Kwan Yin made a vow

Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, made a vow that she would not ascend to buddhahood as long as there are people to be saved from this earth. She is more than qualified to be a buddha eons ago, but she would remain only a bodhisattva, and looks like this is going to be forever.

We have a govt that we elected to look after the interests of citizens. Shall the citizens hold the govt responsible for as long as there are Singaporeans that are jobless, that want to be decently employed but unable to do so, ended up as underemployed, as contract or part time workers, or forced to retire prematurely?

And while Singaporeans are caught in these difficult situations, there are hundreds of thousands of foreigners working here in good jobs that the Singaporeans would love to do. Why is this happening and should this be the case?

Should there be a priority for Singaporeans to be the preferred candidates, to be given the first right of refusal when all things being equal? Entitlement mentality? This country belongs to the Singaporeans, not to the foreigners! Maybe I am wrong, this country belongs to the foreigners except the Singaporeans.

Should the govt be held accountable and responsible to ensure all Singaporeans are decently employed befitting their qualifications and experience? Why are hundreds of thousands of foreigners be happily employed while Singaporeans are not and many driven to depression and even suicide?
Is the popularly elected govt responsible to ensure Singaporeans are decently and suitably employed? Are Singaporeans citizens of a country or nobody’s children?

Oh, the Govt is working very hard for the Singaporeans, so that the PMETs can be trained to downgrade and become service staff. But if they want to be more independent and be their own bosses, they can become taxi drivers. And they have set up a new institution by the NTUC called e2i to train Singaporeans to compete in the world since they are not competitive in Singapore

Singaporeans are so lucky. Go overseas, quick, the world is your oyster. Forget about your home Singapore, they are for the talented foreigners, the playground of the rich and the nobles and aristocrats.


Anonymous said...

Political Joke
I am a PAP bodhisattva.
I make a vow that I will not ascend to Millionaire status as long as there are Singaporeans to be saved from unfair dismissal and retrenchment in Singapore.

Q: Who am I?
A: I am nobody.

Anonymous said...

Why are hundreds of thousands of foreigners be happily employed while Singaporeans are not and many driven to depression and even suicide?

Many? How many? RB, do you have the numbers?

U have to accept that there may be some Singaporeans are driven to depression and even suicide just as there are some Singaporeans who will not vote for PAP in coming election. Surely you cannot expect zero numbers, can you?

Anonymous said...

Singaporean Worker Vs MRT - Joke
+ Overworked Vs Overloaded.
+ Underpaid Vs Under-maintained
+ Taken for granted Vs Taken for granted
+ Will only get help if he votes Opposition Vs Will only get maintenance if it breaks down

+ National Conversation cannot heal the anger Vs Committee of Inquiry cannot fix the

+ Prime Minister’s solution is to bring in more Aliens to replace Singaporeans Vs Desmond Kuek’s solution is to buy a new train to replace the old trains.

+ Singaporeans work (eg National Service) while Aliens get a free ride Vs MRT train work while Aliens sit on their arse and enjoy the ride

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10:56, you asking RB to provide the statistics? You know who has all the statistics you don't ask?

You know who knows how many foreigners are here with fake degrees and forged degrees? You want RB to tell you?

You want to know how many PMETs are driving taxis, you want RB to tell you?

RB has all the statistics?

Anonymous said...

I think it will be easier for Anon 10:56 to get the statistics since he is likely to be connected to the establishment, to prove RB is wrong. Unless such statistics are state secret and cannot be released.

Virgo 49 said...

Typical PAP balls sucker!

They always sung the same mantra, there are surely some fall thru the cracks. How to help all??
As long as I am ok with my family believing under the protection of their umbrella go to Hell with the others.

Why there is a saying Even One too many?? Leave no one behind. Empty sayings by hypocrites.

So saying those who vote for Opposition deserves no help and look after??

Every time pray to Kwan Imm for the demise of these hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Typical PAP balls sucker!
Virgo 49 11:32 a.m.

Not really lah. They are, like in Chinese they called it 已事論事 ie saying things as it is and being realistic.

Just as RB is also being realistic by just blogging only to fight PAP, and not even joining any opposition party, let alone contest an election, to do it.

Anonymous said...

As you well know, Singapore was ruled by the God of No Mercy, is still under the son of that God, so Sinkies can expect little mercy, so long as GDP takes priority and the lee-gime holds power.

Anonymous said...

Typical PAP balls sucker?

Not really is correct. They are really ball carriers, but call them dick suckers for the exact designation.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is between a rock and a hard place. Your country need experts and talented people from foreign countries to help grow your economy and the population, the latter, for your ageing population in a few decades time. Singaporeans should learn to be more accepting of these FT imports because it is for the good of the country. Of course your rice bowls will be threatened and the general feeling would naturally be insecurity. Instead of feeling deprived the challenge to all Singaporeans should be to work harder, learn harder and acquire knowledge that will serve the country well. maybe then more jobs will be filled by Singaporeans rather than the FTs. Do not feel threatened, instead spur yourselves on to better yourselves, remember what LKY said about the spur?

Just like to see less animosity to FTs and more acceptance. Peace - live and let live.

Virgo 49 said...

These are the mantras from the minds of those who are admitted to IMH block 7 and now a plenty in our midst.

Worst are some who escaped the screening cracks and are now in positions to decide the fates of those not the same as them.

For fifty years true blue Singaporeans did not heed the challenges and have enough spurs on their backs???

Not built up a Nation to be over run and ruin by some sick minds and despots.

Are you one if them??

Anonymous said...

"Just like to see less animosity to FTs and more acceptance. Peace - live and let live."
July 19, 2015 4:37 p.m.

How about if Aliens stop beating up our taxi drivers and threatening our train commuters?
If Aliens are that "valuable", why are you here in Singapore?
Who created the job in Singapore for Aliens?
Who needs who more?

Alien lover. Go back home and fuck your sister. She misses you.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 6.25 pm.

Using such foul language just goes to show that you, a Singaporeans. is not matured enough to be in the same league as the FTs coming to Singapore to help you grow your economy. If you start losing your temper and use foul language you have just lost your argument. Sad that you have no better and more civilise way to express yourselves. You have just let your side down.

b said...

singapore is a stopover. even foreigners will not stay around long if they can go somewhere better.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is our top talents that demand to be paid in millions are no talents themselves. See if they have the ability to solve any problem themselves? Whenever there is a problem they will simply called for foreign talents for help.

They are simply incapable of doing anything, except to open their mouths, call for help, form committees, ask for suggestions, pay for foreign expertise. Look at how lost they are at the fake foreigners problem and PMETs being sacked by foreigners? They did not have a clue of what is going on even today.

And they are being paid millions! It is ok if the average sinkies have no talents coz they never demand to be paid in millions.

Anonymous said...

@ July 19, 2015 7:04 p.m.

You better go home before your father fucks your sister.
You know what's the definition of incest in your family?
A sister who can't outrun her brother or father.

Anonymous said...

@ 8.01 pm

Sad you keep showing your failure and low breeding. You gutter language keeps solidifying the need for FTs to educate you.

Anonymous said...

@ July 19, 2015 8:31 p.m.

Given the incest in your familee.
Who gave birth to you anyway?
Your mother or your sister?

Q: How does your mother define confusion in your family?
A: Father's Day.

agongkia said...

IMHO, the situation today is mainly becos of the older pioneer generations' fault as they did not teach their children well.
Producing a bunch of greedy and cold blooded,materialistic teng ah gee,backstabbing one another just to stay in power.They bully the poor and underprivileged that appear to be a threat to them or smarter than them.Money , power n wealth is only what they know.
Its retribution that many of these people need to be replaced.
Wait...wait wait....I cannot afford to offend the Cheng Hoo so dun be happy n think I got the balls and is referring to them hor.
I m talking about PMEs.Those who cannot contribute shd give way to those who can.Stop bullying your own countrymen just becos u got some toilet papers or think you r better than others.
Dun gado gado here..Work harder n have conscience.
My imaginary God Kwan Yin love to see more compassionate citizen around taking care of one another.

Anonymous said...

Q: How many PAP Ministers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: Four. One Minister (Grace Fu, Municipal Services) to hold the light bulb. And three Ministers (NEA, LTA and NParks) to rotate the stool that she is standing on.

Q: How many PAP Ministers does it take to switch on a light bulb?
A: One Prime Minister to flip the switch. 35 PAP Ministers, 40 PAP MPs and 200 grassroots leaders to dance around the room clapping "It's a miracle."