Abe a man of peace or war?

Many idiots still believe this man is a man for peace. Look at what he has been doing. The first thing and most important thing he is doing is to tear away Japan’s pacifist Constitution. What is this pacifist Constitution? It was imposed on Japan after the defeat in WW2 for invading countries in Asia by the Americans. Japan is forbidden by the pacifist Constitution to conduct war. And Abe is tearing this away, for peace, a man of peace? This is the Hitler of the 21st Century!

What else is he doing? He has been sending Japanese navy to engage in military operations under the guise of peacekeeping. He has been encouraging the Philippines to take on China and openly announced that he would support the Philippines in a war with China. He is joining the world’s most belligerent country in war games!

He is proposing to change the pacifist Constitution so that Japan can go to war in aid of the Americans, not just to defend Japan when under attack. According to Robin Harding in his article in the Today paper titled ‘Quest to revise pacifist Constitution could cost Abe politically’, he wrote, ‘Abe’s goal is to pass laws to reinterpret Japan’s pacifist Constitution, allowing it to exercise “collective” self defence. That would let Japan come to the military aid of an ally such as the US, instead of merely defending itself.’

The changing of the pacifist Constitution will give Japan the green light to conduct war all over again. It would pave the way for the invasion and destruction of Japan by its arch enemies in Russia, China and the Koreas. These countries were invaded by the Japanese and have many unsettled scores to settle. And they are now more powerful than Japan individually and a combined force of the three countries would easily lead to the dismantling of Japan once and for all and for the good of East Asia. This menace of war would be forever crippled and not allowed to do any more harm to any Asian countries.

This is the fate awaiting Japan should Abe be successful in his belligerent policies and tempting fate, that Japan is good for another go at war. He simply got intoxicated in the past glory of Japan and the legacies of his father and grandfather thinking that he could redo what they had done and succeed to build a Japanese Empire. Abe would bring total destruction to Japan and the Japanese as a free and proud people. A defeated Japan by a combined force of Russians, Chinese and Koreans would be a nightmare they never dream would happen or could happen but would happen. The balance of power is no longer in Japan’s favour.

Whither Japan under the Asian Hitler in Abe? The naiveity and recklessness of this man is unbelievable. But he has a lot of hawkish Imperialist minded Japanese that want to go along with him, to push their luck one more time.

At the moment China, Russia and the Koreas are still sleeping and Abe is taking the initiative to build a military alliance for his aggression in the region. The three countries must wake up and take seize the initiative, join forces to clip the wings of Abe and his Imperialist ambition. If they don’t do it, they will have to pay a heavy price for appeasement against this new Hitler in the making.


Anonymous said...

Abe and his hswks only think that Japan can attack other countries and other countries cannot attack Japan first. If the Japanese were to be destroyed as a people, they would know who brought about their own destruction.

Virgo 49 said...

At one time, he held the premiership for only about six months and gave up stressing stress.

Now back at helm with the equally daft japs as the sinkies electing him as premier suddenly no more stress and gung ho to go to war with China.

Must have known his days as numbered with front hole cancer and wants to have s big BANG before he goes.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon 10:43,

China, Russia and Koreas should plan to strike at Japan first and not wait for Japan to strike at them. They have experienced the treachery and brutality of the Japanese and must hit first before being hit. And they must join forces to make it effective and absolute defeat for the Japanese.

Do not allow the Japanese another chance to build up their economy and defence. Finish the Japanese once and for all.

Anonymous said...

If Obama can be awarded the Nobel Peace prize for being the biggest war-monger, Abe can still be called a man of peace who is fond of war. It means little although sounds like a lot.

All those titles given or awarded to such people really mean nothing but propaganda shit that some worship as the truth. Particularly the poodles.

Anonymous said...

How long can a person with fighting genes be held in check. Once he breaks loose he can create havoc.

Anonymous said...

When China was a poor broken country and Japan the most powerful in Asia, it could not conquer China. Today China is at least 10 times more powerful than Japan, and the silly Japanese still think of fooling around with China?

Is Abe for real? The only reason is to drag the Americans to fight China on behalf of Japan. Would the Americans be that stupid to do that, fighting China and risk self destruction?