The testimony of St George

The ST gave George Yeo half a page of coverage and a great and adorable photo as dessert. George has put on weight, his hair is growing and getting darker. He is not only looking younger, he is looking more relax and happy, yes, genuinely happy. Life must be good for George in the private sector. His fallen from grace could be like the blinding of Paul to help him see the truth. At worst, George is now spared from the daily curses of ungrateful citizens.

The interview and George’s comments were very interesting. The more interesting part is not what he said but what he did not say. For instance he said, ‘When I look back on my various portfolios, there were opportunities to do good.’ He did not say whether he seized those opportunities or he did not. Later he added that he had more freedom now, and less of that constant pressure.

On the issue of credibility he added, ‘In the old days you’re protected by ritual, by hypocrisy, sometimes by ignorance. Today, it’s no longer possible. If a picture is too perfect, you know it can’t be real.’ Wow, in these few words he said so much. Great George!

How could people be protected by hypocrisy and ignorance? This is very interesting. Can hypocrisy really protect anyone? Or can anyone think he can be protected by ignorance? The part about being too perfect is just too much to be true. It is like the picture perfect Avatar Garden, so perfect, and yes, how real is it?

Singapore as the perfect city of growth and development is just perfect, economic growth every year, like 15%, a world record, property prices can only go up, the people all becoming millionaires, salary can only go up to make sure that all the properties are affordable and the people will have so much money in their CPF to live a rich and happy life in retirement when they are 100. Everything is so perfect.

It is great to read George Yeo in the ST in such a favourable mood.


Anonymous said...

General Yeo is going to the next level of life. His PAP colleagues are however stuck in suspended animation.He is slowly reclaiming his right to be his own man. I was very concerned about his future after Aljunied. But now I know he is on the right track. In a few more years as he settles in. I think he will be one of the most sought after Asia leaders surpassing even LKY.

Darkness 2012

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes, this is not the end of George. He has gone through the baptism of fire and live to fight another day. There are still many good years left in him to do something good.

Anonymous said...

Where else can greater hypocrites be found other than those in Sin?

Anonymous said...

Its great to know old George is doing well. It is greater to hear his "confession" that things are not so perfect at the top, something we lesser mortals know all along. The only issue is if he is still 100% party man or just another red herring.

so1trg said...

I won't trust George Yeo, not even in a million years. At the "time of his passing" (losing his Aljunied Seat), he was not apologetic and still towing the party line.
Anyway he has been handsomely rewarded for his service to SG. Many years of crazy high MP/Minister allowance, a state pension, plenty of service medals from Singapore.

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Politicians are just so not trustworthy.

Anonymous said...

This guy is no saint.

What was left unsaid is that with the new media this Government's propaganda machine can't spin no more; warts and all for all to see.

Compared to S. Rajaretnam, Georgie is such a colourless character. Not a surprise when, in his own words, he chose to "go with the flow." A spineless character to the end, poor Georgie.

He has no qualms signing off FTAs to allow hordes of FTs to replace our very own PMETs; he has no qualms dealing with Myanmar drug barons; he has no qualms squashing his own "Marxist-Leninist" Catholic activists.
Bet he sleeps well night after night.

He'd better a good answer when he finally meets St. Peter.

Anonymous said...

Nevertheless, Georgie is still respected as great Sinner, oops I mean great Sinnerporean to his admirers.

Anonymous said...

George Yeo's only claim to fame is that he was once a Pro Alien Party Millionaire.
He said he wanted to transform PAP from within.
Where's the transformation?
Where is even the first step towards transformation?

Anonymous said...

“If ye love wealth better than liberty,
the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom,
go home from us in peace.
We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
May your chains set lightly upon you,
and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
― Samuel Adams

Goodbye George Yeo.
Please go.
You have your million dollar salary.
Just shut up and go away.

Anonymous said...

"In Imperial China there were court intrigues. Even among the eunuchs, who castrated themselves to serve the Emperor, there were intrigues, upmanship, backstabbing, and so on."

Anonymous said...

The Shitty Times must be running out of Shit to print. Even the $7k taxi driver piece was being recycled among their papers...might as well merge all the "fake" competition

Veritas said...

RB, I think its wrong to have too much fantasy on George. He is a mother fxxker la. He even want to set up monuments for people who murdered Singaporeans, and lick the ass of the most wicked racist, and the most coward coward.

Few months back, dick head nuts George Yeo propose National Heritage Board to restore the memorial to Subhas Chandra Bose. George is nuts.

Everyone knows Bose lead the INA in murdering Singaporeans in WW2. The INA make up by former British Indian mercenaries are also the mother of all cowards, responsible 90% for the fall of Singapore.

And after the fall of Singapore, the Sikh police regiments who previously lick Ang Moh ass, now lock up all white man. Then the Sikh regiments start to forcibly spread Ang Moh woman's leg and rape them.

80 years ago, FT Indians tell British they have brawns. Only British believe them. They proved to be the worst coward in universe. Today, FT Indian from IQ 81 India come tell PAP they have brains. Only PAP believe them.

We are heading for trouble with traitors and phoney Christian like George Yeo.

Anonymous said...

Is George Yeo still a member of the Pro Alien Party?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas, no need to be so harsh on George. He is a nice man.

Everyone is entitled to his views, I am not saying you are right or wrong.

Anonymous said...

How does an intellectual cope with the rough and tumble of the business world? How does he get things done when he doesn't have the levers of power he had as a politician? Does he also go with the flow?

Does your hair grow, and turn black, after you leave a job where you were not happy?

Anonymous said...

Hair is black
- so what? Can use hair dye...

Hair grow back
- so what? can use hair weaving.

So many hair salons & consultants to choose from.....


so1trg said...

Nice and being able to go something good is two different things.

What good has he done to Singapore? Bring the great casinos in and flood SG with gamblers?

Sign FTAs that open up SG to be subject to the whim and fancies of more economically bigger countries?

Be humanely enough to ignore human rights in his International Relations dealings?

Don't forget, the voters have speak. 54% of the people is the majority that agrees that nothing good can come from Georgie.

Soo and good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Tear up his membership card to the Pro Alien Party in public. Then come and talk to us.
Until then ... Huk pui!

Anonymous said...

Is he trying to redeem himself? I am not capable to believe that any papies or ex papies has a heart to start with.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The guy has indeed had a run of excellent fortune.

It just goes to show how one can seize lucrative life-changing opportunities -- and profit handsomely.

Anonymous said...

Some have greatness thrust upon them.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Some are just plain LUCKY.

Don't laugh. "LUCK" is a hot topic in science these days.