A new conditioning process in play

The 1.2m common corridor in Pasir Ris DBSS is not a joke. This is the thing to come for daft Sinkies. And the song is being sung every day, small is good, small is good. The size of new flats is a shame to raise a family. Which joker is talking about building family ties when flats are shrunk to an obscene size?  Did I hear no choice, because we want 6.9m population, or is it 10m population? How to bring in so many people if flats are not shrunk? Small is good, it would not affect the quality of your lifestyle. If daft Sinkies are willing to be conned by such creeps parroting this sick view, they deserved to be called daft.

The second message, public transport is good. Cars are bad. Take public transport. It is a new lifestyle. And better still, go buy a bicycle. Bicycle is good. Green and healthy!

Foreigners are good. Foreigners are talents, not cheats, not fakes. Believe them and you do not need any thief or robber to rob you of your job and your country.

No need for degrees. There are plenty of foreigners here with degrees to choose from, fakes and degree mills still ok. Never mind. Why waste resources on our children’s education, skills and talents when they are plenty in the whole world, all hungry and queuing at the door?

Can you see that they don’t believe in any of these things they said? Their houses are like palaces, with a lot of space to wander around. Their toilets are bigger than your master bedrooms. They don’t take public transport. Each family owns at least two cars. The foreigners will not take over their jobs. They know how to protect their high value jobs but not yours.

To the daft Sinkies, the fate of smaller homes, no cars, take public transport or cycling are for you, good for you. Losing good jobs are for you. It doesn’t affect them. Wake up and think if these things are good for you? Why can’t you live in bigger homes like them? Why can’t you own cars? Why can’t you have good jobs? Why are foreigners taking over your good jobs?

How long would Sinkies want to remain daft?


Anonymous said...

RB, did you forget what that horrible man said years ago? "I get two eggs and you get one {or none}. I am who I am" Exceptionalism is the name of the game.

Anonymous said...

Too Small! Too Small!

Uncle rb is correct!

Just look at the sizes of flats today.

FLATS are really tooooooooooooooooo small!

They are getting smaller and smaller and smaller.

The govt must do something NOW!

Approve ONLY designs with decent space for decent living.

Act now before too late!

Anonymous said...

One new condition for new citizens or PRs. Must be less than 1.5m in height to fit into our new flats.

agongkia said...

How do you know that these residents do not specially choose to stay at this DBSS becos of its 1.2m
Maybe many SanPor like it n sell like hot cake becos of the the 1.2m.They can afford DBSS you think they never thought of that before purchase?
When they resettled my Ah Kong sua teng land last time to settle for pigeon hole so as to built more houses for you , did you ever help to propose to reserve and keep some sua teng.
Now this 1.2m corridor is no big issue .
Just need to play our part by eating less n exercise more.We need more space for more immigrants here to help our economy.

agongkia said...
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Anonymous said...

Recently visited my friend Chin Chia Sway new condo in Bt Panjang.

Feel very sorry for his family.

Space in the new condo is too small for his family of five.

They moved from their executive flat which is very much bigger to
this small new condo.


jjgg said...

THEY just announced that T5 will be 10 times the size of Vivo City...who says everything in the little red dot becoming smaller? What will become of T1-T4 ah? We already serving the world with present terminals...maybe T5 will be catering for inter galactic travel...or maybe...just maybe..provide employment for all our ah peks toilet attendants...now...where are the blueprints for T6....

agongkia said...

anon 9.20
No one force your friend move to condo of smaller size.Many intentionally do so because of its small size so as not to encourage their parent or friends to visit them or stay with them.
Get yourself updated n not be fooled by these Poothowkia instead of feeling sorry for them

agongkia said...
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Anonymous said...

T5 may be the bridge too far. Saving grace, they could demolish the rest to create more space to build more shopping centres when there are not enough visitors to fill up the other terminals.

patriot said...

Angkongkia is right.
Sinkies eat too much, become fat, clumsy and lazy.
Becos they are lazy, they hate to work and make baby.
Last time hor, people who stayed in sua teng((ulu villages) all veru the hardworking. They catched fish, prawn, hum and spider. They changkolled here and there to plant vegetable, fruit tree and flower. They reared chicken, duck, turkey and goose. They played behlong, goli(marble), fly kite and swam in river and lake; sometimes naked.
The air in the sua tengs were always fresh and so were the raw materials; veggies, meats, fish and fruit for food.
Absolutely no frozen stuff and fridge was unheard of as thete was no power supply.
Many studied with oil lamp and became successful baby boomers.
Divorce seldom happened as making babies was the main activity after the Sunset. Five to dozen of children was the Norm before the 70s until one horrible man penalized parents for having more than 2 children irrespective of gender.
You know lah, the Chinese was, is said to be most unfilial not to produce male successor. But, the Horrible Man cared not what tradition and value of anybody.

Somehow the Fate of Sinkies was decided when the Edicts of the Horrible One was executed to the very last letter by his underlings.

After the Horrible One passed the Power to his Underling and Heir, NOT only were Sinkies affected, even Sinland is in peril.




‚Ą≥atilah_$ingapura said...

@ still dun get it, RB:

>> They know how to protect their high value jobs but not yours. <<

Why so surprised? This is a cultural norm lah. It is called: "You die your business"> If you don't protect yourself, you are indeed a fool ;-)

>> Why Why Why Why....<<

Why not? Of course can! What is stopping you? Laziness? Entitlement mentality...go ahead, pick one :-)

Anonymous said...

MS, don't be a lazy ass. Go and write something good and produce a good blog to show us you are not lazy. Can do it or not?

patriot said...

Orchard Road and the heartland shopping may become non-viable in time to come as the Locals become less affordable.
So, must get the Airrlines Travellers to buy at the Airport. Otherwise retailers and caterers all mati lah.
Olf folks oso got no table and toilet to clean and cabbies will have to chiak kakee or chiak hong.
However, not all are rosy as envisage, much depends on how Johor is developed. It can give Sin a run for the money.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The present Sultan and Prince look like very pro business and pro development. If they are consistent and push for the development of Johore as the industrial state of Malaysia, and not allowed the politicians to mess around with disincentives and funny regulations, Johore indeed would be a big challenge to Sin City.

"Khaw-lective" Monopolistic "Khaw-LOO-T-ION" said...

Ivory tower million $$$ job market - " Khaw-lective " monopoly

Sinkies peanuts and bread crumbs job market - Unlimited labour supply free market