S’pore tried to poach M’sian: BAM

A main article in the Sports page has this heading. The correspondent, Terrence Voon, wrote about a Malaysian claim that Singapore has approached a young Penang badminton player, Goh Jin Wei, 12, with offers of scholarship all the way to university. The offer was so attractive that the mother was at the verge of accepting before BAM stepped in to block the deal. Goh Jin Wei is one of Malaysia’s brightest badminton talents and Malaysia is sore over it. Poaching is a not a good word as in the case of illegal poaching of protected or endangered species of animals. It is still more polite than stealing. Whatever, it is not a nice thing to do as the intent and purpose are not good, not sportsmanship. And to go poaching for sportsmen is kind of a contradiction, a demeaning way of achieving sports excellence. What is Singapore trying to achieve by going all over the world, to poach or to lure foreign sporting talents to don on Singapore colours, to win medals, to do the country proud? And the sickening thing is that many Singaporeans are not a bit proud of such tactics and achievements. A nicer way, a commercial way of doing it will be simply to put up a big advertisement to the world that we are willing to pay good money for top sporting talents. We simply buy them, with our money, something we have plenty to throw around. Incidentally, how much money have we thrown to bring all the sporting talents to play or represent us? It is not just money spent on the sports talents, their allowance, training, income, and their living expense, their awards, medicare etc etc. There is the whole machinery of scouting talents, some MPs were so proud of their trips to pick our table tennis players, their expenses, the organisation structure, to monitor, to keep track, and to go and poach these talents, all costs money. The govt has shown great interest in football talents, table tennis and badminton players, athletes and their coaches and what not. How much have been spent so far to fix the cravings of some people who think these talents are important and will being glory instead of shame to us, to do us proud and not otherwise, to rally the people together, to have something to cheer and clap about, and not something divisive and be sneered at by the people? For the same money, if they were to bundle into nice big carrots for our own natives, would they not be big enough to have our own talents inspired and tempted by the money, to want to excel in sports, for a bite of the cherry? Money is a great motivator, and so is greed. Make the sporting talents feel the temptation of greed and money and they will put in the effort for it. A little boy or girl in a small village in some far corners of the world is no different from another one in a corner of our HDB flats. Give them the incentives and encouragement and they too can square up to be world beaters. Throw them the money, show them the money to be professionals, to devote a life time to sports. And forget about wanting to score straight As in PSLE and wanting to be tops in sports as well. And forget about a holistic education wanting to be everything and ended up as nothing. And forget about wanting to excel in education and wanting to spend time mixing with Ah Kow, Ahmad and Muthusamy to know how they feel and their exciting pursuit as little gangsters. Come to it, the Ah Kows, Ahmads and Muthusamys could be very good sports talents if they know that there are plenty of money to be made playing sports with no schools.


agongkia said...

This shows that many GOH out there are talented.I am proud of this Penangite,Goh Jin Wei.
Must go Penang to find out whether we are related.

GOH Ah Gong

Matilah_Singapura said...

>> a demeaning way of achieving sports excellence. <

Maybe to you and your warped "morality".

To most normal, well-balanced adults it is a practical solution -- especially if you can solve the issue by "buying" instead of "developing" locally.

Want talent? Seek it out, when you find it, offer money. This is not rocket science lah, maybe to you it is.

Got incentives?

Anonymous said...

Don't know why Mr Chua is complaining. 60% of Singaporeans voted PAP. So therefore majority of us support and endorse PAP's tactics of buying in foreign talents.

Anonymous said...

Not everything will be on sale forever, tick enough people off, and one day you will find all your supplies cut off.

Anonymous said...

How many people cheer our imported pingpong talents during the last olympics when they went on their victory parade around Sinkieland?
And those guys have lost touch when they think that Sinkies are just apathetic to the olympic medals.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Singapore Sports School has replied that they did not poach the girl but she applied on her own initiative.

And the School is proud of having a number of Malaysian sports talents undergoing the course. Not sure if they were givne scholarships to be here.