Is there a country called Singapore?

Below is a comment left in a thread in TRE on the bullying of a young man by a foreigner titled ‘Abusive Caucasian in MRT train caught on video’. What happened was that a burly Caucasian was not happy with the words on a T shirt worn by the young man. Such things are very common in the West and our young are just imitating the fad. And the brute shouted, taunted and threatened to throw the young man out of the train. The small built local man was obviously unable to match the burly animal and kept quiet. When the brute moved towards the young man a local Malay man stood up to confront him. There was a heated argument and both were called up by the police.

There were many comments of outrage againt this foreign brute but with some silly comments implying that we should be nice to the brute as he is a darling of the establishment, invited here to help us and our economy. Here is one of the comments.

Lim Pei Say Swee Swee:
1stly, BRAVO to our Malay bro for standing up for hid fellow citizen. Anyone would be honored to have him as a friend.
1) The cowardly guy being bullied for not even defending himself. Useless.
2) The commuters who hide quietly in the face of seeing a moron bully another innocent human being, let alone citizen.
3) And OBVIOUSLY, this lower than gutter TRASH Ang Mo, who sounds either British or Aussie, for THREATENING to cause bodily harm to another without provocation. This is clearly a CRIME!!! WTF is the SPF gonna do about this , now that video evidence is shown.
There is something very GRAVELY wrong and anaemic with the Sinkie society here. It slowly resembling China where spectators would rather ignore pleas for help and cheer rapists raping victims than help. Signs of a fast dying nation….

What is disgusting is to see the frequent harassment by these foreign brutes with size advantage and a meek people that would just bent their heads in shame and waiting to be bashed. What happens to the pride of being a people of a nation? Or is there still a country called Singapore with proud citizens, or a failed state with a sick people that, as the above commentator said, resembled the pariah people of a China known as the Sick Man of Asia where its people no longer believed in themselves and their meekness only invited bashing from foreigners?

What is there to be proud of as Singaporeans when foreigners come here freely and feel so free to taunt, insult and bash the citizens? And where are the leaders to stand up for the citizens? Never heard of, not a word to defend the victims of foreigner bashing. They only have praises for the foreigners and would reprimand the people and demand the people to be nice to the bullies and thugs.

And some commentators rightly pointed their fear that the Police may file charges against the Malay man whom they regard as their hero while the brute would be let off. Why are the people thinking that things would turn out this way and our hero would be punished instead of being honoured? Wasn’t this a case of criminal intimidation by the foreign brute against a local? It would be a dark day of shame if the brute is let off and the local hero charged.

Our country, or shall called it a hotel, or a prostitute den, is sick. It can only get sicker by the day if nothing is done to stop the foreigners from bullying our people. We used to have the secret societies or commandos that would take on the rogues and thugs that bullied our people. There was pride, there was identity, there were Singaporeans. Now our people are left defenceless and being taunted, threatened and beaten in our very own country by foreigners acting as if they are above the law, in front of the public as if they are more equal than the locals.

What kind of shit country is this? Why do we need to have such a powerful defence force? Who are they protecting? What is there to be proud about this country? What are we celebrating this SG50 for, the new Sick Man of Asia, to be bullied and bashed around by foreigners invited here to have good jobs and a good life and treating bashing Singaporeans as a past time?

No need to plan forward. No need to think what would happen in 50 years time. The shit is all over the place today, now. If we cannot take care of the problems now, what is the use of planning and talking about how glorious the future will be?

This is home? Really?


The said...

What to do? We are a people cowed by the politicians not to speak out of turn. To behave and not be "boh tua boh swae".

Where locals are labelled daft, and foreigners are labelled as talent.

Where for the same offence, the locals are whacked upside down, and the foreingers are let off lightly with a slap on the wrist.

To answer your question, yes, there is a country called Singapore. But whether it is country for the down-trodden Singaporeans is a totally different matter.

We have our own new New Colossus:

Give me your privileged, your rich,
Your elites yearning to be tax-free,
The rich and famous of your teeming shore.
Send these, the wealthy, talented to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.
Welcome to SinGalore.


Anonymous said...

Vote Opposition.
The young Chinese Singaporean guy who was being bullied could be your son.
Look at the Malay Singaporean standing up to fight for a Chinese Singaporean.
Why should I fear our Malay Singaporean brothers?
I worry more about Aliens and Traitors in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

"And some commentators rightly pointed their fear that the Police may file charges against the Malay man whom they regard as their hero while the brute would be let off."

U are right. That is if the Malay man start to fight with the brute. Then the police will charge both men for an Offence of Affray in a public place. In fact, there is a precedent of such a case as in following press release by the Police.

"Two men caught on video fighting on MRT train arrested.

Police have arrested 2 men, aged 40 and 50 years old, for fighting with each other in an MRT train between Khatib and Yio Chu Kang MRT stations. The fight was caught in a video that went viral.

On 11 January 2014 at about 11.55pm, Police were alerted by a call from staff in a MRT station informing that 2 men were fighting each other in the carriage of an MRT train. Officers from Ang Mo Kio Police Division arrived soon after, however, both men had already left. Investigations were conducted into the case and both men were identified. On 20 January 2014, both men were placed under arrest in the vicinity of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9.

Both men would be charged in Court on 22 January 2013 for an offence of Affray under Section 267B of the Penal Code, Chapter 224, which carries a maximum jail term of one year's imprisonment or a fine of up to $5,000, or with both.

Commander of Ang Mo Kio Police Division, Assistant Commissioner Keok Tong San, said that the Police will not hesitate to track down and prosecute those who disturb the public peace by committing such senseless acts of violence."

That's why we must understand why smart Sinkies have good reasons not intervene in such cases, and also for good reasons why 60% voted PAP every election.

agongkia said...

When I saw the video, I first thought that they did that to promote the sale of that T Shirt thru internet...
But ........what is the solution ?
Why is Angmo slways in the picture for abusive n bullying cases n feel superior here ?

IMHO, many here like to name themselves like angmo, name their new born with angmo names before they can speak ABC....like Silvia or George Teo etc.....Don T shirt with angmo wording...that could be one of the main reason that make angmo feel superior. Blame who?
My apology to most of you here for saying that...but I can't think of any other reason why they feel superior.
So my proposal is to stop ourselves , our children to name themselves or their new born with such angmo name when they are not related to angmo in any way.
Be proud of our roots n name.

Goh Ah Gong

Anonymous said...

I call upon the Chinese guy who was being bullied.
Please come forward now to testify and stand up for your Malay brother who stood up for you.

Stand up for Singaporeans.
These are the patriots.

I'm not so sure about standing up for Singapore.
Singapore is too vague.
Also Singapore belongs to everybody including Aliens & Traitors.

agongkia said...

Having say that I do not agree with that Lim Peh Say Swee Swee above.
He talk as if he know laws and been to China.
I do not blame the boy n commuters for keeping quiet under such circumstances. 识事务者为俊杰。
If not properly handed it could cause another train delay n affect many commuters being late for work etc affecting productivity or inconvenience.
3rdly what does that got to do with China.He has definitely not seen big snake pass urine and seen many heroic act in China.

agongkia said...

Sorry error ....
last sentence shd read as ....
Or has seen many heroic acts in China.

agongkia said...

But I agree with him to honour that malay gentleman for his courage n public spiritness ,not forgetting the person who called the police.

Virgo 49 said...

See the malay patrol man with truncheon battling the injuns in Little India whereas the SOC men cowered in fear.

These MFS Caucasians gng png take public transport and stay hdb pigeon holes how Lian thinks they are still they are a superior race.

At the SSC 2.50 per entry gym, they also used some one SG active concession card. Afterwhich, they bathe there on government water.

Pui!!! Most of them no work one. Exercise like the Ah neys body big big as.gigolo or to bully the Asians.

Runs out cash, do drug runs. Can escape next three years enjoy.life If caught KPKB said no human compassion lah or sympathy.

Face firing squad shouting hellauyah!! Think csn go heaven. Pui!!!

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

The xenophobe redbean has done it again!

One thing we can almost be certain about is that the sun will rise tomorrow, and that redbean will meet the dawn as the racist/ xenophobe he is. Somethings, do not change!

Seriously, this is not a "race" thing lah. This Brit is what is known as an AM--- Absolute Moralist. This type of person is so sensitive that almost everything out of his "morality" offends them in some way. In this case it was the words on a T shirt: "I am fucking special"---just one of many "fucking T shirts out there on the market.

There are HDB uncles and auties who would have also got angry because they're offended by the word "fucking", and would have scolded the young lad---maybe not challenging him to a fight, but they would have laid into him, no doubt. Folks, there are Absolute Moralists everywhere lah, fact of life. If they don't like what you say or how you present, they take action to make you "conform" with "social norms".

IF anything, the poor young fella could be charged under Singapore's stupid "protect the feelings" laws, and the good Samaritan Malay chap can also kena for his hostile approach to the rude Brit.

Imagine if Singapore had constitutionally protected freedom of speech, the Brit AM or any AM for that matter would have no grounds to not be "offended". Simply call police and he would have been arrested on the spot.

Will that xenophobe redbean turn the next incident which just happens to feature a "foreigner" into another racist rant?

Of course he will. I'll bet money on it.

Go redbean! Show your true colours! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed. I am very sorry to see how the bully angmo treated the Chinese man, just for wearing a T-shirt with a slightly provocative slogan. Kudos to that Malay Singaporean who stood up to the bully. I am also very sorry to see the many Singaporeans in the same MRT carriage who kept quiet. The bocharp mentality of Singaporeans is sad to say very glaring here. The angmo bully obviously was hoping for a fight, seeing that he is bigger in stature that his victim. It could be this angmo had a bad day at the office, or maybe he had a few too many drinks in him.

The Singapore open door policy for foreign talents will surely result in more of such episodes. Singaporeans must accept that to help grow the economy by inviting the angmo, Indians and the Chinese from PRC, you must also accept the way these foreigners will behave in Singapore. You cannot expect that all foreign talents will behave like Singaporeans.

Believe me, there will be more of such behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Matilah Shit, when has RB made this a racist thing. You got and such your mother's tit more and get more crazy and hazy in your head. This is a bout a foreigner bullying and threatening to beat up a Singaporeans.

You deep shit cannot even understand what people are talking here. Go to TRE and see what they are talking.

RB, just ignore this shit head. Hope he would be whacked by one of the foreigners and cry alone in his hospital bed.

And you called RB a xenophobe! You mean foreigners can come here and fuck your ass and you have to say thank you? You are a disgraceful Singaporean. Good riddance that you have to come here to squat and hoping for handouts. You deserved it.

Anonymous said...

The recent Amos affair has taught Singkies all the wrong things. All Singkies now believe that having obscene words on T-shirt is against the Law. It is not! For any Singkie who wish to free his mind from govt propaganda, please read on...

The Law on obscenity that Amos was charged under is within the section on Pornography. The obscenity under pornography must satisfy the test of inducing sexual desire. If the word on the T-shirt is a commentary on social issues, and not inducing sexual desires, then it fails the test and is not pornography, therefore it is not prosecutable under obscenity within the Pornography section.

I can imagine that the youngster who wore that T-shirt has been blinded by the govt's obfuscation over the Law. And further that all the Singkies on that train who took no action had been similarly blinded. That is the price we pay for living amidst the 60% daft Singkies.

For the record, I'm not calling all Singaporeans "Singkies", only the 60% who are daft.

b said...

If you have been to an angmo primary school before, they are trained from young to bully each other irregardless of skin, colour or race. Bullying is what they are used to and they bullied to form empires. Asians must learn their bullying culture so can start bully them back. Asians must learn from Bruce Lee.

AhKong65 said...

In my days we seldom heard about Singaporeans being bullied... verbally or physically abuse by foreigners and worst of all dare not to reiterate and stand up for himself. Since when our younger generation have turn into being such a coward and together with all the bystanders there minding their own business. I can understand the ladies... but what about our men ? Fortunately all is not lost, at least we can still see one young Singaporean standing up and speaking out for him. Salute to him, we definitely need more Singaporeans like him.
Now, I come to the next question. Has this young man gone through his " National Service " yet ? If yes, then it is a sad sad case not worth mentioning . If the FIRE in him is not there to defend and stand up for HIMSELF, then how are we to expect him to defend his family and the country . Bravery and courage is in-built inside of you .... and with the training , one will become more confidence in ourselves.
Yeh, agreed with RB . Something is gravely wrong and anaemic in our present society....we have lost our pride and our identity of being a Singaporeans . I hope this young man has not been call up for his NS yet , better still he is not a Singaporean .

The Pioneer Generation --- Full time serviceman.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi b, these chow hays dare not do such antics in the Land of Smiles or Mat land or Indonesia.

Be chopped into pieces and feed the alligators.

They observed sinkies generally well behaved after years of discipline from the stern God Father.

Later into National slavery to be further discipline by the sadist tank chiak pengs.

Become so meek and gentle become easy meat for these cowboys from the west and barbarians from the third world countries.

These savages look for fights everywhere in their refugee countries.


agongkia said...

I dun quite agree with you .
I dun think this boy has serve NS and even if he has,there is no necessity to retaliate n should keep calm in this situation.
NS train one to defend n not to provoke others .
One should understand that if one wish to put on a T Shirt with such wording, he should be prepared to be ridiculed or challenge.Such youngster will be inviting trouble if he put on such T Shirt n is unable to control himself. He will get into trouble everywhere.

Unless he has difficulty getting a proper T shirt , which i am willing to contribute , he and many shd learn a lesson here and stop wearing such T Shirt.
Go n put on a T Shirt with wording like I Love Singapore , I love Mei Mei or mummy..
or Chinese wording like luck, prosperity for his case instead of trying to act like angmo or with T shirt of such wording.
He is right not to retaliate to avoid trouble and I am glad that he can remain cool.
Our youth shd learn how to avoid trouble n the ability to control themselves n remain cool.

Anonymous said...

We are living in a commercial environment where the bottom line speaks louder than anything else, all these years, you mean to tell me that you have not notice the change from the trashing of Micheal Faye to the now bowing to all brought in and name as FT's.....will the now running pussies do anythiing, bringing the billionares against a few local head bumps, pity is that Malay person.....most likely those red berets will throw the book at him.

You can't touch GOD, so pay for the penalty......and for those who said that young man shouldn't have worn the tee-shirt, you seems to have miss the point of rb's, stupid, he's saying, WHAT GIVES THAT ASS THE RIGHT TO SCREW HIM.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

'He is right not to retaliate to avoid trouble and I am glad that he can remain cool.
Our youth shd learn how to avoid trouble n the ability to control themselves n remain cool.' - Agongkia

I must say that Agongkia has surpassed Ah Q in his self defacing humility. If daft sinkies are to follow this example, Singapore will become the next Sick Man of Asia. When foreigners spit you in the face, just wipe it away and smile. When foreigners slapped you, turn the other cheek. When foreigners beat you up, say thank you.

I would want to tell all Singaporeans to be proud and to defend their right as a person and a citizen. Stand up to the bullies. Even the odds, if he is bigger, grab something. Once someone attacks you, you have to give him all your got. All Singaporeans must stand up together to protect one another.

Don't be silly and daft as suggested by Agongkia. Do not create trouble, but when trouble comes to you, you must face it squarely. Or you will be eaten up and be thrown out not just from the train, but from your country.

virgo49 said...

Mr RB, those in pre-war and just after Post war beans have this Kow Chee Lan Chee Han way tau

Tried to bully them now even at sixties or seventies, they will still fight back if they are able

We are born and bred in hostile and hard environment and are mostly garang and street wise in survival traits

These farangs tried to walk over us in the fifties and sixties will become mince meats

Tried that in Geylang, Lorong Tai Seng, Chinatown !!! They will never see the sunsets

Nowadays new generation like tofu, neither male nor females

Even after NS still the same, our time tattoo for real, now for show

Even women also tattoo. Last time women gang red rose tattoo can make you become eunuchs

Fish tank or pond too clean fish don't grown well. Still need some of these good Bros and sisters to keep the peace in our hostile world

If the BOH Lan par whites cannot do it, the Blackd must do the necessary

Anonymous said...

How You Expect Us To Defend Against Big Sized Bully?
1. Attack the soft tissue ?
2. Poke eyes ?
3. Scratch face with a downward claw motion ?
4. Punch nose ?
5. Kick to groin ?

I do not recommend any of these moves because it will only escalate a bad situation.
Please remain calm and call the Singapore Police.
Give feedback to your PAP MP at the next Meet-The-People-Session

agongkia said...

Uncles RB n Virgo
Alway think of the consequences n inconvenience that will caused to other commuters.
He was not assaulted. Staying cool under such circumstances does not mean he is a coward.

Escalating the matter will cause train delay n others to be late for work n urgent matters others need to attend to.
This boy is being considerate. Why must others suffer becos of his T Shirt.He n many others must learn from this lesson not to put on such T shirt .
Please la.
I am a black belter and black white oso got.Can oso give a call to the black under such circumstances. But what for ? Even angmo is dead me or my kaki will land in jail.They have their families to feed.You going to feed our Ah Kong or families?
Talk easy la.Who dun know.
Want act hero oso must see situation.
You think those people will say u acting becos of right of private defence so bo tai chee?
Dun teach the wrong thing la.

patriot said...

Must say a good pugilist is oso naturally a man of great wisdom.

Violence begets violence.
See what happened at Kuala Lumpur.

I am scare, it might happen at any of
our MRT Trains or Stations. No need to wait for Freak Election Result for the Army to be activated.


Anonymous said...

'Please remain calm and call the Singapore Police.
Give feedback to your PAP MP at the next Meet-The-People-Session'

If this is what you choose to do, be prepared to lie in a hospital bed before you even got the chance to make your call. The young man was lucky there was this gallant man to stand up for him. If not, he is likely to be in the hospital and hoping for the police to investigate the case.

There are times when one has to stand up against a bully. For a big clumsy shit like the ass foreigner, a pen is enough to do the trick. When you are attacked by a beast, you have no choice or you will become minced meat.

Virgo 49 said...

Feedback to your MP?? You must be joking!

Old uncle walked away then come back with beer bottle from behind and see the bully's head in full bloom with with colour RED.

Lou tee kai hwa


Anonymous said...

One lying in the hospital is definitely better than many lying elsewhere with blood flowing.

AhKong65 said...

@agongkia 11:28/9:30
Young man .
You are entitle to disagree with many things . I am not suggesting you go bully someone or go about " provoking " others to a fight .
What I am saying is to have the courage to stand up for yourself and not be humiliate by someone ... anyone whether " Ang Mo " or "anybody " in that matters . Keeping silence, patience and being calm will not resolve the situation and most of the time it will invite further abuses. So , where is your breaking point .... to show him your displeasure before you start to retaliate . I fully agree with RB that we should not create trouble , but when trouble comes to you .... you must have the courage to face it squarely.
Fortunately in this incident , there is this Singaporean willing to stand up for him . The fact that so many Singaporean agree , thanks and salute him and calling him a Singapore Hero have proven my point . Having some Ah Q mentality is sometimes good , but too much of it will only shows your cowardice . You are talking about train delays and inconveniencing other commuters if the incident escalate... I think this is out of logic . This young man has no FIRE inside him. See how he has disappear into the crowd so much so that he do not even bother to show himself.... as if it is none of his problem. I hope he is just a PRs working or studying here and not our Singaporean.

The Pioneer Generation

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are a joke. They don't gel as one people. You can pick them out one by one for target practice. And you have a clown here saying it is ok to be bashed. Just stay calm, don't provoke more attacks.

Sinkies are doomed. What to celebrate SG50, to be punching bags?

Anonymous said...

How that guy who got bullied behaved is up to him, perhaps he does not have a violent streak and that's why he is F-king Special. He can stand up to any abuse and make the abuser like like a mad bastard and become public enemy number 2 after Anton. I guess the old geezer would not have continued, if he had responded immediately. That's what makes bullies and the Malay guys reaction showed what a coward the freaking old man was indeed. Well I will not find any fault with the young man but I would have definitely politely told the man to alight and lets take the fight outside.

agongkia said...

Lau chek ah...Study too much brain enter water huh?
I would propose you people go for anger control management course.
Its not case of being bash and keep quiet.
Its not a case of being in an open area where one can perform flying kick without causing inconvenience to others.
The situation is not to the boy's advantage.

If want to be lau hero,go put on that T Shirt or tell your grandchildren to put on such T shirt n start challenging everyone who scolded n see how many time u or them got to visit hospital.
Pioneer generation maybe got discount when warded or free stay.But I cannot afford to stay hospital n my mei mei cannot afford to lose me.
Stop putting on such T shirt or act like Tony or George Lee.Be humble .
"I am Fxxking Special"What so special? As if one got 12 inches long.
The boy n many others need learn a lesson here instead.

Kaffein said...

Confirmed new disease discovered in Singapore and soon spreading in the country.


New disease commonly found in Singapore where people turn into sheep and refused to think for themselves or for good of others unless the government tells them otherwise.

Also affiliated to Group-think virus, Sore-Thumb-Need-to-Put-Down disorder. Closely linked to NUTS (No U-Turn Syndrome).

Anonymous said...

"I am Fxxking Special" What so special?

What is so offensive or vulgar about this? You farking asses. Just because a foreign animal said it is offensive so it is offensive?

Fark you all, especially Ah Q.

The most offensive is the farking foreign animal. He needs to be locked up in IMH for the safety of our children.

AhKong65 said...

@agongkia 2:45 ,
So you are assuming that our Singaporean Hero is wrong to standup for the timid young man who got bullied . I am not a " lau hero ",
neither am I the aggressive type who is spoiling for a fight. I also do not wish to end up in hospital just for the pioneer generation discount, but at lease I will and still have this FIRE in me to standup, defend and protect myself..this FIRE is called COURAGE. Can you understand?
Defend can develop into many ways. Argue and shout back at him to show your displeasure. Tell him you will report to the police if he do not stop the verbal abuse on you. Like @ anon2:43pm had mentioned, take the fight outside if you feel that it will inconvenience others.
Just keeping silence and calm will invite further abuses, people will tends to take your SILENCE and CALM as an act of cowardice.
When I said DEFEND YOURSELF, you said PROVOKE . While something is burning on your backside and you still talk about consequences and inconvenience cause to other commuters, how wonderful . I have this opinion in you that you felt that this timid young
man is wrong in wearing the T Shirt , with all your comment, " What so special as if he got 12 inches long." Sure my grandchildren will not put on this type of T Shirt and even he had , I will not allow him to be abuse by others in this way .
Read @ Kaffein 3:37 PM and @ Anon 4:03 PM .

The Pioneer Generation .

agongkia said...

Lauchek ah lauchek..
I never assume your singapore hero is "wrong."
In fact I m touched by his willingness to step forward. I salute him.
He shd consider to join SPF if he is not one.

//fire to stand up, defend n protect...Courage?//

Pls la.If me at age 65 and can still have that fire to stand up, I will treasure it and fire at my those You Know Who instead of thinking to defend n protect others.

Argue n shout back no use one la.If dog bite at you r u going to say that u must go n bite the dog back?
Use police to threaten him no use oso.No need to make a fool out of ourselves. Want call police just do it.

I handle a number of these cases before.In Korean noraebang and pub, at kopitiam , in public road ...there is no need to use force if one know how to use the brain .
Always stay cool.沉默不是懦弱。忍耐不是嘛木。
Treasure your PG benefit.Can hug here n there but avoid getting involve these youngster who need to be embarrassed before they can wake up their idea.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia is right and the Young Man behaved wisely as Agongkia has advocated.

So, no pandemonium.

Anonymous said...

Tiok, as long as got mei mei to hug, who cares if the rest of the Sinkies got beaten to death. Not my business as long as me and my family are alright.