70 years of nice and polite Japanese

Many silly Asians are trumpeting the goodness of the Japanese in the last 70 years of peace and stability in the region. Yes, after their invasion of Asia with the wild ambition of ruling Asia by brute force and cruelties failed and defeated by the Americans, and with the badly hurt Americans out to avenge the sneaky attack on Pearl Harbour, the Japanese war demon was bottled up and kept under lock and key. The Japanese were not given a chance to be their evil self again. The constitution was forcefully changed to a pacifist one, denouncing wars and forbidden to go to war. And to make sure it stayed that way, the Americans sat on Japan like a semi colony. American forces are still in many bases in Japan, outwardly to counter China and North Korea, but at the same time keeping a check on Japanese ambition. Japan would not be allowed to do mischief again without the approval of the Americans.

And the world has peace for 70 years. And Asia and South East Asia have peace as well. Without a sword, the Japanese went around in briefcases and business suits to woo the Asians for trade and commerce. These are the activities they were allowed to engage in. The peaceful Japanese were an enforced animal. They swallowed their pride and arrogance, hid their aggressive and belligerent nature and bowed and bowed all the way. Such nice and polite people cannot be war criminals. Many Asians today could believe that the Japanese were so barbaric and depraved during the war years. What is the true nature of the Japanese if the forceful hands of the Americans were removed? What is a true Japanese?

Historically the Japanese were a martial people, starting with piracies and attacking Koreans and Chinese merchant ships, they went further to conquer and to colonize Korea and semi conquered China. South East Asia was invaded and conquered and colonized in the same brutal way. The Japanese would attack a country when that country was seen as weak. They were so vile and wild as to think of conquering China and Asia. They succeeded and almost ruled China by force as their colony. And when they became the colonial masters, they were cruel and harsh, forget about the Hollywood romanticing of samurai honour. The Koreans lived under the rule of the Japanese for several decades like slaves. China lost millions in the invasion by the Japanese, and so were the South East Asians.

The pre war Japanese believed in power and being the aggressor when they were more powerful than their neighbours. They still believe in the Sun God and their destiny to rule the world. They were very nice, very polite, very peaceful, very gentlemen in the last 70 years not out of free choice, not by nature. Their hands were tied by the Americans.

Today, with the American Empire being challenged by a rising China, the Americans find it expedient to unleash the Japanese butcher to stop the rise of China. The Japanese are allowed to remilitarize with the consent and encouragement of the Americans. The last few years, and recently, the ugly Japanese are revealing themselves again, banging their chest and showing the middle finger to China. They wanted the right to engage and conduct wars. They have torn their pacifist Constitutions to bits. The public protest is only a minority, and done for public relations purposes. The majority of the Japanese wants to return to militarism, imperialism and a powerful Japan that can go to war. The passing of the bill to have the right to go to war is testimony to the real intent and nature of the Japanese, the real Japanese behind the mask of civility.

Without the Americans sitting on them, instead giving them the green light to become a military power, to conduct wars, Japan has come full circle, to be its militant and aggressive self once more. Asia and the world should brace themselves up for an aggressive Japan to create havoc and war. Yes, the rise of an aggressive and belligerent nation to be a global power, in Japan, will not be peaceful. It is building up its war arsenal like it did before the Second World War. The process of Japan’s rearmament and remilitarization is in full steam.

The Americans said yes, the western powers were muted, the silly Asians and South East Asians cannot remember the brute Imperial Japanese Army and the beheading of people and the colonizing of their countries. They only remember a falsified face of Japan in the last 70 years as a defeated invading country. They are going to live with the beast in their homes thinking that it is a nice domesticated pet.

Do they want to know the real Japanese? Do they want to read their histories again to understand what the real Japanese were like if not shackled?


Anonymous said...

Many Japanese men are full of pride within a veil of politeness.

Anonymous said...

On the surface, nice and polite. But those who have worked in Japanese companies and shipping companies with Japanese representatives of shipping lines will know the politeness is just a myth. They treat locals like slaves, are overbearing, demanding, loud and uncouth in behavior. I thought only the Chinese are loud and uncouth, but they are worse.

Anonymous said...

History will repeat itself

Anonymous said...

History keeps repeating itself because humans never learn from it.

And they never learn from it because history is never an important subject in schools, no economic value, and now is never even believe to be true, if it can be rewritten, just like what the japs did or are trying to do.

‚Ą≥atilah_$ingapura said...

The reason the Nips have a pacifist constitution was because they SURRENDERED in WW2, thus allowing The Allies (USA) to occupy and administer the cuntree post-bellum. That was nearly 3 generations ago, and the thing about constitutions is that: they can be changed aka "amended", especially to suit the present time and circumstances.

Every cuntree is SOVEREIGN ENTITY and that means that each cuntry can do whatever the fuck it likes, even arming themselves to the teeth and conquering other cuntrees for any damn reason. This is borne out by human history. Whilst we still can do that today--especially with all the great weaponry we have at our disposal---most cuntrees don't wage wars for several reasons:

1. War is EXPENSIVE---it will deplete a cuntree's store of wealth
2. War is DESTRUCTIVE---it destroys, property, economy and productive capacity
3. Nations are intertwined with each other by several global "systems": equity and debt markets, currency, multi lateral trade, production and exchange, plus cultural and social bonds.

So if Japan wants to become a conqueror one more time, so be it lah. Not even the Americans can stop it. However, Japan will be facing potential adversaries who will---almost in lock step---build up their own military potential to meet Japan's (or whoever)increase in military capability. (aka arms race)

C'mon Japan, bring is on. Banzai Bukkake!

Anonymous said...

If China and Japan were to line up their missiles and fire at each other, all the coastal cities of China would be in ruins, and so would all the cities in Japan. Japan is only a thin strip of land and the whole of Japan would be in ruins.

China still got a deep hinterland that would not be touched.

Anonymous said...

China is waiting for the chance to revenge the millions slaughtered by the Japs and women raped by the Japs!!! The Chinese should pay them back double, triple and more!!!
We will never forget the cruelty, inhuman, greedy and animal-like Japs inflicted on our ancestors. We will pass down this history to our children and their children and so on.
See what the Americans have done to turn the world upside down! Next target: East Asia?

Anonymous said...

No war please. Thanks

Anonymous said...

The Chinese will join force with the Koreans to run wild in Japan. The Japs only think they can invade and conquer other people and countries. They never think that other people can invade and conquer Japan and do to the what they did to China and Korea.

Anonymous said...

No war please? Tell that to the Americans and Japanese.

Abao said...

China's best enemy is itself. No one needs to poke it