...

Uncle rb, you seriously think that 1 GRC and 1 SMC will
be down before the GE even started?

But, just look at PAP since 2011 GE.

They are extremely active at all corners of Singapore.

They are organising many many activities and SG50 events with massive participations and lots of free gifts and goodies bags.

With the wide-spread celebratory mood, feel-good environment
and a smiling economy, how can PAP not to win BIG BIG lah.

What say U?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Handling tit bits to the people before the GE but messing up on big and serious policies would not go unnoticed. When the cards are stacked, you will see a mountain of bad policies committed by the govt that would not go away.

Look at the PWP, CPF, jobless PMEs and the influx of foreigners thinking they own this country, just to name a few. The scale has tilted very badly against the PAP.

I really cannot see how PAP could redeem itself in this GE by a few meaningless freebies and wasting so much public money on a big bash.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

The redrawing of electoral boundaries has definitely given the opposition a nice "free kick".

This is all smoke and mirrors of course. The PAP know they are going to lose a few more seats this time, as there is unpopularity with many of their policies of the last few years.

So I reckon they're willing to "throw" a few SMC's just to give The Sheeple a bit of "blood' and a sense of "justice" (totally fake), so that The Sheeple are led to believe certain myths, which ultimately make The Sheeple easier to socially engineer and control. One must never lose sight of the FACT: Singapore society is SOCIALLY engineered.

Unswerving belief in these MYTHS are CRUCIAL to the ultimate control and manipulation of The Sheeple. Some of these myths are:

1. DO VOTE: your vote really does count 😂
2. We are a democracy 😝
3. The opposition is there to protect your interests from excessive govt. interference 😇
4. The opposition will not collude with the incumbent govt. 😱

All of the above points are total bullshit, yet many people swear by them, which is why

The Sheeple will always get the govt they deserve 👍👏

Probably on Monday morning, Sept 14 2015, the world will see the extent to which the sheeple of Singapore have deluded themselves :-) 🙀

Anonymous said...

This is definately a Watershed Elections. It is a Make or Break time for oppositions. If they trully care for the people, they must not go for 3 corner fight. Good luck to all opposition. This is the Golden opportinity to slice the PAP to size.

Anonymous said...

"I really cannot see how PAP could redeem itself in this GE by a few meaningless freebies and wasting so much public money on a big bash."
July 27, 2015 10:57 a.m.

Never underestimate the stupidity of the Singaporean voter.
Also never underestimate the over-reach ego of the Opposition politician.
My kudos to the WP politicians for their down-to-earth, door-to-door approach to proving themselves.

Many of you here think LTK is too cautious. But give the man his due as an Opposition politician. He is delivering results that is reflected in the electoral results.

Anonymous said...

I m not a fortune teller, but I do have some
figures from the air regarding GE2015.

Will it be........


We shall see........

patriot said...

I only wish that Low Thia Khiang could gather some heavyweights to challenge Lee Hsien Loong and his PAP Team at Ang Mo Kio.
This is the Final Opportunity for any Sinkie to unseat PAP.



Anonymous said...

patriot, July 27, 2015 11:53 a.m.

AMK is a 6 man GRC. election deposit is $16K per candidate or $96K for the entire team.
Please stop volunteering Singaporeans to do suicide missions.
You are behaving just like PAP volunteering Singaporeans to do national service or to work overseas.

patriot said...

Low Thia Khiang did well at Aljunied GRC in 2011.

He stands a good chance to win Ang Mo Kio GRC.and make it big for Workers Party as well as its supporters.


Anonymous said...

He stands a good chance to win Ang Mo Kio GRC.and make it big for Workers Party as well as its supporters.
July 27, 2015 2:21 p.m.

And who is going to stand up for LTK if he loses?

Who stood up for Francis Seow?
Who stood up for JB jeyaretnam?
Who stood up for Chee Soon Juan?
Who stood up for Tan Wah Piow?
Who stood up for Amos Yee?
Who stood up for Roy Ngerng?

How many more martyrs' blood do we want on Singaporeans' cowardly hands?

patriot said...

Low Thia Khiang will NOT blame others if he takes up the Challenge.

He is a responsible leader thus far and he will be from the Proof of his record of the past.


Anonymous said...

You are right @2.31pm.
We ARE cowards; cowards who expect others to do our dirty work -
whether it is cleaning the home, cleaning the streets or cleaning
up the country. We simply whinge and whine online. Even the protests
about how Amos was being treated started elsewhere. So embarrassing!

RedBean, there are any number in Marine Parade who are grateful to
the Chokster, and will thus cast their vote for the PAP...

Anonymous said...

Just look at the opposition lah, more or less the same as in GE 2011, tio bo? In fact, since there are more opposition parties now, so don't be surprised if there are 35% votes PAP MPs after GE 2015, just like the 35% votes President after PE 2011.

Anonymous said...

Fengshan SMC got 3 corner fight liao. Botak Benjamin from DPP say want to contest there. Sylvia Lim also announce very early that WP will also contest.
So 35% PAP MP for fengshan after GE 2015 possible or not?

Anonymous said...

Mr Low Thia Kiang is a respectable and well like man.
Even Late Lee Kuan Yew respected him.

Anonymous said...

DPP Benjamin plus Desmond Lim.....comrades of Harban Singh. Spoilers......

Anonymous said...

Readbean......You complain a lot, but you care for Singaporeans and you are SHARP!!! Marine Parade is weak and vulnerable, GCT.....the 1st many MILLIONAIRE PM....who still own true blue Singaporeans, Swiss Standard of Living.

Anonymous said...

The "slipper man" (Tan Lead Shake) was formerly from DPP. Because he was seen wearing his trademark japanese slippers during one of his election campaigns.

What a party this Botak Benjamin, a Cambridge U grad and ex govt scholar, took over!

Anonymous said...

NEW RECORD coming.....Singapore 1st Ex-PM to lose in ELECTION......good chance.....difficult time to concentrate on your golf, Mr. GOH.

Anonymous said...

I think as long as they keep woody there the seat is safe. Cause he was ex pm so the older generation will support him.

Anonymous said...

Ah LOONG gave Lau GOH a last minute kick.....exposed slapping Dhana....hahaha....wayang kulit? Gave you Ting Pei Ling, now Give you Joo Chiat...hahaha...indisgestion. No comeback for Lau Goh. Ah LOONG not blur.

Anonymous said...

hi. Singaporeans need to get PAP to be more transparent, more accountable, more value for their outrageous pay, less complacent, PMET jobs n opportunities for our local graduates not FTs, less high costs n charges, etc which means more VTO. More seats to O. VTO. VTO. VTO.

Anonymous said...

PAP needs to get right:
1. Less pay for themselves
2. Better working infrastructure & facilities, like SMRT for citizens
3. Less high costs n charges
4. No business/private class wards in public hospitals
5. No further increase in HDB prices to 1st time Singaporean buyers
6. Young bureaucrats go and get your hands dirty for a few years
7. Lousy performance by generals or GLC executives to get the SACK
8. No parachuting of new politicians into GRC
9. Disclose GIC reserves to President, and a delayed one to Singaporeans
10.Stop excessive subject content in schools
11.Less FT scholarships to foreigners except for Malaysians
12.No PMET jobs to FTs unless truly necessary, no firm & industry to allow in excess of 3% to 5% limit. More foreign construction workers, maids, waitresses, toilet cleaners, etc are ok. All on restricted 2 to 3 yr work permits.
13. Citizenship to FTs must be very strict, and not to their older family members. They must have stayed in Singapore for more than 10 yrs. Guys must have served NS.
14. Rich investors can be given citizenships, provided they invest in excess of $10mln, and appoint at least a Singaporean to Deputy MD in their business.

Anonymous said...

Morons, LTK, contesting didn't even know if he could win, saying hail mary's was all he could do, frightening everyone that sin could be without a single opposition party was what he held in front of voters....and here says they could win more.....get the freaking facts right, from the 1st day they were hit and hit again, they were even brought to court, even with their armour, luck and wits, someone would eventually be caught off guard...........then comes the slaughter.

Anonymous said...

I can never forgive PAP for taking away my basic right to withdraw my CPF at 55. Whether I decide to leave it with CPF or withdraw in full is my choice. Why leave me with no option ?

Some more PAP Govt has somehow taken advantage of our CPF savings to make more money for themselves instead of us CPF members. This has robbed us of our rightful entitlements because it is still our CPF monies that they basically use to make excessive profits. Some more tell us a cock & bull story about it not being that simple.

Even some young teenagers PAP can even forgive their small mistakes. Fuck PAP.

Unresolved Grievances said...

Someone commit suicide again.

Unresolved Grievances said...


Unresolved Grievances said...


Anonymous said...

In financial terms, having your $ locked up for 30+yrs earning below market rate interest is thievery. Singaporeans, like most people, are financially uneducated and so have not woken up to that fact. They are unperturbed until its their time to retire. By then its too late. So its hard to feel sorry for the current batch of retirees, because they acted so selfishly and were so short-sighted in their youth.

Over long periods of time, 6% rate of return is not hard to come by because of inflation. In other words I take your money by law and compound it over 30yrs for a 3% spread over the risk free rate. BTW, I also allow you to use it to by flats which I also make you pay at inflated prices. I can do that because I am the only provider of HDB flats, whose quality is SO questionable.

That sounds like plantation type economics where the plantation owners forces the sharecropper to buy everything at a price that is set artificially high. There is no choice, even if the goods sold are shoddy.

Anonymous said...

I have often wonder about this peculiarity in the politics of Singapore. As a foreigner I am very curious as to why all the major opposition parties do not join hands and become a major force against the PAP. I gather all opposition parties in Singapore have a common aim and that is to get rid of the PAP from government.

Someone please explain.

Anonymous said...

I will never forgive the PAP for giving the country away to foreigners.

Just Vote Them Out.

Anonymous said...

A slightly different viewpoint, comment on MP and JC.

Logically, MP could have been made more "secured" by incorporating Mountbatten than JC. Obviously they are not stupid. Neither is 老羊。This old "slimy snake" preceded over 3 GEs spanning from 1991 to 2001 especially "captaining" 2001 to a crushing defeat of LTK, JBJ etc - led opposition with a 75% to 25% EMPHATIC "tidal wave" win ......

M-K was disintegrated and absorbed into 4 neighbouring GRCs. JC could have been done likewise to minimise the (adverse) impact on the surrounding wards absorbing the "splitted-up districts".

MP almost hung by a thread with just a " miniscule 55% " majority last time despite being challenged by a 23-year old wide, starry-eyed young inexperienced lady, 1 "inconsequential" uncle and 3 other "hair-weight CBL" ......

If MacP was hived off as is the case but with MtB absorbed, MP may be enough to hold off any challenge assuming a similar swing not more than the last average swing.

Getting rid of one "liability" in exchange for another "severely wounded casualty" in a war field with fast encroaching opponent forces cannot be even the "brilliant chess move" of a lowly rank field officer, much less that of much higher rank BGs and MG.......

Other than MP, the opposing camp as of now does not have that many other promising "hunting" ground. Seems like all the "hunting season rabbits are concentrated in" 1 group and 1 single districts .....

Going by the analysis of the past events, it was only 1 grp and 1 single eventually despite many "earth-shaking" black swan events then such as the " escape of a half-crippled inmate in a fortress like centre".

Going by the habits of sinkies, the Chinese have a saying : " 江山易改, 本性难移。"

The pomps, gongs and sounds seemed to be "well orchestrated" to create the "雷声大, 雨点小" natural phenomenon. In perhaps possibly less than 2 months time, the world can once again watched with mouth opened amazement the most "conditioned human beans" exercising their democratic rights ( in an almost drill-like display ) ....... an event or non-event? What say u?

Anonymous said...

typo - *can once again watch

Anonymous said...

Would daft sinkies continue to vote for their own extinction, and be replaced by foreigners?