Concept of country, defence and conquest

The British came, took over the island as theirs, set up the administration and gave all the good jobs t their people. The locals were allowed to do their own businesses but the administration and control of the country were in the hands of the British. They had taken over. And to protect themselves and their interests, they sent in their soldiers, army, navy and air force were all here.

The locals might be employed to work for the British as cooks, clerks, peons and drivers. The women could work as maids, the amahs. That was how things were when the country was taken over by foreigners. They enjoyed the plum jobs.

The Japanese too wanted the island for themselves. They sent in their soldiers. The British tried to defend their interests with their soldiers but lost and the Japanese took over everything. The Japanese were the new owners and ran the country for their Emperor and people just like the British did. All the good jobs in the govt and businesses were in the hands of the Japanese. And there was a new order of things. They owned the country and people.

The locals continued to find their own ways to make a living if they could. The good jobs went to the Japanese. The locals could become clerks, translators, drivers and peons. The women could work for the Japanese as maids and comfort women.

After the war, the locals got wiser. Why let the Japanese or British run the country and took all the good jobs for themselves? They fought to take back the country so that they could give a better life to the locals, give good jobs to the locals, to control the country and their own destiny, be in charge and distribute opportunities and wealth among the locals.

A country was born, called Singapore for Singaporeans. A military force was formed, with conscription for NS to protect and defend the country and its people from foreigners, to protect our way of life, our good life and good jobs for our people called Singaporeans.

Fast forward 50 years, more than half of the residents are in the country are foreigners. Many have very good jobs, some being paid millions. Many Singaporeans lost their jobs for a simple reason, publicized and acknowledged, they are not good enough and their jobs should rightly go to the more talented and deserving foreigners, regardless of nationalities. The Singaporeans only got themselves to blame when they allowed the policy of hiring foreigners and giving foreigners good jobs, and telling the Singaporeans you are not good enough so it is your business. The locals must compete with the foreigners on a level playing field. So what if this is their country? So what if they are the citizens and the foreigners are foreigners? So what if they served their dues as conscripts to defend the country, our way of life and the good jobs for the people?  The last point many people have chosen to forget and ignore.

And the foreigners are here, inside the country, enjoying the good life, good jobs, and protected by the conscription armed forces. The foreigners need not be like the British or Japanese, to build a defence force and pay for it to protect their good life and good jobs. The conscripted soldiers will do the protection so that they can live here, have a good life, and good jobs. Dunno to call this outrageous or idiocy? Why would the daft Sinkies allow this to happen and think this is a natural order of things?

The foreigners have no need for an invading army like the British and the Japanese to conquer the country to enjoy the good life here, to enjoy the good jobs here, and some even in positions of authority and power.  They are invited here for the good life and the good jobs. What about the locals losing their good jobs and their good life to the foreigners? Who cares?

Whose country is this? This country belongs to everyone here, including the foreigners?  We will celebrate this change of ownership or the privilege of enjoying good life and good jobs in Celebration SG50.  Come one and come all to party, citizens or no citizens, sama sama.  Is there a need to redefine the meanings of conquest and control of a country? Is there a need for an army if the country can be occupied by foreigners to enjoy the good life and good jobs while the citizens have to make way for the foreigners? Can a country be taken over by foreigners without a war?  What if 70% or 80% of the populations are foreigners or new citizens? Does it make any difference? When would we call a country being occupied, taken over by foreigners, foreigners enjoying good jobs and blatantly cheating and discriminating the locals like apartheid, a country lost?

What is happening? What do you think? Is this your country?

PS. The British and Japanese seized our country, good jobs and good life for themselves by force. Now the foreigners are invited in to do that and to cheat and kick us around under the myth that they are more talents and here to help us.


Anonymous said...

This country belongs to everyone here, including the foreigners?

Why not, if these foreigners are most willing to become newly minted Sinkies.

And with the below replacement fertility rate for real Sinkies, better to have newly minted Sinkies rather than no Sinkies (extinct) in the long run, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Tiok. We should allow 10m foreigners to become citizens. So Sinkies can extinct also nebermind.

Anonymous said...

Fret not RB, our top Aristocrat of Aristocrats recently just woke up, ....... oops no ........ recently mentioned about need to build national and common identity in our people ...... such awesome display of great leadership and realisation (belatedly, better late than never) on SG50 that sinkieland need foster common identity among its populace, a fundamental political science concept taught to freshie 19-year old undergrad in their 1st Year 1st PS101 module ....... sinkieland has great hope ...... our leaders are good examples and leading by examples ...... SKILLFUTURE ...... even so old liao still learning (basic concepts) so that they are continously upgrading themselves to ensure natural equilibrium and no artificial setting of multi millions dollars wage for themselves, ie, their abilities matches ( catches up with ) their pay ( even if their pay-skill gap is worst than China junk stocks PE ratios ) ....... sinkies must be thankful ( at least our Aristocrats never package billions and trillions of toxic shares to "scam" old 100 surnames ( 老百姓 ) coffin $$$. ) Only a dozen,, thousand of times over-priced paper generals (paid by people's blood and swear) to smell alcohol and be rewarded world's highest salary and bonuses. Small change and sacrifice for running such an efficient economy with only some rare hiccups ( eg train breakdown ). Why are u fretting. ....? Sinkies should be very thankful. Tiok bor?

Anonymous said...

"Singapore belongs to everybody?"

Since when was Singapore a property for the Lizard Prince to give away?
It is not SG50 celebrations.
It is PAP50 celebrations.
Do you think I will bother to attend?
Do you think I will switch on the TV to watch so that Media Corpse can charge more for advertising based on viewership?

Anonymous said...

Over the last 10 years, all the money needed to be scammed in the stock market already scammed. The stock market is now a skeleton moving by strings attached.

agongkia said...

Partly your fault for not being able to see far and not producing enough babies that cause a shortage of labour and oso caused me having to travel overseas to look for a wife today. Daft cannot blame others.

Anyway moral of the story is every Sinkie who is fit is to serve NS .Flooded by foreigners is better than being conquer or invaded by them.
At least I dun have to name myself as Amos Goh , Alan Wong.....or Yamabuto Ishikawa or bow to the anonaes., though many locals prefer to bow to angmo without being forced to.

So long as you are willing to work hard n long hours, not suka suka awol or fully utilise yr mc entitlement....your job will be secured.

Without these talents it will be worse.
Many local only think of high pay or claim exploitation but contribution kosong.
This week got 3 new colleagues went awol after working for few days.No call no show....
I keep telling my towkay to get FTs but he khongcum, keep saying local first , no FT, Singaporean First........and keep
being exploited by locals.
His outcome will either be divorced or die of heart attack one day for being kind n compassionate becos he has to cover the job of these erm chai see irresponsible locals.
FT enjoying good life is better than seeing our local Sinkies towkay at the mercy of workers.

Anonymous said...

"FT enjoying good life is better than seeing our local Sinkies towkay at the mercy of workers."
July 11, 2015 12:20 p.m.

Typical traitor.
Anti-Singaporean to the core.

Anonymous said...

'Anyway moral of the story is every Sinkie who is fit is to serve NS .Flooded by foreigners is better than being conquer or invaded by them.'

You just arrived in Spore or just woke up from your drug induced sleep? We have already been invaded and conquered and you are still smelling mei mei's armpits.

If daft Sinkies think like you, sori they cannot think, this country would soon be taken over by foreigners. And you think when foreigners took over they will give you good jobs because you are willing to work hard?

The only job they will give you is to be a translator to spy on Sinkies and to arrest them or shoot them like the Japanese did.

You are really kong cum.

Anonymous said...

This kongcum makes a good translator. Just offer him a few mei meis and he will do anything for his masters, even betraying Singaporeans.

agongkia said...

Read n acknowledged.
You Huan chu or what.Or still khooning? It is precisely becos its happening and a matter of time that many foreigners will become towkays here to boss you around one day.
Solution? Instead of whining or claiming bo yeah bo chee chiak..Work harder to support our local towkays.
If u do not want to be boss around by these FT (Foreign Towkay )one day then tell all your friends to work loyally n be more hardworking to help our local towkays survive, instead of whining or like those losers , to ensure they dun close shop giving way to FT.
Chai bo.Mai gong gong.

Anonymous said...

they should make foreigner to become MORE SINGAPOREAN

not Singapore become more WESTERNIZED to accommodate the need of foreigner.

singapore should allow immigration.- but not at the expense of jeopardizing national identity, and local people

immigration would make everyone to become more tolerant of other and willing to accept the diversity. ( increased talent pools)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sinkies;
Vote PAP and you will spend your whole life listening to Millionaire Ministers, Millionaire Generals, Millionaire GrassLoot Leaders and Millionaire Aliens tell you that Singaporeans are useless.

Vote Opposition and you will have a chance to walk tall like a human being.
With equal rights to tell all these Millionaires to fuck off if they think they can make more money outside of Singapore.
I guarantee you these Millionaires will beg you to allow them to stay on in Singapore.

You think a billionaire like Peter Lim dare to put all his money into Johor?
In Singapore he knows we Singaporeans are honest people and will not confiscate his money.
That's why it's okay to ask these billionaires to pay more taxes in exchange for the honesty and protection Singaporeans give his money.

Anonymous said...

Do you think PAP will stand up for Singaporeans against the Aliens like this young Malay man?
Who do you think is more pro Singaporean?
PAP or this young Malay man?


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

I dunno what this nutjob redbean is about. One in ten Singaporeans are millionaires lah.
We already beat our former occupiers: the Brits and the Japs. Both their cuntrees are up Shit Creek without any hope of a decent future, whereas Singapore goes from strength to strength.

The "foreigners" wouldn't be here lah if Singapore wasn't so awesome and arse-kicking as it is today.

"Conscription" has been proven to be morally wrong, and much of the world has changed already. NS should go, end it ASAP. There are other ways to more effectively protect the cuntry. Singapore is at a stage where you can rely on voluntary militia, not need to "force" by NS.

Singapore is also changing in the genepool and the cultural pool. Sure there are local who cannot accept this. But none of them have offered any arguments worth considering.

The locals should just be ignored and the absorption of new cultures and new genes into the environment continue. Let's face it: opinions are not truth. Even if you don't like something, if reality is happening, your opinion doesn't matter lah: change will occur with your "permission" or not :-))