Rogues in Malaysia medical practice

The message below was e-mailed to me by a friend.

         Subject: Fw: Rogues in Malaysian medical practice

                Beware of Errant and Unethical Doctors! Please read

"Dear friends,

I am a general surgeon in private practice in Kuala Lumpur. I would like to bring to the attention of the public the unethical practices of some doctors in private practice.

An 8-year-old boy was brought to see me by his father after suffering from fever, cough and vomiting for 1 day. He DID NOT HAVE ANY ABDOMINAL PAIN. He was initially seen by a general practitioner who insisted that the father bring him to see 'Surgeon G' at a specific private medical centre in Kuala Lumpur. The father at first refused and had wanted to bring his son to the medical centre where he was born but relented when the medical practitioner said that 'Surgeon G' will order some blood tests and will send his son home with some medications.

However, when he brought his son to see 'Surgeon G', the surgeon examined his son's abdomen and pressed so hard that he elicited pain. Then the surgeon told the father that the son had a perforated appendix and insisted that he be operated the same night. The father was baffled because his son did not have any abdominal pain prior to that excruciating examination but he reluctantly agreed upon insistence by the surgeon. About 1 hour prior to the surgery, the father suspected that something was not right and he asked for his son to be discharged. He then brought his son to see me.

The first thing I noticed was that the boy had a slight cough but he was very active. His father told him to jump to prove that he did not have any abdominal pain, which he did with great enthusiasm. After a thorough examination, I was convinced that the boy did not have appendicitis and definitely not a perforated one. I treated him symptomatically for upper respiratory tract infection and sent him home with some medications. The father was outraged with what happened to his son earlier but he was relieved that his son was saved from an unnecessary surgery. Professionally, I could not! tell him that 'Surgeon G' may have tried to cheat him but, in my heart, I knew that was the case because I knew 'Surgeon G' very well and had inherited a few of his patients whom he operated upon and had botched the surgeries

The next day, 'Surgeon G' called me and asked what happened to the patient. I told him I was certain that the boy did not have a perforated appendix but he insisted that the boy was very sick and had rigors (severe shivering) when he first saw him. Surgeon G said the boy improved tremendously after one dose of antibiotics. In my years of practice, I have not come across one case where one dose of antibiotics can cure a case of perforated appendicitis. IT IS JUST NOT POSSIBLE! He also said that the boy's father was a liar and had lied about his son not having any abdominal pain. Well, dear readers, I am a parent too. No father will lie about his son's health because he would have wanted the best treatment for his son.

I suspect 'Surgeon G' is giving kickbacks to many general practitioners to send patients to him to operate. In return, he would pay these general practitioners for each patient referred to him. He would cooperate with the general practitioners to convince the patients that they need urgent surgery.  I have personally worked with 'Surgeon G' and I know that his skills are questionable. He told me once that it is alright for a patient to have a recurrent disease as a result of his incomplete surgery because he would then refer the patient to another surgeon to tackle the problem. He had caused one death from a thyroid operation and at least 2 cases of complications after gallbladder surgeries which he refused to admit fault. In his clinic he has medical books with pictures of dangerous diseases which he uses to scare his patients into accepting surgery.

I am writing this to alert the public that there are doctors who are out for money only and are unethical in their practices. It breaks my heart that there are such individuals practicing freely and fleecing off unsuspecting and vulnerable patients and giving this noble profession a bad name. The only defense patients have is to be knowledgeable about their own illnesses and not be afraid to ask questions. All patients have to right to a second opinion and no doctors should coerce their patients to accept treatment against their will. The only consolation I have is that most doctors, both in public and private practice, are still ethical and are sincere in helping their patients.

Please circulate this article to your friends and loved ones and lets hope no one will suffer in the hands of surgeons like 'Surgeon G'. Also, beware of the general practitioner who insists that you see a particular specialist in a particular hospital because he could be working hand-in-hand with that doctor.
Thank you." 
The above message is an eye opener that we all must be aware that there are medical crooks all over the world includining Singpore so we have to be very careful when seeing doctors whether GPs or surgeons or specialists.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Southernglory, this noble profession has gone to the dogs, like many other professions in the news recently. There will be the black sheep that would do anything to cheat to increase their own paychecks.

The professions need their own whistle blowers. It is not courtesy or politeness not to report them. Anyone, doctors or lawyers, who know of malpractices in their professions like this doctor and refuses to report is an accomplice to the crime.

In this case it is worst, operating on the innocents to rob them of their money. Come doctors and lawyers, be responsible and report on the black sheep in the family. Don't be an innocent rogue. Sending an email is not good enough.

Remember Dr Richare Teo. Both sides of the causeway are having the same problem.

Anonymous said...

If the general surgeon who circulates the above letter did not report it to the MMC (Malaysian Medical Council), he had commited an equally worst sort of misdemeanour.

agongkia said...

I said that when you brought up that case of a 40 years old millionaire doctor who died of cancer.
Some of these medical professional will resort to such tactic to become instant millionaire.
Let me do some self study of Chinese miracle herbs and koyok and I will try to provide free herbs ,san pian wan etc and make those kopi license doctors chai kah kee.

Anonymous said...

The tax system should equalise people who are vastly overpaid so the motivation to greed more is lessen. Unfortunately, the pigs do not get it.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Be thankful for whistle blowers. What this guy did is far better than complaining to the govt (which in Malaysia might have government fuckers working hand-in-sarong with each other). If there's UMmmm...NO!!, there's going to be CORRUPTION.

I once had to visit a relative in a "private" hospital in Malaysia. WTF?!? Damn terok.

Those bumis are a corupt buch of motherfuckers. I hope Ah Lah punished them ;-)

Anonymous said...

My dear Matilah_Singapura
My unwashed undies are much more cleaner than your under developed brain that transmit feces to your uncouth mouth.

Anonymous said...

[Italy doctors held over 'unauthorised treatments']

"Police in Italy have arrested nine cardiologists over allegations that they carried out unauthorised experimental treatments on patients.

The investigation began after a consumer protection group started to receive anonymous tip-offs about alleged irregularities at the hospital, the BBC's Alan Johnston in Rome reports."


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

These are very wicked crimes, cutting up innocent children with no sickness all for the money.

They must be whipped and put behind bars for life if found guilty.

Anonymous said...

[India doctors in uterus removal scandal]

"A number of private hospitals and nursing homes in India's Bihar state are facing allegations of wrongfully removing the wombs of hundreds of women so they could claim government insurance money.

The BBC Hindi's Manikant Thakur meets some of the victims."