Amos Yee – When a mother fights back

I have written this article before the judgement was out. It may be belated and over taken by events, but some salient points are still relevant. The unrestrained ruthlessness of a group of people in their persistence attack on the mother and son is a manifestation of how much evil and wickedness are existing in our society. These people are so vile, so devoid of human decency and compassion. And they are let lose by whoever behind them to persecute the mother and child as the right thing to do, with no sense of guilt and remorse for their hideous acts speak a lot of what they represented and how dangerous life can be if this group of people are in politics and in power. They are simply inhuman.
Here is my article.
The vengeance of a mother fighting with claws and nails cannot be under estimated. Mary Toh, an unassuming mother, a school teacher, is faced with an uphill task to save her son being locked up in a mental hospital, not because he is mentally sick but for an unpalatable youtube posting.  The mother is desperate, in despair, calling on the power of heaven and earth to save her son.
While she is crying hell, there are evil people laughing at her desperation, continue to condemn her son, wanting her son to mete the worst punishment possible, and also ridiculing her, cursing at her for not bringing her son up well. Suck wickedness is so widespread, among the unthinking young, the politically aligned adults and the selfish individuals that care for nothing but their self interest, is so despicable.
Mary Toh is fighting back with all she got against all odds. She is alone without the resources to fend for herself and her son. But she is not alone. Thank God there are a few good people out there standing up and standing beside her to fight a losing cause. They are not letting up in the face of defeat. Sadly, defeat they will get. Everything is stacked against Mary Toh and her few supporters standing on shaky ground.
Where are the good men and women to come to her aid, to help her save her son? Where are the international organizations that could give her a lift, to level the playing field? A few have stepped forward but in vain. The writing is on the wall. The son of Mary Toh is going to get it.
Would the world say sorry to Mary Toh and her son? What has that got to do with the world? Would the people of Singapore do something for Mary Toh? Are there any good men and women brave enough, feel strong enough, to give this mother a little helping hand?
Would Mary Toh cry in vain?  No one thinks it is right and noble to step forward to help this hapless mother fighting to save her son?
Maybe only divine intervention is her only savior, when all human spirit fails her, letting a poor mother to stand alone, pleading for mercy for her son.
Where is humanity? Would anyone hear her cries and lift her up from her bended knees? All I can hear is humiliating laughter of smugness, scorn, condemnation and ridicules…for the mother and her son.
I am feeling so ashamed. Do you?


T said...

Wow. I hope the right guy steps up soon for our sake RB

Anonymous said...

nothing more to add.....

except always remember the chinese song......


all the BEST to Mother and Amos........

Anonymous said...

We seems to have lost our humility and compassion over the years. And the causes, several. Can we regain the lost, who knows.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Her BIG mistake, and something she will have to face and live with for the rest of her life, hopefully not doing it again:

She didn't stand by her son FROM THE BEGINNING. She never DEFENDED her son's natural right to free speech and expression---i.e. she was never 100% committed as a parent.

Anyway better late than never. I'm glad to see that she finally found whatever it takes to be a GOOD parent. (which is better than probably > 90% of the fucked up parents out there.)

Anonymous said...

Rb: " Where are the good men and women ......?"

Rb, are you referring to co- "First World Parliamentarians"?

Prolly they bz counting the $16k x 50 mths ( since May 2011 )?

So bz they forgot to keep an eye on the "drivers" as promised during 2011 election?

Their chief even praised the drivers doing a great job and not driving the bus and passengers towards the cliff?

Virgo 49 said...

Hi RB, till now no comments from any one??

Just back from gym and never missed any of your post everyday. That's why now commented.

Got to for sometimes skin itchy itchy needs Matilah and Ah gong kia to lash a bit.

Kasi minyak keluar as shouted by my ex Malay Regiment 2Sir instructors.

So nobody commented means everyone feels ashamed of what happened to AY.

OR Your post comes too late and now AY is freed so no point to comment.

Anyway, karma will befall those vicious and cruel worse than animals beans in time to come.

Live till now at sixty six years old and seen quite a lot of strange karmic happenings before my eyes of those boomerang cruel deeds hitting at those vile people without even the victims taking any action.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ virgo49:

Eh tambi, I "lashed" plenty plenty already on the shameful Amos Yee saga.

But I doubt things will change. I have FAITH in Singaporeans and their QUIRKY culture in the sense that it make Singaporeans and their society extremely PREDICTABLE. I luuurrrrvvvvee that about this place.

Eventually the Singaporeans will accede to the people (same as themselves) they voted into the position of govt., the "chosen" to hold the offices of authority, to be the ultimate DECISION MAKERS for this Glorious Hotel Island Resort.

And it works quite well. So why rock the boat? for what "value" or "social good" is this silly western enlightenment idea of "freedom of speech and expression"?

No need lah. Singapore already perfect. You wan tok kok some more ah? Kwa simi lanjiau...I slap your face and cut off your dick ok?!? Ni nabeh...

Anonymous said...


Video showing a mother buffalo risking her life to defend her baby against a pack of predators and fellow buffalos helping out .......

Mother buffalo risked her life against multitude of approaching predators ( lions ) to save her baby. She was outnumbered. Luckily fellow buffalos joined in in unison and warded off the lion pack's attack on the baby buffalo.

Even 畜牲 ( animals ) have mother and united instinct to ward off predators from harming her young and fellow buffalos in danger of being devoured by the merciless lion packs.

Are sinkies, cowered all these years, degenerated and become worst than 畜牲 (animals) in protecting their young and fellow mates from being devoured by the wolves, lions and foxes in the midst?

Heard about Chicken Prostitution Famers or C.P.F. in short?

Have all the real farmers being eaten up by the wolves and now the "farmers" in charge are not real farmers? Can that explain why the chickens are disappearing every night and getting lesser by the days? Any predators in disguise eating up the chickens in the coop?

Anonymous said...

In this tiny concrete jungle there is quite a pack of lions and lionesses(Aristocrat Class), hyenas(Elite Class) and vultures(Crony Class).
The other species(Common Class) have to know their fates.

Anonymous said...


When buffalos fought off against predators and survived.


Unity is STRENGTH!

Anonymous said...

Are sinkies more stupid than buffalos?

If the gong gong buffalos also know how to defend themselves in numbers and ward off the predators in the Sahara plain, are sinkies more gong and worst than the buffalos ( animals, 畜牲 )?

Sinkies boleh or dak boleh? What do you think? Are they better than the buffalos in defending and protecting their young and fellow kind against predators?

Anonymous said...

Ya that's right!

When the buffaloes and oxes who are known to be Kong Khum or daft animals know when the spurs are too many in their hides and begin to fight back, are sinkies worst or better than the daft and Kong kum ox and buffalo?

Pray tell .......

Anonymous said...

Sinkies will ultimately have to face peril before they could have a new lease of living.
That Day is not far away.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Amos Yee's mother will vote PAP in GE 2015?

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, not all civil servants voted the Pay And Pay lah!!!

Not all oldies voted the Pay And Pay also

See the young undergrads and the young supporters mesmerised by talks by the MIws

Anonymous said...

The MIWs are standing tall today


Anonymous said...

I asked a few politicians who want my vote:


Answer: We are so busy trying to survive, where got time to bother with other people's business.


The only two persons who spoke up for Amos Yee are Dr Ang Yong Guan, Chairman of Singaporeans First Party, and Kenneth JBJ son, the Reform Party Secretary General.

sam raven said...
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sam raven said...

“Suck wickedness is so widespread, among the unthinking young, the politically aligned adults and the selfish individuals that care for nothing but their self interest, is so despicable.”

This answers the question as to the formula and method of mass murder and genocide is carried out throughout history.

The dictator may give the order, but the most effective and dangerous force of totalitarian tyranny are masses of unthinking, politically aligned, selfish individuals that are willing to carry out those orders for their self interest.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi sam raven, welcome to the blog. I take this as a new personality: )

Anonymous said...

Rb, lol.

sam raven said...


Yeah, first time commenting, been a long time resident of TRE. Great article and well written.

It was an eye-opening experience that I came across people who claim to be Opposition but openly said WITH PRIDE that Amos Yee deserved his treatment because of this need to preserve 'racial and religious harmony'. And sadly these people are not a tiny minority. If you want a formula to how mass murder is carried out, its ultimately carried out by action of order-followers, not order-givers.

I can't help but think the recent major MRT breakdown (7pm on the 7th day on the 7th month of 2015) was Karmic response to the absolute evil displayed by Singaporeans and the State that crossed the Line of Cosmic Law around this case. And consider this breakdown happened at the worst possible time of the day when the majority of working people would be on their way back from work, tired.

I believe this incident was the warning shot across the bow and as long as Singaporeans' apathetic attitudes to the treatment of people like Amos and Roy continue (plus all the other violations by the State against the People like foreign talent, casinos, inflation, old people forced to collect cardboard, lack of transparency on their CPF and its suspected connection to Temasek Holdings), many more Judgments will be delivered.