Auditor General Office Reports – A very uncomfortable week

The AGO’s report submitted to the President last week was the most unpleasant thing to happen and so near the GE. Fortunately, a miracle really, that there was no wrongdoings except for some discomfort and explanations to do. And after the explanations things will be normal again, unlike the AHPETC saga. The revelations by the AGO reports were nothing serious unlike the AHPETC that was all about incompetence.  In the AHPETC’s case, also very ‘heng’, no wrong doings. Please disagree with me if you have to.

The AGO report was most unfortunate in the sense that many distinguished grassroot leaders, some like to spell it as grassloot in TRE, were found wanting with lapses like conflict of interests that were not declared. It was unfortunate as these people are definitely honourable people, and mostly very rich and would not have been involved in any wrongdoings. Rich people are less likely to play foul as they have a lot of money and dignity. They are selfless volunteers committing time and money to serve the society. Many have been awarded PBMs or BBMs to reward them for public service and service to the people and also statement of their honesty and integrity.

And many of these are likely to be of noble birth or from the aristocracy and it is so unfortunate that while serving the people, some times lapses are simply innocent lapses, they are now seen in a bad light. They would be cursing themselves for volunteering their services and ended in such uncomfortable position through no fault of theirs. I think many would have second thoughts about serving in the grassroot organisations.

One commentator in the TRE has this to say and I quote,

Ang Saw Huat:

“Mr de Souza said one important consideration is that the changes must not be so onerous on grassroots leaders that these volunteers no longer want to serve the community.”

What he say is right! Grassroot volunteers work for free, no salary, if you make their work hard, they will not come volunteer anymore! There is only one free lunch left in singapore : grassroots volunteer service!

I must fully agree with this Ang Saw Huat and de Souza. The govt must not make it hard on these distinguished and honourable people or they would not volunteer their services again, for free some more. The govt must give them some ropes, some laxes, so that they can continue to do what they are doing, I mean to serve the people, without getting anything in return. These are only isolated cases, not widespread, no mischief intended.  After so many years, this is the first time it has happened. Now with this AGO report, many of these grassroot would not want to serve in the grassroot organisations any more. So sad to see these good and trustworthy men and women leaving.

What should be done to keep them serving the grassroot organisations? Ang Saw Huat and De Souza’s suggestion of not making things too onerous is worth considering. You want not self serving and honourable men and women to work for free, how can? And still want to make things tough for them? There is a saying, close one eye, open one eye is the best. Everyone happy happy.

What do you think, close one eye, open one eye good or not? Can work or not? How about going with the flow? Can pakai or not?


Anonymous said...

In line with PAP's doctrine, give them a big fat pay. Maybe $500,000 per year. This will make sure they work with integrtity and honesty. No?

jjgg said...

I also want to volunteer ...can get PBM..also can set up company to vie for contracts...so many contracts floating around..no need to Hari kiri when kena found out some more...OPM so no need to be too careful...where do I queue?

agongkia said...

These grassroots actually indirectly help to cause lost of more votes.
We must choose those who volunteer to serve without any intention but for the good of the community.
Given a chance. I will serve for free, no free parking or discounted tour etc .or whatever.
Get rid of those Chia leow bee who serve for their own gain.

Anonymous said...

You still believe in free lunch meh?

Anonymous said...

You are correct!

Close one eye, open one eye is the best. Everyone haPPy haPPy.

But people would be haPPier haPPier if you close both eyes!

People would be haPPiest haPPiest if you not only close both eyes
but aso zip your mouth!



Anonymous said...

“Mr de Souza said one important consideration is that the changes must not be so onerous on grassroots leaders that these volunteers no longer want to serve the community.”

It's high time we replace all these grassloot organizations with proper and professional civil service organizations instead.

Anonymous said...

"And many of these are likely to be of noble birth or from the aristocracy ... "

Singaporean aristocrats are of course very good people.
But non-Singaporean aristocrats and royalty are a completely different matter.

Foreign Aristocrat families are riddled with incest and in-breeding throughout history.
They believe in keeping everything including marriage and sex within the family.

Below is just a sample:
"10 Royal Families Riddled With Incest"

In fact, while virtually every culture in recorded history has held sibling or parent­child couplings taboo, royalty have been exempted in many societies,
including ancient Egypt, Inca Peru, and, at times, Central Africa, Mexico, and Thailand.

And while royal families in Europe avoided sibling incest, many,
including the Hohenzollerns of Prussia, the Bourbons of France, and the British royal family, often married cousins. The Spanish Habsburgs, who ruled for
nearly 200 years, frequently married among close relatives.
Their dynasty ended in 1700 with the death of Charles II, a king so riddled with health and
development problems that he didn't talk until he was four or walk until he was eight.
He also had trouble chewing food and couldn't sire a child.

The Risks and Rewards of Royal Incest

Anonymous said...

The grassroot organisations are ok. It is those grassloot leaders that must be removed.

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew was okay, even good.
Grassroot Organizations oso good, oni the Leaders are fuck-ups.
And Sinkies keep compromising and getting looted.

Haha, Sinkies are pathetic, they love
the Good and not mind the Bad.

Long live the Sheeple and keep living the Dream from the Courtesy of Goh Chok Tong.

Virgo 49 said...

AHPETC's case only small ikan bilis compared to Sembawang Alamak Snr case.

Aljunee TC just paid a few dollars and cts to the managing agents more than the PAPay TC s because on the economy of scale have to be more expensive serving only two constituencies. No misappropriation of funds.

Whereas the Sembawang TC just gave the contracts of several hundred thousands worth to their own lackeys. Which is more serious???

Just let the HDB manage the whole lot of Singapore TCs. Backsides itchy no work look for work.

Besides as my child hood HDB retired ex officer told me. In his forty years of service with the Board, very most the actual time of work they put in is only five years the maximum.

Most of time especially those in field work are the happy hours in coffee shops or Star hub, Oops Buck

Anonymous said...

I think for people who claim to be the people leaders/aristorcrats, there is need to APPLY a HIGHER STANDARD. I.e if you cock up, the penalties must be higher. In Singapore, we oft hear the ingrained refrain that with freedom comes responsibility(some civil servant invented this, because so far there has been no freedom, but lots of duties).

It probably more appropriate to say that with power and pay comes even greater responsibility - to stay clean, esp with regard to conflicts, and use of public monies for self serving purposes.

Anonymous said...

If GOV,PAP & mainstream media open BOTH eyes at AHPETC case, I say all available eyes need to OPEN BIG BIG to STARE back at GOV,PAP & mainstream media.