GE 2015/16 issues for the voters to consider – Issue 4 – Do you care for the future of our next generation?

I like to borrow a quote from Katherine Tseng and Lim Tai Wei’s article on China’s rise and Taiwan’s dilemma with a little Singaporean twist.

Do you want a younger generation of Singaporeans that does not enjoy the same career opportunities, stable employment and competitive salaries as their parents?

Think before you vote. Think very carefully about people who want to bring in foreigners to replace Singaporeans regardless of nationalities to compete with our children.

Who is responsible for the well being of our future generations?


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ daily diarrhoea , RB:

>> Do you want a younger generation of Singaporeans that does not enjoy the same career opportunities, stable employment and competitive salaries as their parents? <<

What a crock of steaming turds. Every generation had different opportunities from their forebears. Many of our mums and grndmums were home makers, and depended on Dad for finances. For at least 2 generations now, more women have careers and economic as well as existential independence.

My take on many of the young ones: they exhibit more sense of ENTREPRENEURSHIP than their parents and grandparents. They already know there is no such thing as "job security".

Young people don't trust government or authority. And they already accept that many future jobs haven't even been INVENTED yet. And they want to be "cool", like perform on stage, travel, do adventure-type activities---activities where they can take their GoPro cameras with them to snap the world's most dangerous but awesome selfies.

Fancy an old dude like redbean telling young people how to vote.

So...I'll do exactly the same.

Young people, Your one single vote won't make a difference. Put it this way: Supposing you were on the way to the ballot station to cast your ONE DEMOCRATIC VOTE in the cuntree's general election.
Before you arrive, you are in a fatal accident/ beheaded by ISIS/ suffer a fatal medical emergency...whatever...The fact is you die, and thus never get to cast your vote.

Do you think that your missing vote will sway the election, thus determining the nation's political future for years? Of course not!


"Every election is a sort of advance auction of stolen goods." H.L. Mencken

Anonymous said...

What a stupid comment and thinking it is clever.

Anonymous said...

As said before, how can PAP lose at this coming GE or with
a reduced %.

Since 2011GE, PAP is very very active at all corners of the
island organising activities and SG50 celebrations and giving
out plentiful of SG50 free gifts.

Tell me lah, how not to win BIG BIG BIG!

Together with the votes from the instant citizens, all eyes are
now on PAP whether PAP votes will be able to cross the 70% mark
and a 100% PAP parliament.

We shall see.


Virgo49 said...

Sinkies already got enough, still very gian png.

Everything also I want I want.

BBQ also wants to rush. The clowns knew the sinkies weakness.

So GST Credits akan datang more than thousands over bucks.

How to lose the erections????

Anonymous said...

Any person in a position of power/influence would know better than to leave the security of his/her job to the whims of the daft commoners. If you don't want democracy, then make up your own version and call it "constructive", "well-balanced" or "wayang" democracy. As long as there's the word "democracy" included, the daft peasants will be happy enough.

Anonymous said...


It's true, it's true.

Any kind of democracy, but not the real kind of democracy, is a 'wink wink' situation for the PAP and 60% of the peasants.