GE 2015/16 issues for the voters to consider – Issue 6 – Is CPF your money?

What is happening to your life time savings in the CPF? Is it your money? Are you happy with the shifting goal posts, the minimum sums, the Medishield life and Medisave Life? Do you want to take it back earlier at 55 or 62 or dunno when?

You can decide what you want to do with your CPF savings by your votes in the GE. The GE is the time to change the fate of your life savings, to take it back.


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Voting in a different govt. won't change the nature of CPF. CPF is written into law. CPF contributes to the war chest of Singapore's sovereign wealth funds.

Anyway the people who want changes to the CPF are a minority. And the minimum sum will rise to 200k, and beyond quite possibly.

CPF is money in your name, only. You don't control it. And you will never have 100% control/ ownership of the money in CPF.

Anonymous said...

If it is a PAP government, I think the CPF money is not my money.
If it is an alternative party government, I think CPF money is my money.
True or not?
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Law could be changed with Regime Change.

Will any Alternative Party promises the return of the CPF at age 55 or even 60 ?

Conman Promiscuity Fart said...

"Collecting Prostitutes' Financing ........"

Plain and straightforward.

Treat it as all burned and go up in smoke liao.

Hsien Tao and Khaw Peh Khaw Boo can be trusted like tigers and anacondas said...

Everything from gurglement nowadays need tamper with at least if not one construction truck load of salt, then at least one 50kg sack .....

Anonymous said...

I do not trust politicians. They can change. When they are campaigning, the promise the sun and the moon. After they are elected, everything said can be forgotten.

Money is yours only when it is in your pocket. In fact, what you have in the bank is not your money, if you delve deeper into banking rules. That can be kind of unsettling. Therefore, in this world money in pension funds or CPF is not your money. If you are lucky, you live to get it back. If not, sorry for being born a peasant.

agongkia said...

Life saving are hard cash that you deposit in the bank or keep inside your drawer by you.
Cpf are paid by our employer so I consider it a tax that employer pay for me and on my behalf.Its employers' money.
Employer will be fined for late interest, fine , charge or shamed by them if they pay late.
Employee dun pay by cash or giro so any payout at age 55 if any shd be considered lucky n rightfully shd go to our employers first.
Employer decide.Hardworking one pay 100%.lazy one 5% per annum.
This act as an appreciation for employers sacrifices and lesson Cpf burden for payout and can reduce unhappiness among citizen resulting in more votes n will oso encourage employees to be hard working:-)

agongkia said...
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2.50pm pls note.........

No use to have many zeros in the banks and cpf or money in yr pockets because..........
only money you spent, is yr money.


Anonymous said...

But Zorro Lim told everybody that he felt so rich just looking at his 'monthly' CPF statements.

But in my whole working life I have never joined the Union because I believe in the mantra 'never trust union chiefs' or NTUC.

Anonymous said...

Why work up about whether CPF is your money or not.
If you agree with NMP that your CPF money is not yours, then your CPF goes to charity.
The PM's CPF should go to charity since he agrees with NMP.
If you disagree with NMP and that your CPF money is yours, then it is yours to keep.

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patriot said...

CPF is your money when you have collected.
Otherwise, it is your money in a yearly statement.