Japan not getting it right in immigration

There is this trend of thought that Japan is not doing it right with respect to welcoming immigration to promote economic growth. Japan should lear from Singapore by flooding the country with foreign talents to achieve economic growth. For the last 20 years, Japan was experiencing near to zero growth as compared to Singapore’s exciting growth numbers brought about by the influx of foreigners. Short of calling the Japanese stupid, Singapore is being polite by just sharing our great experience with immigrants and foreign talents

The issue is whether the Japanese are enjoying better quality of life or otherwise without the foreigners. What many did not consider is the external wing of Japan where Japanese companies are all over the world and this must have contributed to their national revenue other than GDP. What is certain is that Japan is still having the highest quality of life for its people, the richest nation in Asia on a per capita basis, with the biggest savings and can easily cough out billions, hundreds of billions if needed to share with the world.

Another important point is that the Japanese have little regards to the quality of foreign talents. They believe in themselves and not in a side look down on the foreigners. And they have proven that they are good, better than the foreigners unlike daft and untalented Sinkies, a city with no talents and very proud about it, bragging about it everyday.

Without the influx of foreigners, low fertility rate and low GDP growth, the Japanese are doing very well and not complaining. One thing for sure, the Japanese would not have to live with the complex nature of problems caused by race, religion, culture and lifestyle of foreigners. They would not be dragged down to the 3rd World with social problems brought about by the foreigners, bad habits, poor hygiene and primitiveness. They would not be a 10 tribe country. They will be Japanese and proud to be Japanese, with no compromise on what they thought best for themselves as Japanese. They don’t have to share political power with foreigners or fear being taken over by foreigners. Their soldiers need not have to look left and right or behind when going to war no knowing if their comrades can be trusted or be killed by their comrades with no chance of defence.

What Singapore has not talk about, refused  to talk about, are the social economic problems that the foreigners would brought with them, their religion, their racial and cultural differences, their lifestyle, beliefs, their loyalties, their primordial instinct and many others that would not surface but would surface at critical times to destroy the social fabric of our country. We have been in a state of denial that the influx of foreigners has only one positive impact, economic growth, and ignore the problems, some very serious to the people and country in the long run.

We are now starting to acknowledge some of these problems reluctantly. We are showing some concerns with the Singaporean identity, our work ethos, our lifestyle, a Singaporean core and how things are falling apart as a people and a nation. The people have started to question why they have to put up with the foreigners and have to provide good jobs and housing for them, losing out to them and to defend them. For the sake of one single factor called growth, we thoughtlessly neglect all the problems that the influx of foreigners have brought with them. And we have not seen anything yet but the damage to the fabric of our nation is indescribable. We should thank our lucky star that these problems have not blown up in our face yet.

The Japanese are not stupid or else they would not be miles ahead of us in everything. We have nothing that is good enough to compare with the Japanese except the fictitious economic growth that is unsustainable. Think we are smarter than the Japanese that we can teach them a thing or two on welcoming foreigners recklessly and thinking everything will be alright? Are we up to it?

The problems that are simmering and brewing and waiting to explode and destroy everything we have built in the first 30 years of our nation making are bidding their time. The Japanese can be very sure that they would not have to face with the kind of problems that we have created for ourselves with so many foreigners of so diverse backgrounds to live in our midst. We are not America, a huge continent with hundreds of millions of people that can absorb and cushion the influx of so many foreigners.

But of course I am likely to be wrong and the super talents must know what they are doing and things are well under control, like the public transport system, the high cost of living, housing and the squeeze that is getting unbearable and the disappearing Singaporean core.

Time for celebration. Let’s party. Look at the good things and how good things can be if we keep going down this road of prosperity. Celebrate like the Trojans and ignore the wooden horse in the city. This is the beauty of not reading history and enjoying the bliss of ignorance.


Anonymous said...

The problems that are simmering and brewing and waiting to explode and destroy everything we have built in the first 30 years of our nation making are bidding their time.

Not really lah. The opposition would have to be ready to be govt first before the problems explode and destroy everything.

So not to worry RB. Just look at the opposition and u can tell for sure whether problems will explode or not. Problems simmering and brewing yes, but explode not yet.

Anonymous said...

Not just look at opposition. Just look at the crowd at Hong Lim Park rallies and you can tell for sure whether problems will explode anytime soon or not.

If even legal gatherings cannot even attract much Sinkies, what more illegal ones? So like that how to explode, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

The LED balloon in SG50 funpack can explode if over inflated. Very dangerous hor?


Anonymous said...

The problems that are simmering and brewing and waiting to explode and destroy everything we have built in the first 30 years of our nation making are bidding their time.

Exploded already.
- MRT North-South line and East-West line simultaneous breakdown.
This is not explosion meh?
- Little India Riot.
This is not explosion meh?

- SMRT bus drivers strike.
This is not explosion meh?
- AGO Report
This is not explosion meh?

- Orchard Road Flooding
This is not explosion meh?
- Mas Selamat escape
This is not explosion meh?

And the list goes on and on. All very well documented in the blogosphere.
Any single one incident can be dismissed as once every 50 years event
But when you have an entire long list of incidents and the time period between each incident getting shorter and shorter.... hmmmm.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A responsible govt knowing that toys can hurt would have quickly call for a withdrawal of the toys. Now everyone is in a party mood and does not care whether people are going to be hurt by the toy.

Let's party, what, got children got blinded by the toy? Cannot be lah. If it did happen, we will pay them a visit and say some kind words to make them happy again like the kena balu incident.

Maybe only isolated cases lah, the toy is safe lah.

Anonymous said...

Once in 50 years case, no worry.

Anonymous said...

Let's party?

The last fifty years had been very exciting and interesting.

The next 50 years can be equally or more exciting and interesting
ONLY we do the right thing.

Do we chase after growth at the expenses of more serious social ill.

Can we have peace and harmony by integrating the very diverse
international cultures by the massive importation and instant
"citizenisation" of people from all corners of the world?

Please remember that it took us many moons just to integrate
the major races we have in Singapore!

Will Singapore celebrates SG100?

What say U?


Anonymous said...

They are afraid that there will be no Singapore in the future. And they are doing everything towards the destruction of Singapore without knowing it.

Anonymous said...

Hello RB, please do not be a party pooper. It is SG50 time and lets party. Forget all those trivial nitty gritty and lets celebrate the coming SG50. Come on RB, don't spoil the mood of Singaporeans by writing and highlighting problems that may not even surface. WE have a team of fantastic talented people at the wheel so we can sleep soundly knowing that we are in safe hands. My advice to you RB is to put on your party gear and join in the fun. After the SG50 celebration, the party mood will linger on into the GE voting booths and the X will be placed in the correct place. Welcome the ruling party for the next 5 years and things will remain the same. More foreigners will be here to help us reach 6.9 million and further towards 10 million. Why you worry RB so much ? You will not be around to see the growth in economy generated by the 10 million population or the problem this will cause. You will be with the lat LK* and you can discuss or argue with him the rights and the wrongs of policies made by him and the governing bodies of this great nation.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Every time people ask me why I am posting these negative thoughts, why not celebrate and be happy, it always reminds me of the permanent smiles painted on the faces of circus clowns.

When I look at the bigger picture I can't help seeing more and more Singaporeans being sidelined, forced out from the main stream of economic activities. And the policies to make sure that this will happening is getting more prevalent and pervasive.

How to celebrate like Nero fiddling on the roof when Rome burnt?

patriot said...

Many asses call on unhappy Sinkies to leave Sin thinking that Sin only belongs to the smart and successful.

I told them NOT to mind others business. This tiny rock does not belong to the Rulers or their SUCKERS.


Hope Sinkies know where they stand.


Virgo49 said...

Hi Patriot, all these asses think they are smug and comfortable now under the PAP Regime.

Waite till their turns come like used condoms used by their PAP Masters to be discarded away, then they will feel the real pain.

These PAPies treat all like digits in the process of just making monies for their ends.

One full circle their turns will come. See whether they sing the tune NOT HAPPY LEAVE SINGAPORE.

Every GE, they will harp, this is a WATERSHED Election,

True watershed to shed them OUT .

Talk cock, those incumbents regret that the their constituencies no more. These are the truly useless ones that are gonna be axed for good.

TPL gonna be slaughtered by the Opp. Lau Goh let go the hot potato before she pull them down. Anyway, they will also be down.

Anonymous said...

RB said " Every time people ask me why I am posting these negative thoughts, why not celebrate and be happy, it always reminds me of the permanent smiles painted on the faces of circus clowns. "

Every time I see the laughing photo of a very prominent Singapore politician, it reminds me of a circus clown. Has that photo been edited to make him look like that or is that a real photo?

patriot said...

Virgo 49;

We can afford to be positive for the Coming General Election.