Amos Yee – A few pertinent questions

'The psychiatrist who conducted the court-ordered evaluation of the youth at the Institute of Mental Health, Dr Cai Yimin, is also Emeritus Consultant, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Institute of Mental Health.’ This is extracted from a post by Andrew Loh in TOC.

The first question many have been asking is the need for someone to be remanded in IMH for a suspected case of Autism Spectrum Disease which is not a mental illness. Is this the case for all patients suspected of ASD to be locked up in IMH and in Ward 7? Or is Amos Yee the first such suspect to be held in IMH?

The second question is the time needed to make a thorough test on Amos Yee to determine his condition? Does it need 2 weeks to do so? As the final finding has shown that the psychiatrist had found Amos to be normal, no mental illness, was this conclusion made at the end of 2 weeks or the result was known earlier?

If Amos Yee was found to be normal earlier, would it not be the duty of the examining psychiatrist to remove him from IMH at the soonest possible? Isn’t it right not to keep a normal person a day or an hour or a minute more in Ward 7, a place used to hold serious mental patients?

When was Amos Yee diagnosed to be clean and normal and when was he removed from IMH Ward 7? Is there anything wrong to keep him a minute longer in Ward 7 when he should be moved out as quickly as possible?


Anonymous said...

Since when is autism a mental illness?
How many autistic children went to IMH to get a diagnosis for autism?
Is leaving the lights on 23 hours a day part of the diagnosis process for autism?

Anonymous said...

"Is there anything wrong to keep him a minute longer in Ward 7 when he should be moved out as quickly as possible?"

Alamak RB, Amos will also have to wait for his appointment with the pstchiatrist what. You expect him to be given "no need to queue" privileges like a VIP or minister?

And have you also forgotten that medical appointments can take a long, long time, if you are a subsidised patient, or maybe even longer, if you''re in detention like Amos?

In fact, Amos should consider himself lucky that he only waited 2 weeks, for it can even be longer if there are more patients in the queue.

Anonymous said...

We all know hormone is to be blamed during adolescent period. This usually happens when a child turns 12 and may extend to 16 and beyond. We have seen many examples of kids turned bad during this period but eventually recovered to become normal youth. You, me and even the judges went through the same phase when we were young. So, please do not be paranoid.

Anonymous said...

If animals (畜牲) like buffaloes and oxes who are often viewed as slow-witted, gong gong and even Kong Khum beings risk their lives to protect their young and fellow buffaloes when under attack from predators, can or have sinkies sunk to such low depth that they are worst than buffaloes ( animals/ 畜生) and shun away pretending they see nothing, hear nothing? What have "HORRIBLY" happened to SINKIES all these years that they have gone below even a buffaloes mother's and fellow kind instinct to protect one another when in peril from predators/ evil forces?

Video: Mother buffalo against 7 lions attacking her calf .......


Anonymous said...

"We all know hormone is to be blamed during adolescent period."
July 08, 2015 9:44 a.m.

Lu Kong Simi Lanjiao?
The psychiatrist say there is nothing wrong with Amos.
Are you psyho-logist??

Virgo 49 said...

All these bullshits ploys to break a person down.

Received memo to go for pre-NS enlistment in IMH.

Stay longer than required. Treatment procedure meant for those truly mentally ill.

Sedation, humiliation and real mental torture to ascertain your mental health.

Then pronounced can go free after in for more than actual sentence.

Next change, AY must be prepared to be extra strong when elisted for NS slavery.

MARKED special white horse to be lan yak and tekan for further re education just like camps operated by the Red Guards in PRC.

The MP Command will be also reserving a special cell for him. Full battle order complete with rifle and bricks in combat packs at two to three in the afternoons rain or shine. No fainting not counted.

Go for mess makan in PT kits with heavy combat boots with mess tins in hands and running back with the swill and water spilling over the camp.

Reached cell panting and half swill and water gone.Anyway how to eat in this condition.???

Report sick?? Now no need to carry the steel locker on back. All old RSMs sell salted duck eggs liao.

However, shacked on legs and cuffs on hands with a pole between the armpit. Pulled by a chain like a doggy. I do not lease my pet dog in walks unless crossing heavy traffic.

They put you in on the slightest flimsy excuse. Even by staring at them. So to be safe, AY either emigrated and no return even to serve National Slavery or hopefully the PAP is no more the God father.

Also, does any parents want your sons to go thru these ordeals?? Better be a foreign talent and volunteer for boys scouts camps.

Anonymous said...

AY just need to be strong. Kharma when ripe come swift and fast. AY must witness his tormentors being tormented ......

Anonymous said...

SOP lah. All who fuck LKY online will go through the 2-week IMH holiday at Block 7. No questions asked. Just shut the fuck up & open your ass.

patriot said...

The Psychiatrist himself and all others go through the Same process.
It could be that Amos Yee himself found that he was and is being treated and dealt with by nany weirdos.


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

It is the "Singapore way" lah: if there's police reports the govt HAS TO act, or "appear to be" acting. The "guilty" has to be "punished" if not by and through the law itself, by some "other" means---for e.g. being held against your will for longer than necessary.

They can always give a "legitimate" excuse: "We had to hold him until the necessary paperwork and documentation was completed."

In Singapore the govt may not be technically "above the law", but they can unilaterally INTERPRET the law.

That's the way aha aha, some like it, aha aha!

As long as some of the sheeple suck oblong dick, Singapore will remain its quirky self...defying any "explanation" by logic or reason.

Virgo 49 said...

Do we have an escaped inmate from IMH hollering here???

Or us it a grass rot leader who wants to cut AY's banana and shaft into his mouth.

Or the extravagant rich guy who wants to pay to have AY raped.

Anonymous said...

One "IMH GEELAH" running amok again .......

Anonymous said...

So many can still talk cock when a 16 year old boy is being persecuted, dumped into a mad house, claimed suspected of insanity and al the fucks.

This is how low these sick and mindless sinkies can go.

Anonymous said...

Since they classified Amos as an adult,
he will very very likely to win the.......

"Man Of Year 2015" Award by TIME Magazine.


Anonymous said...

Wrong wrong! Not enough! Nominate Nobel Arseleestocracy Prize?

Anonymous said...

After this episode, u think ay dares to do it again? If he dares, God bless him

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, ay likely will do sthg again. Dun take him at face level. He is much smarter than what many jiat liao bees think ...... Book smart jiat liao bees but hopeless idiots in solving problems. Who have entitlement and lazy, aristocratic mentality waiting for handouts from the masses?

Anonymous said...

Aristocrats, how much do you want, $2m, $5m or $10m?

Anonymous said...

The system here is being run by dogs

Anonymous said...

The first question is who made the laws?

The second question is who appointed the judges?

The third question is who paid the judges and who do they answer to?

The last question is who can make sure that the law is interpreted fairly and without fear or favour?

All simple questions, but difficult to find an honest answer.

b said...

To the all powerful and wealthy beyond imagination god like being sitting in the pm office: pls give the boy a chance and a break, he is just a boy and a not perfect human being just like many of us. he did not commit murder or rape. you will invite good karma by just showing some basic kindness.

Anonymous said...

Too late lo ....... Karma come swift and fast ....... Could be more coming otw ...... just muddle through bah ...... get some moderates from other parties in and see how it goes bah ..... the first world parliamentarians have been given the chance and proven nothing. .... so better cast the net wide this time ..... how many 5 years sinkieland have to endure current and worsening mess and act blur first world parliamentarians. ...... by looking the other way, now the mass commuters have to put up with unreliable mass transit ...... many people suffer serious consequences from the train disruptions. ..... many school children couldn't finish their homework in time ...... some din take their dinner till 10pm+ ...... worst some have tests or exam today ...... many adults also got their schedules and rest disrupted and next day still need drag themselves to work, not forgetting their worries that their children schedule were messed up ...... things are really getting uglier and messier with no certainty ...... with no near substitute or alternative, what can majority people do except subject themselves to the erratic performance of the general who are immuned and unaffected from the fallout bcos their remunerations can afford them to have a few cars for their spouses and children ......

Virgo 49 said...

Now the dammed CEO with 2.5million renumeration said it's impossible to detect all faults.

Did the CEO of Hong Kong MTR need to say this??

Hk with a larger pop and service even in operation longer than sinkeland do not have these breakdowns.

Now they cannot offer other countries to run MRT service ad lau kwe. Always boasted number one.

Hong Kong said You Lampar One

Anonymous said...

I earn $2.5 mil, how to ask people earning $200k for help and solution? We are the best, pay wise.

How did other countries manage their ageing system? Or is out system the oldest in the world? Other countries systems all very new and don't have ageing problems?