Wow, my article in TOC

For the first time, my article finally appeared in TOC. I regard this as an honour. Though my articles have been frequently appearing in other sites like TRE and Singapore Daily and some others, never has it appeared in TOC to my recollection. TOC must have a set of very stringent rules for articles to be reposted there next to the main media. I swear none of my articles will find it fit to appear in the main media except for those when I was writing for the New Paper. Instant citizen, instant wealth’ has seen the light in TOC. It must be a damn interesting article, the best of all my articles. One regret, they did not acknowledge me as the author though my name was written clearly below my article reposted in TRE. TOC acknowledged the article was first posted in TRE. (TOC thanks TR Emeritus for allowing to republish the article. It first appeared here.) Anyway, I am high over the moon now that my article finally appeared in TOC. Thank you TOC for the great honour. TOC is welcomed to publish my articles anytime. I am going to frame this article.


Padaly said...

Congrats! You are now recognized as one of the main bloggers in blogoland making waves with much sound and fury! They can't afford to ignore you, could they? Lol!

Anonymous said...

Social media ignoring social media? Thought only main media ignoring social media. Competition or what?

Veritas said...

I do not really like TOC. Sometimes I just feel from the article I read from TOC that many in TOC are gay.

That is just a gut feel.

RB article is manly. And RB certainly has less grey area and its more binary when it comes to moral values.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Social media should unite to be a a me against you that kind of thing. It would be a sad day if social media are pitted against one another. It would suffer the same fate as alternative political parties, divided and conquered.

Veritas said...

I agree with RB. I would choose social justice first and put my differences in "sexual orientation" on one side.

We got to take down PAP first.

For that I support and admire Alex Aw on most of the writings, other than those with a LGBT agenda.

patriot said...

In Sin, it is all about glory.
Even Reader Stat is a form of popularity
and popularity is reading for fame.

Do bloggets meetn up? Do they co-ordinate and combine their efforts?

They seem no different from the Alternative Political Parties in that they are individualistic, even egoistic and hence fragmented like shard.


Veritas said...

The very sad thing about moral values is those who self-proclaim and deemed to have them are BIG hypocrites and liars.

Most of our elites are Christians. Today Christianity has a odious reputation in SG precisely because of these idiots. The elites can behave in a 1000% moral ways. They can behave like the most superlative gentleman.

But they are the most reactionaries on social justice. They gay group is better than our elites.

The elites knew that their moral values and gentleman behavior is funded by exploitation of the poor. When you have alot of $$$, its easier to be moral. Hence, they will not forgo an inch of their privilleges.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB ...Congrats :)

Anyways i read your blog every other day with the comments section and head to TOC only if i m bored ....

I can attest i have pick up more by your blog and other readers comments then what TOC has offered


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks guys for all the support.

I must confess that this blog can only be good and relevant with the comments and contributions from everyone of you.

oldhorse42 said...

Congrat Redbean for the achievement!You are a good blogger and photographer. Your blogs reflect people's views on many of the issues. I am sure one day you will make it to the Opinion page of The Straits Times. I am not too sure about your golfing ability though judging from your report on your golfing trip to Horizon Hills. Most of us flounder at Hole 18 but you got cut by letter H!
Ha! Ha!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My golf is getting from bad to badderer: )

What I wrote are common issues faced by the average Sinkies, nothing high brow. So most average Sinkies can relate to.

Oh, I think TOC has removed my post already.

Nicole Tin said...

Personally, your blog site is far more interesting than TOC. Even the comments at your site are far more colorful.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Nicole, thanks.

The advantage of blogs is that one can make the posts more interesting, casual and flowery. This main media would not be allowed to do. Need to maintain decorum.

oldhorse42 said...

If it is any consolation to you, you were mentioned honorably in Seah Chiang Nee's article " More academic and prominent figures criticizing PAP" published on 11 Nov 2012.
In this article,it is mentioned that "Prominent commentator Chua Chin Leng praised elites for speaking up"
You see the former ST editor equate you to prominent figure like Tommy Koh!

dotseng said...

Chin Leng,

Put your faith in real things. Just as a fool and his money parts. A man can easily lose sight of his goals in life when he gets easily distracted by the vapid and worthless.

Please press the pause button and ask yourself, who is really behind TOC these days.

I have been blogging for a very long time - I have perhaps only managed to winnow one truism. It is never the quantity. But the quality. I would rather prefer to have three hits a day from people who if I pick up the phone will join me for coffee than to have some idiots millions of readers. But they don't even know where to begin having a real conversation.

I hope, I don't come across as brusque. Always remember Chin Leng - I mean well.

Darkness 2012

P.S: If I get highlighted by TOC. I will also frame it up as well. But I will probably hang it up in my toilet.

Anonymous said...

TOC these days seems like a Manufacturing Consent/Dissent site ...

RB, Beware of Greeks bearing gifts ...

Anonymous said...

Why did TOC removed your post after having put it up?

Toying with your feeling?

Anonymous said...

TOC? Whats that man? I only read TRE and TRS. TOC just smells so... ex-PAP, with people like Andrew Loh aka pmonkey10 who was first pro-PAP/anti-SDP, then pro-WP/anti-SDP... they switch so fast they could power our 22kVA power grid.

Anonymous said...

I like red bean blog, lucky tan and singapore notes and sometimes yawning bread when it is not dealing with gay issue which is against the order of nature. Then follow by tre and online citizen, next sdp blog and tan kin lian blog though the latter is no longer very active unlike in the past

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am relieved that many of you are seeing the truth. The real stuff, who is behind who, are all written all over the places. Just read their content, their actions, you will be able to filter out the agenda and the intent.

I know someone made a mistake by putting up my article in TOC. I deliberately posted the great event here. When they realised the error it was hurriedly removed, but it stayed at TRE's list for a quite while: )

Cheers guys and gals.

The said...

/// I like red bean blog, lucky tan and singapore notes and sometimes yawning bread when it is not dealing with gay issue which is against the order of nature.
November 14, 2012 11:10 PM ///

Are you also against the birth control pills, condoms, abortion, plastic surgery and organ transplants? They are really against the order of nature. How about cars and planes? What can be more against the order of nature than making tons of metals fly in the air?

Just for your info, I am straight as an arrow. BTW, I also like those sites you mentioned above, just thought you should shed your bigotry.


Anonymous said...

TOC frighten to have your article on its site, or instructed not to have your article on its site?

Anonymous said...

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