GE 2015/16 issues for the voters to consider – Issue 8 – Voting for more subsidies?

Do you want to vote for more subsidies? Subsidies in HDB flats, subsidies in medical bills, subsidies in paying utilities bills, subsidies in school fees, university fees….

What are these subsidies? Are they real or fiction? Heard of market subsidies? Heard of discounts, annual sales, Great Singapore Sales, Great Singapore Lelong?

Are subsidies and discounts just another sales gimmick, deceptions with inflated prices and then telling the customers of the great subsidies and discounts, that it is a very good deal, a great savings or else they will be paying more?

Do you want to vote for more subsidies when you don’t even know the real cost of things or if the prices have already inflated that after subsidies you are still paying much more than you should be paying? Do you know that the more subsidies you get the more you are paying for the goods or services? Everytime there is a subsidy you end up paying more. Not true?

Be careful with what you are voting for? Stop this subsidy thing. Stop being conned and happily thinking that it is a good deal.


Anonymous said...

It's like that one lah. If not, where to get the money to subsidise, u tell me lah.

Singapore got no oil or natural resources, u know.

This one the 60% already know and they still voted PAP because WP is not ready to be govt. And why should this coming election be any different?

Anonymous said...


My friend Simon told me that the price of an item that
he had been eyeing to buy from a shop near his office
had gone up by 20% last week.

But, yesterday, Simon walked pass the shop after lunch
and found the shop started the SG50 Sale with a storewide
10% discount.

So 10% discount or 10% increase in price?

Simple maths!


Anonymous said...

A 10& discount after a 10% price increase means the items costs more than before, even after the discount. But most who suffer the effect of such gimicks are the old and dumb. The rich do not need to count the pennies nor take advantage of the discounts.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Since the GST is going toward 10% (and possibly beyond) post election, if I am voting (I don't vote!), I'll vote for MAXIMUM SUBSIDIES, and try and convince my fellow deluded Sheeple to do likewise. The "logic" (?!?) is simple: since the govt is going to TAX me more, I am going to do my darnedest to GET BACK more money from the govt.

Here is the political trick in play, in plain language: "Vote for me, I give you more subsidies!!". And so you (motivated by your SELF INTEREST for potential gain) vote this slippery political fucker into office. In a short time, the fuckers you voted in say: "OK, since you all are very happy with your subsidies, we are increasing the GST!"

Kena pluck! KPKB!

Vote lah. Vote for anything you desire!

patriot said...

Please do NOT abuse or misuse the Words Subsidy and Subsidize.


Anonymous said...

let's vote Opposition for more transparency in government pricing and costing.

Anonymous said...

Do not blame the con men and women if you choose to believe thrm.

Firstly, the sheeple was very impressed when they were offered pigeonholes when their lands were taken over. They looked looked forward earnestly for the said golden era as claimed by the man they revered most.

The next seat warmer then upped the ante and claimed he would deliver swiss standard of living for Sinners. Again the Sinner swallowed bait, hook , line and sinker and swim around telling the world how successful they were.

When the line tightened, there was some discomforts, but the Sinners were still comforted by the taste of the bait. It must have tasted great by the description of the fishermen who grew up in a backward fishing village.
The fishermen got their fishes quite easily and they lured many more further from the shoreline. Soon they will sail their trawlers to outer seas to sell their catches of fishes and pawns,
Oops, it's prawns.
They will also dispose off their trawler to be richer.

Anonymous said...

Not only fishes and prawns are selling well, craps are just as saleable, oh sorry, it is crabs. Ingrish not powderful.