GE 2015 – Counting the pins fall

GE2011 was a watershed election in the sense that a formidable GRC helmed by a top minister plus another minister plus another going to be minister fell to the opposition. It was quick a shocking event to know that it could happen and happened to a top minister with PM potential. And he took along two other ministers with him.

After this event, the infallibility of a GRC do not seem so infallible after all. But what is more troublesome were the series of events of policies that occurred after elections. The unease and uncomfortable feeling of the voters cannot be simply ignored. The slew of unpopular policies by the Govt is still right up there in the minds of the voters. The PWPs, the jobless PMEs, the high cost of living, the CPF that cannot be withdrawn but for a small amount, the Medishield Life, CPF Life, and many others, make the issue of high ministerial pay so small, would all come into play in the run up to polling day.

The opposition parties would not have enough time even to talk about the consequences of these policies. There are just too many things to talk about time. And then the departure of LKY which to the PAP looks like a big plus seeing so many people queuing up to bade him final farewell. From another angle, it is like removing the crown of a huge tree and everything looks so naked and fragile below, so vulnerable. How LKY’s departure will tell on the PAP, whichever way, is going to be dramatic.

What the ground is saying, or what the little bird is saying, is that the results would be quite earth shaking. Never have Singaporeans ever think they are going to see this in a GE. Many are counting how many ministers will no longer be ministers after the GE. The pins will fall. It is a matter of how many and which pin will hit the ground first.

Would it be 4, or 8 or more? Never has this pins falling been so sure, only a matter of how many.  This is going to be an election where many ministers would hope would not have been called. It would be a case of minister one day and common folks the next. It would be the same for many MPs and MP hopefuls.  How many will become commoners again?

This would be a GE that only the khong cums would be shouting, we want a good fight, we are looking for a good fight, we were so disappointed we did not get a good fight.


Anonymous said...

What the ground is saying, or what the little bird is saying, is that the results would be quite earth shaking.

Not really lah, when the opposition is still the same as in 2011, and maybe worse with more new parties now.

It will only be truly earth shaking when Teochew Ah Hia announce his WP will contest 100% seats this coming election and ready to be govt. But this is not the case because he announce, and so soon some more, only 28 seats to contest, and this is still less than 2/3 majority even if they win all, tio bo? And assuming opposition win less than 2/3 of seats, PAP can still form govt without a coalition with the opposition. Just look at our neighbour PM Najib and you will know what I mean.

So mark my words. If there is any chance at all opposition parties can win seats, it will only be the WP. The rest, majority voters dare not vote because they are very scared that in so doing, they might also accidentally vote PAP out of govt, which they die die also do not want this happen.

Anonymous said...

Correction to above, should be less than 1/3, not 2/3, of seats in above.

Anonymous said...

LTK is a top strategist. By contesting 28 seats, WP means serious business. Singaporeans will be willing to let WP win all 28 seats.
1. No change to the PAP to be government, which most Singaporeans are not ready or willing yet for to government change.
2. WP resources are not diluted. Able to contest with credible candidates at every contested SMC or GRC.
3. Concentration of firepower at East of Singapore, expanding from Hougang, Punggol & Aljunied.
4. Can effectively not encroached into other opposition areas, thus building goodwill and maintaining big picture, to deny PAP of the 2/3 majority.
5. Other OPPOSITION like the Chiams, SPP and SingFirst, NSP and even SDP can win one or two seats if they concentrate in one or two areas.

The PINS will be falling. The EAST lightning is going to be covered by a SEA of BLUE....true Blue Singaporeans will vote to shape up the FAT & increasing Incompetent PAP. VTO...WP!

Anonymous said...

For me, my hope is that the opposition wins more seats. Whether they can come together or form the next Government is irrelevant. So long as they can bring two hands into Parliament for slapping is enough. You can see the difference the additional slapping can do after GE 2011. And it does not matter if they are teochew ah muay, hokien ah soh or hylam ah peck.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do, make sure there are more opposition MPs in parliament. The more the better if you do not want to be bullied.

Better still if there is a change of govt, a reset to get things back to normal before it burns itself out.

Go for a RESET.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Currently the opposition parties have 10 seats in parliament.

My prediction post Sept 2015 GE will be around 20 seats in parliament will be non-PAP.

I don't know what all this "furtive glee" is all about---in all likelihood, the PAP will lose seats...but THEY already know this and planned for it. SO opposition fans, do your little dances and victory laps lah...even before the election has been "officially" called (but many of us accept that its going to be Sept 12)

The governance of Singapore won't change post GE. It will still be the same o same o boring, but effective and predictable style of the PAP, which will still have the majority in the parliament. Fundamentally, nothing will change.

Anonymous said...

That is your guess. My guess, WP will take 3 GRCs, SingFirst 2 GRCs, SDP 2 GRCs. Among them they would take 7 SMCs. That would make about 42 opposition MPs in Parliament.

Stake your bets.

Anonymous said...

Beware! Beware! Beware!

Our founding PM is now history. He and his pioneers
were great!

To keep on keep on referring and mentioning his name
and showing him on national tv and radio and newspapers
repeatedly have to be very very careful.

If tooooooooooo much, may become "WALK-FIRE-ENTER-DEMONS"!

走火入魔! 走火入魔! 走火入魔!

So Beware! Beware! Beware!


Anonymous said...

Thankfully, we have the internet. Otherwise the recent constant onslaught on MSM using the horrible one's voice and image will unnerve the oldies and swing the votes for sure.

Anonymous said...

It's more likely that the demons are into the fire this time.