Singapore a model for China to fight corruption

In the latest CNA programme, Perspective, on China, the issue of corruption was thoroughly discussed by an eminent panel of professors that include Tommy Koh, Kishore Mabubani, a James Tang from SMU and a Huang Jing from the LKY School of Public Policy.

The most prominent point in the discussion came from Tommy Koh, that China would not be able to curb corruption like Singapore. He pointed out 3 factors that made Singapore’s fight against corruption a success. One, the rule of law, two, govt leaders that smell clean, and three, a ruthless regime to tackle corruption.

China’s rule of law is always found to be lacking. Did they have any law at all, or is their law fictional? Tommy also brought out the legend of Justice Bao of the Sung Dynasty who was the epitome of law and order many centuries ago. As for Chinese leaders to smell as clean as our leaders, this can only be done if they are paid millions instead of the being paid like impoverish peasants. With their kind of pay, it is just too tempting and natural to be corrupt. A low down Sinkie civil servant would likely be paid more than the President and Prime Minister of China. China should take this advice and pay their top leaders handsomely like Sin so that they would not be tempted to be corrupt. Singapore is the best model to adopt.

As for ruthlessness in tackling corruption, Chinese death penalty cannot be compared to the ruthlessness of the things Singapore had done? Sorry, I missed the points as to what were so ruthless in our regime that make the firing squad looks so tame. I also cannot recall anything that is more ruthless than the death penalty for corruption in Singapore. Or is it that death penalty is not ruthless enough?

I am not up to it intellectually or may not know the workings of our system to suggest what is best for China. I think what Tommy suggested make good sense. China must learn from us if they are thinking of eradicating corruption in the govt, to be corruption free like Sin City.


patriot said...

Me, the lowly educated sinky, had been wondering for decades if any Sin Elite was/is able to handle(administer) a large village in China.

Up to now, not too sure if any can.

Luckily, no Chinese Leader ever talked big like Sin Elites, otherwise, China will be gone long ago.

Even Its' few Nationals working as bus drivers know how to get justice in Sin.

See their culture? How can this little village be comparable?


Anonymous said...

Interesting article. My comment is even if you pay them the salary as suggested , it is no guarantee that there is no corruption. It is all up the the individuals' values , integrity and principles in life which is far and few.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Got to disagree. It works in Sin. Ok, I accept that it is all a matter of definition and interpretation.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Actual the claim to "fight" corruption is misleading.

Singapore has figured out a way to make what is considered "corruption" in most places, LEGAL and ESTEEMED.

Without Crony Capitalism, Asians wouldn't know what to do, and Asia would collapse.

Singapore can make the claim that there is very little govt corruption. Why? Because they made that shit LEGAL. You pay top government officials astronomical amounts of money. I am PERFECTLY FINE with this.


Because a greedy cunt who can feel "secure" because he has a constant, legal source of on-going wealth is a HAPPY greedy cunt, is is less likely to cause trouble.

Consider it as "protection money" paid to a ruthless, armed thug. Keep the fucker happy. Be smart.

It is impossible to have a State and not have corruption. Don't like corruption? Get rid of the state.

Got Guan Xi?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You make everything sounds so embarrassing.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean,there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

People live in dreamland: they expect their fellow human being to be "perfect" and "incorruptible" when they themselves cannot even make the mark of the high moral standards they demand from others.

Hypocrisy? Of course...but still no reason to be embarrassed. It all human nature.

The whole idea of The State rests on a false premise that there are a particular group of "specially chosen" people who are so "perfect" and so "selfless' that they always put their interests aside and tend to the interests of the population and the citizens.

Get real lah. Let it all hang out in all its cold reality. Then there's no more reason for embarrassment or shame.

Got wishful thinking and/ or willful denial of human nature?

Anonymous said...

God's chosen race also got in Sin.

Veritas said...

There are institutional corrupt in SG la. Other than legalize astronomically salary, there are

1) Cartelization. The finance and banking sectors are close to all Singaporeans, other than elites. No one in SG is able to open a bank. The last bank Tat Lee has LKY brother as one of its boss. Our 3 local banks, OCBC, are owned by LKY relative, UOB is his buddy, DBS is semi-government.

Even foreign boutique banks can set up shop in SG but Singaporeans are not able to open bank. This is worse than Aparthied.

2) Subsidizing elite's property. The poor's land and Malay kampong are confiscated. Elite estate like Bukit Timah, Tanglin and Katong are spared. A lot of wasteful instra-structure are build there to make price rocket. Bukit Timah population density and vehicle ownership do not justify a metro link but they get one.

Next door to Oxley road, there are 3 confluence of MRT line as well as designated shopping district.

.....etc much more much more. I agree with Matilah in this topic. Most elite are not so clever. They are gangs and families who seize the power and open propaganda to perpetuate myth.

Anonymous said...

Singapore a model for China to fight corruption by legalizing corruption. Pay millions to the government elite to prevent corruption which allow them to sleep and eat better. M

Anonymous said...

Matilah, I am very happy with your post so I am not going to say knn to you this time. Keep up the contribution!

Anonymous said...

True, there is no corruption in Singapore. All corruption have been either legalised or subdued with high salaries. Some who practiced corruption are thought to have been sent overseas for special Corrective Work Order.

Anonymous said...

I hope China do not learn from S cos S is full of shit. They only smell clean not that they are really cleaned. They are ruthless towards their own kind. The worst species in the entire living creatures. Their laws are so middle ages that death penalty sounds more like a blood ritual to please some gods rather than really to instil justice.