Rise of Japanese militarism and the Evil Empire

The Emperor of the Evil Empire has descended on Phnom Penh and war cries were heard. With Obama strutting into the Asean Summit, Japan and the Phillipines were emboldened to challenge China in their claims on the disputed islands. Even Aquino was so brave to shout at the meeting about defending Filipino territories. And Noda finally removed his veil of being a moderate and took the stance of the right wing militants.

The full coterie of the Evil Empire chieftains in the Summit must be reassuring and a show of force to put down China. And this kind of militant gesturing can only get worst by the days with the USA gaming on its pivot to Asia doctrine. Let’s see if Hillary’s call to use trade to win friends will happen, or use arms to force obedience prevails. It is as good as saying we are here to stay and to call the shot. Obama has already told Myanmar to cut ties with North Korea and Cambodia to release political prisoners and meddling with its human right issue.

China better be strong and not allow Japan to push it around. It must be ready to engage the Japanese militarily at Diaoyu Islands. This is the only way to tell the little pests on the by line to stay clear as China means business and would not be pushed around. As for the Phillipines, China should scale down its trade, stop buying bananas and other crops from the Phillipines. Let the Phillipines sell everything to Japan and the USA.

China is in a now or never situation with the Evil Empire and the little pests standing on its head shouting threats of violence. It has to take them down one at a time and test the resolve of the Emperor to show its hands.


Anonymous said...

Japan militarism is brewing in the likes of Ishihara, Hashimoto (Osaka mayor) and LDP Abe. Not good for Asia. Inability of Japanese leaders to solve their entrenched economic problems and decline are fueling Japanese politicians to divert Japanese attention to "outside" target in this case China.

US is not wise or is US double-tongued? Talking peace but strategically curbing China using Asian neighbours?

China must be wise and patient. Asian countries must focus on neighbourliness not fall into adversity mindset poison.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Sadly, China is on the back foot with this.

Obama has charmed the pants off the Asian leaders. They like him. They warm to him. They know he grew up in Indonesia, speaks Bahasa, probably smokes kretek, probably a little weed now and then. He is so cool, and Asians like "cool".

So Obama is both cool an has "Asian roots". If he told Aquino he was going to open 200 US Bases in Pinoy-Land, Aquino would probably kneel down and suck Obama's dick -- like a good Filipino would ;-) ...just think of all that US military aid the Philippines can have to kick those atheist Chinese!!

Like every good socialist, Obama is giving away socialised medicine (Obamacare) and assorted goodies, borrowing more and more money, and going to tax individuals and US businesses until their assholes bleed. Plus the US likes to fight wars on multiple fronts. More money required. TAX!!!

That being the case, businesses (and individuals) will be coming to Asia in droves to set up, produce and trade, as Obama's taxes chase the money away...as if Ayn Rand herself rose from the grave and commanded it. *Note:Singapore, more Americans are coming. Learn how to suck cock, and excel

....and that's why the need for "free trade" agreements: US companies are coming to Asia.

Got Yankee Doodle Dandy?

Veritas said...
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Veritas said...

Many people accuse Japan, but forget about the big picture. It is not Japan who wanted trouble with China but USA Obama administration.

One Japan elite, top think tank and intellect 孙崎享 (まごさき) Magosaki,
states that many in Japan wanted peace with China. I believe some in Japan could have dream of going back to China peripheral. It is USA who wanted Japan to have conflict with China.

Over the years, USA take down all pro-Chinese leaders in Japan and replaced them by pro-USA, enemy of China. We see all these hawkish noise in Japan because all the dove has been sidelined by the command of White House. I believe the Chinese leaders understand that very well.

I think RB must be gentler to Japan. Japan is a colony of USA. Until it breaks off, Japan is remote control by USA.

Anonymous said...

Just as Israel is a prozy of the US in the Middle East to counter Iran, so Japan is the counterpart in Asia to counter China.

Who else in Asia has more economic clout than Japan to take on this role? India and Pakistan do not particularly like to snuggle too close to the USA, not with Ruasia and China at its doorstep. The rest of the Asian poodles are just trying to howl like pitbulls, barking at China as ordered by their masters.

You never know what is up the sleeves of the Japs and its puppet master. History may yet repeat itself with the Japs now aligning themselves with the US against China, Korea and the rest of East Asia in time to come.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The nemesis of the Japs will be the Koreans, a united Korea.

Anonymous said...

I agree and that is why they are doing everything to make the two Koreans bite at each other. So are the Americans doing the same thing. Keep the Koreans at loggerheads, and better, to get them to fight a war.

Matilah_Singapura said...

One thing I luurrrve about Asian culture is that they allow petty historical slights and insults to cloud judgements made in the present.

So to ensure that the future of entertainment is SPECTACULAR, these petty squabbles should be amplified and enhanced, and thank Baby Jesus that the Americans are doing just that. One thing I totally respect about the Yanks is that they never miss a single opportunity to take advantage of a geo-political situation which can be "engineered" to aid American Imperial Exceptionalism.

The yanks are by far THE BEST fascists in all of human history. No wonder they provide such awesome ENTERTAINMENT!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This I must agree. Look at Aquino at the meeting, he was delirious and hilarious, with Obama standing behind him. He probably wanted to punch the Chinese premier as well.

And the Japs were in carrying their samurai sword. Vietnam too was also thinking they could join in to hit China. The bottom line, all the Asian countries are going after each other's neck without knowing why.

And America is acting like a saint, simply so innocent and helpful.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a smart man.
He chose to visit Aung Sung Suu Kyi
instesd of Thein Sin.
Certainly, a beautiful old lady is pteferred
over an older national leader.
What do the Burmrdr People think of

Matilah_Singapura said...

You Can't Cheat An Honest Man

That's why I'm not so quick to blame America for the world's troubles. It always takes 2 hands to clap, and Asian governments always open their legs first to show the US their juicy, throbbing pussy.

What do you expect the US to do? Look away and ignore?

Get real lah.

Anonymous said...

President Obama only has 4 years left, he is just looking around for a job or something that pay well. Unlike our counterpart here who can continue for generations to rule a country. Which one is the lesser of two evils?

Anonymous said...

Japan is going down economically, and quite surprisingly fast too. Still the number three global economy, but another decade of unresponsive monetary stimulation and they will be out of contention as a world economic powerhouse. Names like Panasonic, Sony, Mitsubishi etc were once the kingpins of the electronic era, and now soundly beaten by the South Koreans. Who would have expected that?

Well, who would have expected the WP of Singapore to win a GRC. Some things are just unpredictable.