Hsien loong –Spore has only 25 years to get demographic balance right

There is this article in the Today paper on 24 Jul 15 about what Hsien Loong said and his concerns for the well being of Singapore and Singaporeans. Why needs another 25 years to get it right when we got it right 20 years ago? Did not we prosper with the mix of population we had? It was not that we got a blessed combination but the govt then made it right, made them work as a people and a nation. Now we are in shit and need another 25 years to get things right again. Obviously things are going bad. Some one must have add a lot of shit into the pot, stirring it and causing it to smell.

In the article Hsien Loong shared his concerns of losing our national identity as Singaporeans, a lack of a Singaporean core and a population growing too big and going beyond this number is going to be undesirable. I quote his words from the paper, ‘With a million foreign workers here, Mr Lee said, this is “not a small number” and he did not think policymakers could “go a lot beyond”.’ Why has it got to this number? Or how did it come about, anyone knows?

For raising these concerns, Hsien Loong is in a way admitting openly that he did not see these coming. Knowing him and his pro active nip in the bud approach for solving problems, these problems would have been nipped in the bud before they reached this proportion. I am sure he did not know who decided to let in so many foreigners into the country. I am sure he did not know that we are losing our Singaporean identity and our Singaporean core.

I too must confess that I did not know how all these things developed to such a state that they are going to break this country apart, and the danger of Singapore losing its Singaporean identity. We are so lucky that Hsien Loong has acknowledged these problems and are standing up to address them. And we are so lucky to know that we have a window period of 25 years to put it right. Tharman needed 30 years to create a Singaporean core in the banking and finance industry. I am not sure how many years would be needed to have a Singaporean core in the IT industry and some other industries that have been taken over by foreigners.

Lee Kuan Yew must be turning in his grave to know that things are happening this way. Let’s hope he will quickly jump up from his grave to get things right again, maybe no need 25 years knowing his style. He wants things done right immediately. No mumbo jumbo, no dilly dally, and allow people to fumble along for another 25 or 30 years and not even sure if things would turn out right.

What would Lee Kuan Yew say or do to get his Singapore right again? Would he be able to put his Singapore together again?


jjgg said...

RB...it's called kicking can down the road...poor thing...these boys...need so many years to right their wrongs...better keep them in office...I daresay..any Oppo team with a contrary manifesto would be able to do it in the twinkle of an eye....crazy fuckers...this bunch...good morning to all...

Anonymous said...

It is very very dangerous for anyone trying to play GOD.

Everything is "planned" and "happened" for a reason!

No choice! No choice!

Must remember, nobody can change the future!

If you try to change the future by force, you have to pay
the price of change!

Don't play play! Very very scary! The Unknown!


Anonymous said...

Is it true?
PAP Millionaires are always talking about the future?
- 25, 50 years ahead into the future
- so collect their million dollar salaries now without having to solve any problems now ... is it?

Look at SMRT
- now they say the train is broken and they need to buy a new train to replace the old one.




ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Singapore is a socially engineered society/ civilization. To the PAP's credit, they've never hidden this aspect of being Singaporean. I don't know why LHL is "worried" about IDENTITY---the Singaporean cultural identity is STRONG. i.e. if you come and live in Singapore for awhile, you will slowly, but effectively be imbued with aspects of Singaporean culture, and even as a foreigner you will begin to exhibit traits of "Singaporean-ness" in your manner and personality.

Singapore's success is proof that "human hacking" or "social engineering" does indeed deliver spectacular results when conducted by an Enlightened Dictatorship.

This is yet another reason why the best system of governance in Singapore is a form of "soft" dictatorship, without which Singapore is rudderless, because The Sheeple mostly have childlike mentalities, even though many of them have earned advanced multiple degrees.

Singaporeans need to realise that the continuance of the civilization and the cuntree far outweighs any individual selfish desire for "democracy" and/ or "freedom"---which the majority of Singaporeans have yet to EARN THE RIGHT to enjoy and practice, by looking after themselves and EACH OTHER without a Central Planner.

So LHL, relac lah. The govt has a fundamental duty to install a Benign Dictator ASAP. Once installed, Singapore can look forward to a promising future where no one has to worry about anything, because the wise Central Planners of the Supreme Authority have PLANNED EVERYTHING, for everyone from cradle to grave.

Got firewall?

Anonymous said...

Now they found out that the biggest train breakdown is caused by water seepage or like someone urinated on the buffer plate. So lucky they found out in time or else they would change the whole system or buy new trains.

Anonymous said...

We can make things right for Singaporeans in less than one year.
No need 25 years.
- vote Opposition in GE 2015.

It seems pretty clear to me that PAP Millionaires are politically bankrupt of ideas, vision, capability, competencies and leadership.

patriot said...

Please do NOT absolve the DEAD MAN his sin.

Chin Leng aka Redbean says that Lee Kuan Yew would NOT HAVE ALLOWED THE SITUATION TO DEVELOP TO WHAT IT IS TODAY; How much can we agree with it?

The DEAD MAN knew better and he had put in place the ARMY ON STANDBY.

I wish that the Army Boys do not have to point their weapons at their very own fellow countrymen.


Anonymous said...

// What would Lee Kuan Yew say or do to get his Singapore right again? //

In the early days, when things are not going right, his "official biographer " Alex Josey wrote ( in the 1971 edition biography ) that old man would "hold some heads and banged them together" .......

Now it was reportedly mentioned in some medias that a " star-studded " paper general ( 3-star to be precise ) got his pay increased 5 folds from $500,000 to abt $2,500,000 after "screwing" MRT commuters with lost count numbers of breakdowns during the same period ....? ? ?

It seems to appear "massive mrt breakdown" is one of the KPIs, otherwise how to square the countless breakdowns with the corresponding 500% pay rise in that period .....? ? ?

Is there anyone with a better "rationalisation"?

How about some First World Parliamentarians ( FWP )?

Or in an aristocracy, FWP's duty is to be responsible of collecting the monthly $16,000 "allowance" ( courtesy of sinkies tax payers and oldies ) and work half a day per week or 2 full days per month attending MPS? FWP "debates" are just "wayang"? The WORDS of the aristocrats are LAW? And the LAW is the aristocrats' WORDS?

With the following narrative, many oldies' "mysteries" would be cleared ....?

Substitute one word in the following sentence with the words mentioned above:

"The rule of law".

Some oldies are quite "slow-witted" ......

Anyone knows which word to be substituted with which other two words?

Any volunteer. ....?

Kee chiu!

Anonymous said...

Is this an example of delusion?

Anonymous said...

Went on the bus today to town. All the way to town, about an hour and 15 minutes, all I hear was foreign languages and nasal PRC tongue. Not a single word of dialect or Singlish. I thought I was in a foreign land. On the way home the same thing happened. Singapore is full of foreigners and LHL said he needs 25 years to re-establish the Singapore core? My prediction is, Singapore in 25 years from now will be a totally different place from the Singapore RB talked about, the country 20 years ago. There is no turning back. The scene is set and nothing will reverse the trend. It is like a train speeding down the hill without brakes. Like t or not, Singaporeans will have to live with the consequences of the immigration policies installed by the PAP over the last decade. Chasing GDP growth is good for the pockets of many Singaporean. While the going was good, no one voice their objections. Many laugh their way to the bank. Now the good days are coming to an end and the FTs from far away land are here to compete for the goodies. Now and only now do we hear disgruntle voices. So sad, Singaporeans dd not see this coming. Now it is too late. You had the good days, now take the bitter medicine that has to follow.

Anonymous said...

In 1957 ( during the pre-self governing period) , in one of the Legislative Assembly debates, old man emphatically and categorically stated that Sinkieland was an " absurdity " in terms of size, population, resources ( or the lack of it ) as a nation.

The realities of the limitations/ constraints will most likely come to haunt Sinkieland when it is in lesser hands such as the period between 1990 - 2004.

Because of the dire economic situation Sinkieland was in when 老羊stood down in 2004, old man relented and gave his "blessings" for the casinos, F1 etc and Sinkieland truly lives up to it's name of "the City of Sin" or "Sin City ".

To pin the blame all on the 3rd G is to close both eyes to the missteps, complacency, arrogance, greed, short-sightedness, incompetence etc etc of 老羊,KFC, Jayabalan, Danakumar, Ma八蛋,Yeo Jiat Hong, Tan CB, etc cohort.......

The low hanging fruits of all the trees and hard work old man and the PG generation planted and painstakingly nurtured were all greedily plucked and harvested by the 2nd G without new crops being planted.

The 3rd G is left with the high hanging fruits.

The forthcoming 4th G is left with the decay and the shits left behind by the 2nd G.

Who would be so kong cum to be the "scapegoats" of the "sins" incurred during the "plunder and looting " of the fruits of the hard labour of the PG leaders and people by the 2nd G greedy opportunists who had left Sinkieland at a very vulnerable position .....?

Arguably the root cause of the every single problem surfacing now and going forward can be traced back to 老羊, KFC, Tan CB ..... Etc cohort.

Anonymous said...

Probably the only leader of that era worthy of respect of many Singaporeans is ex-President OTC.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 7.27pm "Not a single word of dialect or Singlish. I thought I was in a foreign land. On the way home the same thing happened. "

Ha ha

Your info "outdated" liao .....

The situation is "worst" on campus ......

Try taking the free NUS bus shuttle service from the new NUS Town and around the entire campus and back again.

More often than not, what u will encounter could be "far worst" than what u described about your journey from home to town and back to home in a day .....

What our young men encountered after "sacrificing" 2 years in NS is to too see their "places" taken over by foreign students who practically contributed nothing yet get the best package in sinkieland including the best brand new hostels fully paid and courtesy of a kc aristocrats which in end actually cane from sinkies, taxpayers and oldie.

Imagine as young men and also women, our undergrads have to suffer such injustices and unequal treatments in their own cuntry in particular uni campuses .....?

What one people, one nation, one sinkiepore?

SG50, what is there to celebrate?

Why so many choose to leave the country during 7 to 10 Aug?

For our youngster in the midst, even before they stepped into the working world, they already kena a lot of "robbing " of what rightfully belong to them in their undergrad lives ..... imagine the resentment in their hearts ..... which country treat their own citizens like that .....?

Anonymous said...

Jiat Lat, what is happening?

What kind of leadership will lead sinkieland out of its current downward slide?

Obviously "reward leadership" like steroids and drugs work in the short run and only to a certain extent beyond which the Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns set in. In fact, it is the type of leadership that has the narrowest inverted U curve in terms of support etc.

Can a leader predominantly practising "reward leadership" switch to other forms of leadership and succeed eventually in rallying and galvanising the people behind him like the PG leaders and get the cuntry as one people, one nation, one Singapore again?

Seems like to govern sinkieland sustainably, more than "reward leadership" is needed ......

Sinkieland may be sailing into uncharted territory and a point of no return ....?

Who led sinkieland to this stage ....?

老羊said during 2011 GE he is prepared to be accountable for policies during his years?


Perhaps he should walk his talk now and "account " for why many people has lost their "trust and confidence" in the leadership taking the people to the "promise land of Swiss standard of living " .....

老羊, 老羊 。。。。。。where is he?

Why he "disappears so fast" ......?

Next in line is "KFC" to "account" why sinkieland has "sunk" to such stage ......

On the outside, sinkieland looks ok but has the inner core "rotten beyond redemption"?

Has the "Yes Man" policy instituted since the 1980s ( and supported by many oldies then ) coming home to roost and "haunt" sinkieland to the end. ....?

What leadership mode would be needed to run a place like sinkieland?

Obviously "confidence" is a prerequisite but many seems lacking in it and "displays" significant "lack of conviction" in their body language visible to others thousands of miles away.

Anonymous said...

Typo - *many seem lacking in it and "display"

Anonymous said...

A leadership in self denial?

Just like Desmond Quek, refusing to own up screwing up badly and yet demand to be paid millions?

Another paper general with plenty of stars but almost nothing to show for his leadership is the "North Korean leader lookalike " running 老羊's previous proud "flagship " to the ground with countless accumulative lost since the day he took over ......

Whole sinkieland may be needed to be pawned if this "great general" continue to run 老羊's previous proud flagship ....?

老羊 was trained in economics and had an illustrious record at his previous "flagship" ......

Seems like to run a business and economy, it is still better to get leaders trained in economics than mathematics and engineering.

Incidentally the guy leading the charge in MTI is trained in engineering and also an ex military guy. KFC is a math professor by training.