What a joke?

Heard from a couple of young and highly qualified overseas Sinkies about their experience with housing and quality of life. They left because they were not allowed to buy direct from HDB and the alternative was to cough up a million or so to buy private properties. Doing so would mean an empty bank account. They could act stupid and pay double for a resale HDB flat in the open market. Some people think these young professionals got no brain and would allow themselves to be armed twisted to pay double for some lousy HDB flats while others are paying half the price from HDB. Only immobile and daft Sinkies without the choice would just pay up. They did the wisest thing, scoot to Europe and the USA, got themselves better paying jobs and cheaper housing and cost of living. The joke, delegations of officials have been travelling to these cities to invite them to return to Sin. After chasing them away with a system that is designed to rob them, they are going back out there to coax them to return to be conned? What would these discriminated Sinkies say or do? Their answer is simply, go and catch spiders, oops, catch FTs from the third world countries. They can forget about them coming home. For what, to support the private property market with a million or two? And to continue to be activated for in camp training, travel by public transport or pay up for COEs? What kind of quality of life awaiting them when every cent they earned has been carefully programmed to go to housing, cars, medical and bringing up children? No, this is no joke. This is the new reality.


Anonymous said...

Why on earth would the govt want them back ? Fcuk off !

Anonymous said...

I think ministers only pretend to call them back at oveseas gathering. Just to show the country remembers them and needs them. But at the back of their minds, ministers know these are people who would not returned. Just wayang lah!

The said...

/// Their answer is simply, go and catch spiders... ///

I think the correct phrase is "go fuck spiders"...

Anonymous said...

Millionaire Ministers pretend to ask them to come back.
Real agenda?
Millionaire Ministers get to visit Europe and USA with 1st class plane ticket on taxpayers's money?
Do shopping and visit their children in foreign universities?

jjgg said...

Overseas travel is perk for the boys la...it's been done for years n years..what exactly has been achieved by all these tours? Trade delegations? Ministerial tours? Pinky's tours..Lau Lee's most notable tour is probably to UK..what was it for? The only thing I learnt from it was SQ can convert a passenger plane to a fully decked out hospital within 24 hours..n probably the most important thing that Prez Tan will ever do is to lead the resounding chorus of support for the TT team at the Olympics ....tour? ..give me a break....hehe

Anonymous said...

When I first started commercial farming chin Leng where I am. There were really only a handful of Singaporeans around here. Today there is so many that I even have trouble keeping track.

The brain drain in Singapore must really be so terrible that no one in cabinet would want to discuss it openly.

It must. As none of them I have spoken to even want to go home. They are angry. Very angry. It is best if politicians stay away till cooler heads prevail.

Majullah Singapura. Don't worry we will sink. We will.

Darkness 2012

Anonymous said...

For all you know, our MIWs and more likely their children, will join the said couple or migrate elsewhere too.

Anonymous said...

The Government has no more spiders to fuck, with all those developments around, so are trying to get those overseas Singaporeans to come back lor. But come back for what? They already ran away to avoid getting fucked!

Anonymous said...

These people if they don't get fucked in Singapore will get fucked overseas anyway.

Anonymous said...

The middle class are better off abroad than in sinky. They can easily have a house, a car and a job unlike in sinky, they can only have a 99 LH worker dormitory, crowded public transport and a lousy job.

Anonymous said...

That will be not for long, because they already are thinking of reducing the pigeon-hole lease to 60 years only.

When the PAP floats an idea, the possibility is that it will come to fruition sooner or later. The only reason such suggestion is presently put under KIV is the fear of backlash at the ballot boz. If they can put up a better showing in 2016, God help us.

That is why more opposition is important, effective or not.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean is convinced that there is a way to "own" a home without paying huge amounts of money, in a cuntree where land is a scarcer than scarce resource.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result...check Einstein for the complete quote. Use google to search for something useful for once instead of that donkey-fuck porn you're so fond of. ;-)

Got nesting-instinct?

Anonymous said...

Stupid Matilah.
You know your house is running
out of space, do You keep bringing
more whores to stay in it?

Probably and likely if You are the
whorehouse operator.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon ==> idiot.

If your house runs out of space, buy another one.

Simple, sial.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah is thinking like a minister. Got chance to stand in a GRC in 2016.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If I actually became a minister, I wouldn't last more than a week.

1. I will be caught on camera going to get my dick sucked

2. I will be reprimanded in parliament for scolding "chow xi bai" to the speaker and to opposition and fellow members during debate.

3. I will turn up for official functions and get drunk and act inappropriately

4. I'll probably make an insulting comment and/or hand gesture to the Malaysian ambassador or about the dominant Malaysian political party (UMNO)

5. Many welfare-minded Singaporean bums will be offended at my lack of concern or compassion for their worthless shallow lives...and I will tell them so...live on TV.

The People Get The Government They Deserve. If you make me part of the government...I promise you, you WILL DESERVE it :-)))

patriot said...

Give Matilah Singapura to run Sin anytime, at least the thrill seeking in him will allow the people some fun to live for. Whereas, the agonizing suffering many are subjected to and one that leads to slow painfull end is not worth ones' struggle.

Anyway, like us, Matilah Singapura also let off steam here because there is nothing else we can do, right?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah patriot. With accolades like that, I shall appoint you Minister of Leisure so that Hotel Singapore moves to a new level of awesome.

But I don't want to pay anyone in government money from taxpayers. I will however make you a partner and shareholder in both casinos ;-)

patriot said...

I shall wait to be appointed by your Excellency.
However, You and i together got to wait for others to dismiss the Incumbent first.

Will they?