Sin is a great place for foreigners

'Olivier Desbarres, Barclays Capital’s Head of FX Strategy in Asia, is accused of going on a rampage outside his home and terrorizing workers early last month, The Times has reported.
In the video which has emerged online, a man that resembles the banker can be seen approaching the workers and screaming obscenities.

“I’m gonna go after you. I’m gonna burn your f**cking house down,” he shouts.

“You have no respect. You know what? You’re f**cking animals. Chinese f**cking animals… I have a life. I have a family. You break that, I will find your f**cking family. I can find it very easily – I’m a man with resources.”

Dressed in shorts and sandals, he is then seen grabbing up a large sheet of zinc panel and hurling it into the construction pit, narrowly missing two workers.'

I copy the above posted in TRE. I can only have great praises for this ex colonial master for putting the ‘Chinese f**king animals’ down in their proper place. And his bank, Barclays Capital has sacked him which is very unjust. He should be promoted to be the CEO. He has done the bank proud by standing up for his rights. And the low down workers deserved to be spat on for disturbing his peace.

Only in Sin could such ex colonial master relive their past glory and strut away with his ego intact. Their former subjects would take anything from them without protest. No wonder Sin is a top choice for foreigners.


Anonymous said...

Other examples of "Chinese f**king animals"? :

Anonymous said...

After so many police reports also no use and this guy thinks he is the king. Knn since he likes to fuck so much throw him in jail and let the inmates fuck him lor.

Anonymous said...


see video here.

Anonymous said...

I heard that our lawyers would willingly go to court to file charges for criminal intimidation if a Sinkie said 'fuck you' to another person.

Would this case be criminal intimidation or just a foreign talent having his rant and will be dismissed as something unimportant?

oldhorse42 said...

Police reports have been made against this FT.Police need to clarify whether any action was taken on the reports! If no why not? Because he is an angmo?
Surprise that the bank has moved swiftly to remove this man from its bankroll.Now I am waiting to see whether our govt would take action to retract his work permit. Or this FT go to work for any Bank?

Anonymous said...

He scolded every Chinese in the island except those Chinese whose ancestors are not Chinese.

Anonymous said...

There should be a job opening at TummySick Holdings.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the fault of xenophobic Sinkies.
We seem unable to integrate ranting foreign racists into our population.

agongkia said...

MOM,the developer and main contractor should be punish too.Dun ask me why.

Anonymous said...

You see lah.
These FTs are not rugged like Sinkies.
Little bit of construction noise also cannot stand.
Must send them all for National Service before they start work in Singapore.
Then they will be strong and rugged like Sinkies.
Able to tolerate construction noise from 8am till 8pm everyday.

Anonymous said...

Westerners are not racists. This one just telling the truth, his honest opinion of what he truly felt about fxxking Chinese. Should thank him for his honesty.

And definitely this is only an exception. The rest of the Europeans really love the Chinese regardless of China Chinese or Sinkie Chinese.

The racists are the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

The one eyed dragon is now the "Chinese f**cking animal".

Matilah_Singapura said...

Relac lah. The guy was obviously pissed off at the noise and disruptive nature of the construction work going on.

It's got nothing to do with with "race". In his mind, they workers had "no respect".

Anyway, I would say ALL of the readers here will scream "fucking ang moh animal" if their Asian sensitivities were affected by a Caucasian.

So don't go hurling "race-based" stones in glass houses. Redbean, take notice. Your one-sided bigotry is revealing itself, yet again.

Moral of story: Never loose your temper beyond the point you loose self-control in what you say -- in this instance threatening physical harm (which IMO is worse than racist rants) and actually initiating physical violence by hurling sharp and heavy sheet metal.

March this motherfucker to the border, and kick him over the line.

He has brought dishonour to the other Hotel dwellers. As a hotel dweller, I don't want this asshole here.

Get the fuck out Olivier. And seek help.

Leon d'cotta said...

The workers are just doing their job why rant at them?Since he's so smart why bring himself down to the level of a construction worker?should take it out on the developers. Bloody baboon

Leon d'cotta said...

The workers are just doing their job why rant at them?Since he's so smart why bring himself down to the level of a construction worker?should take it out on the developers. Bloody baboon

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