GE 2015/16 issues for the voters to consider – Issue 5 – Do you want to give your country to foreigners?

Maybe there are now 50% new citizens among the Singaporeans and with many more as PRs or Employment Pass holders. This is as good as giving away half of the country to foreigners who are now new citizens. And if the population goes to 6.9m or 10m, we are as good as giving our country away, have been occupied by foreigners, now holding pink ICs.

Is this what you want to happen to your country? We own this country. Our parents and grandparents built and willed this country to us and our children. Why are we giving our country away to foreigners for free and giving them additional rebates, subsidies, national bonuses and financial incentives to occupy our country?


agongkia said...

Grandparents and parents built and willed this country.....
Please lah.These are the result of many of these grandparent n parent like you all.
Why many of you gong gong stop at 2 during those year? Why many fail to marry more wives n produce more babies.
Kia Bor? Or are you going to say its Cheng Hoo or Yong Nguk Lin telling you not to have more so u stick to 2?
Many of these grandparent are to be blame during those years for not producing enough that result in us having the need to import today.
Blame who?

agongkia said...
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ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ The xenophobic fear-mongering crystal ball gazer, Redbean:

>> And if the population goes to 6.9m or 10m, we are as good as giving our country away, have been occupied by foreigners, now holding pink ICs. <<

Yay! Mission Accomplished! Bring it on lah. "Creative destruction" is necessary for a better future.

C'mon lah, just accept the fact that some Singaporeans need to be replaced with better versions of humanity. They don't really like living in Singapore. They can't make the best of what already is a a fantastic situation. Complain, bitch and moan about "unfulfilled" entitlements.

Fuck these useless wastages of oxygen lah. Bring in the "imports". Let's see what happens.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ agongkia:

>> Blame who? <<

This Singaporean trait of trying to find someone to blame must stop or no progress can be made. Blaming someone achieves nothing. It's only purpose is to make the accuser feel "shiok" ;-)

Since Singaporeans themselves have voted again and again for a Benign Dictatorship govt to look after everything, the sheeple must accept that govt policy of the past might change to the opposite policy today. In the 60's and 70's it was "Stop at two", because of an over population panic.

Now the world has changed. Densely populated cities can be made very livable, provided the planning is clever. And Singapore has adopted a new "grow or die" model.

And so, we grow!

Anonymous said...

Fuck you lah MS. If you are so good you would not be crawling back here like a parasite.

Anonymous said...