Sexual offences the most serious and prevalent crimes

I think this is a blessing of Sin City. When sexual offences, or more of sexual misconducts, are the number one crime in the City, it means that the City is really safe and relatively free from other serious crimes. And think about it seriously, sex offences are acts of pleasure, at least in all the cases mentioned in the courts recently. These are not violent crimes like rape when the victims would have to suffer pain, nightmare and needing psychiatric care. The type of sexual offences did not really have anyone being tormented and will suffer for a long time to come. Everything will soon blow away. It will be serious problem if murder, kidnapping, violent street fights, arson, rape etc are the top crimes in the island. In the reported cases, the victims were actually the offenders and willing parties. Count your blessings, Sinkies, when the courts only have to deal with offences of passion, not crimes of passion it is another way of saying life is good and fun. Yesterday’s Parliament sitting could change the trend of crimes in the City. The first step has been taken to reduce the punishment for drug offences. Death penalty is passé. This could possibly lead to more easing of the drug abuse laws and drug taking may become a lifestyle choice and no longer an offence. The City will then have one offence less in the statistics. The City could be free of crimes if all crimes are decriminalized or legalized. It would then become the first city in the world that is crime free and the police can be ‘demobbed’ and reduced to patrol the highways to regulate traffic flow and as mediators in neighbourhood quarrels.


Anonymous said...

When the stomachs are filled and the
pockets are full, it is only right to fulfill
the other essential needs of which sex
is naturally a priority.

Anonymous said...

When kids do not have a normal childhood due to too high expectations or other reasons, most will grow up and become perverts. Just like sinky PM.

Johnson said...

This is the 100 percent fact. Sexual offences the most serious and prevalent crimes. Thanks again another new and update post.

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