PRC bus drivers acknowledge citizenship has privileges

The one day strike by the PRC drivers for SMRT buses caused a stir like a storm in a tea cup. It was greeted with cheers when it was announced. It was something that no one thought would happen in this peaceful and richest island in the world. It was more entertaining than anything else and with SMRT involved, gave it a more hilarious twist.

What was the issue for the strike. According to reports, the PRC drivers were unhappy that they were doing the same jobs as Malaysian drivers but were paid less. If this is factually correct, then management would have to answer for it. A word of caution, in such a situation, one must compare apple with apple. Is the nature of work similar? Are seniority and performance factors included? Are the PRC drivers being provided with free or subsidized accommodation that the Malaysian drivers were not? One has to take into account the whole compensation package and other relevant factors into consideration before making a judgement.

One interesting point raised by the PRC drivers is that they don’t mind being paid less than Sinkies, an acknowledgement that this is Sinkie country. And this point is relevant. Citizenship has its advantages. Otherwise might as well throw the piece of paper into the dustbin or flush it down the loo.

Sinkies must know that this is their country and they must not be treated otherwise, to be discriminated or disadvantage in their own countries by foreigners. Any thinking foreigner here must take note that this is Sinkeland and Sinkies must be the top dogs and not the other way. Is this the case? Are companies and organizations discriminating against Sinkies or treating Sinkies unfairly or favouring instead foreigners? I will faint if this is so. But looking at so many public comments praising foreigners, this could be the reality and daft Sinkies dumbly accept this situation as their fate.

Thank you PRC drivers, for reminding the Sinkies that this is their home, their country and they should be treated better than others.


Anonymous said...

Foreign Talents who know how to organize a strike.
Now that's bringing in knowledge and ability that Sinkies lack.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyah, please lah redbean.

Your average bo laumpar Singaporean can learn a thing or two from their PRC cousins...and I mean non Chinese Singaporeans as well...we are all "cousins" in Asia.

The strike only one day lah. And it managed to shake things up...fucking great.

Singaporeans got balls to strike? Not for decades already. The young fuckers have NO CLUE about how to even begin "civil disobedience".

How the fuck can anyone rely on the blur-cock bo lumpar young Singaporeans to "fight for their rights" without even the MENTALITY or an idea of mentality of a revolutionary or the real-deal government dissident, and thus TRUE patriot?

A doomed cuntree of big-mouth talk-too-much wannabe's. Talk plenty. Action Zero. Fuck spider lah.

Got balek kampung?

Veritas said...

I would rather privileges dish out in a different way. The citizen rights above aliens should be manifest in access to public housing, healthcare, education, and employment market.

When a foreigner is doing same job as Singaporeans and receiving lower pay, I would call that exploitation.

I agree we should restrict FT in job market, but when they are in, we give them the same pay.

Anonymous said...

The PRCs must've watched MOM's(?) video "i know my rights!"..LOL

Anonymous said...

Ah Tiong not scare of Ah Lee (of course i'm not referring to the one in pink)?

agongkia said...

Its just a group of captains trying to keng for more pay by not reporting for work.Not a big deal.Oredi have signal and SMRT is either kooning or dun know the strategy plan to handle.
Doesn't make sense that all should enjoy the same standard pay because they are provided with lodging whereas Sinkies are not.
It will only make Sinkies pay more for their transport if the enjoy the same pay.
Send them back and get Sinkies to take over .

Veritas said...

I believe that taken into account of overall pay package, all workers should be on the same level. We may impose a foreigner quota like H1B visa, but when they are in, we treat them fairly.

I am a socialist. I do not believe in exploiting base on race or nationality. Exploiting people eventually hurt us. Newton 3rd law of physics, action = reaction.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In a way I can agree with Veritas that we should not exploit foreigers here. But we should not allow foreigners to exploit the citizens. The cost of living for the locals and foreigners in their home country is a factor that cannot be ignored.

I do not agree that PRs should be allowed to be agents in housing, recruitments and jobs with licences to compete with locals unless it is something that locals did not want to do. Particularly in recruitments of workers and students, the foreigners would have an advantage over the locals as the source of the workers and students is at their home country.

Anonymous said...

LSS should don his zorro outfit & meet the PRCs in a cul de sac

Anonymous said...

Taxpaying Sinkies in Hougang had been discriminated against for two decades just because they voted for the Workers Party,The PAP ruled by discrimination.

Veritas said...

I agree with RB. But I wish also to highlight that in many cases, it is Singaporeans who get discriminated, institutionally, not foreigners.

NUS/NTU deliberately take in more foreigners for post-graduate degree and dish out more post-grad scholarhsip giving lame excuses that they "cannot" find Singaporeans to do post-grad. In certain labs and schools, 100% FT, all paid by our tax payer.

Most scholarships in Singapore are given to foreigners who then came to despises PAP government for the way they treated citizen. Many of these FT are worse grad than Singaporeans, but they got a job easily because of halo of scholarship recipient.

Singaporean everything A students are barred from studying prestigious degree like medicine while PAP take in doctors from 3rd world countries.

These FT doctors prosper because of guide like medical cartel preventing local students access to medical education.

In short, there is a deliberate scheme to deny Singaporeans what they deserve in order for some very atrocious social manipulation.

All these exploitation must stop.

Anonymous said...

How to squeeze 10 drivers in one room? How big is the equivalent of a HDB room? Anyone try sharing a room with 10 people?

My God, if this is true.

Veritas said...

All great empire falls because of exploitation of citizen. In Rome Republic case, its precisely because of FT that it crumbles into pile of shit.

Though the course of Punic wars, the elites got alot of land and alot of slaves. Their plantation is more efficient due to "cheap, hardworking" slave and also due to "economy of scale".

The Rome citizen army seems to be so stupid lazy and parasitic. They are stupid to serve NS in Rome army. Often when they are away for NS, something bad happen to their family back home(family member fall sick....etc). The left-behind folks like woman, children and old are not so productive. So they sold their land.

Also the food produced by slave labor is so cheapo that drive citizen farmers into bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, the elite got all the $$$ and engage in all deprave behavior. The result is kaboon....

Its really amazing that the Roman elites are able to corrupt the once brave, martial, proud and virtuous population to a very deprave extend.

In SG, the citizen looks strikingly similar to ancient Rome. Our citizen are unable to compete because of NS, and because FT have more experience in homeground before they came here.

Also PAP government deliberately keep us away from certain arcane skills especially medicine.

From Punic war to fall of Roman republic is around 100 years. That is a rather short time. From PAP's crazy FT policy started in 1990 until now is already 22 years. I think we probably do not need to wait for 100 years when we witness the fall of Republic of Singapore if PAP continues its FT ponzi.

oldhorse42 said...

In PRC country, the citizens are treated better than foreigners and the locals are treated better than those from other province. For eg some one holding local residence permit will often be treated better than those from other province.
The PRC understand this and they accept this. What they do not accept is being treated worst than other foreigners like Malaysians and Indians.
I respect them for their courage to right a wrong. If only sinkie have their back bones than we would not be bullied by our elected leaders!

patriot said...

Well said Veritas and Oldhorse.

Please visit Padaly wordpress to read the very write-up about the PRC Bus Drivers Stop Work.


Veritas said...
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Veritas said...

In PRC country, the citizens are treated better than foreigners

I am some reservation in this. The Chinese culture generally treats foreigners better than their own citizens and treats minorities better than Han Chinese.

That is the reason throughout 5000 years of Chinese history, there is no "Dalits" people develop. My ancestor came from Fujian which incorporate into Han culture around 2000 years ago.

If that happens in India, the locals will be immediately made into shit collector and hereditary prostitute and stay in that place forever. When the German Teuton warrier conequered Prussia 1000 years ago, they slaughter the western slav. When Hitler conquered Eastern Europe, there are plans to do away with Poles, Ukranian for make way for Deutsches Lebenraum.

Who can be kinder the Chinese people in terms of racial politics?

As years goes by, the indigeneous Fujian, that are Malay, assimilated into Han culture. The process of Malay assimilation is still on-going in Taiwan, in the Taiwanese hill tribes. They speak a Malay dialect.

You go to Taiwan, no Taiwanese will ever look down on hill tribes.

Today, any Ang Moh can commit petty crime in PRC and let off hook. For Han Chinese, they will suffer terrible consequences.

Sometimes, these good characteristic of Chinese race are abused, especially in Singapore. In SG, instead of discriminating foreigners, Singaporeans are made Dalits. At the same time, Malay really suffer some social alienation.

We got to take down PAP.

Padaly said...

If Sinkies strike they will surely be arrested and locked away esp the leaders. But will those PRCs be arrested for this illegal wild cat strike? I doubt so. They only know how to bully locals. At least those PRCs understand this is SinCity and Sinkies shld earn more than them. Good consolation.

Anonymous said...

Matilah, congratulation for a clean post

Anonymous said...

If these PRC workers create disturbances and are not arrested, then the argument that Sinkies have privileges is all a load of shit.

Let us see.

Anonymous said...

The PRC workers know their rights even though they are from Communist China. Sinkie workers already lost their right from day one of the PAP control of the Unions.

Fancy the PRC workers teaching Sinkies a thing or two about fighting for rights. Strange isn't it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Padaly was one of the earliest to report on this incident and his article in TRE was very well commented.

This strike has raised many issues that involved the well being of Sinkies and many can relate to it.

Veritas said...

There was a time when PRC got more democracy than everyone else in Asia. In May 4th movement that is still widely remembered today, the students protest forced PRC president Xu Shichang tendered for resignation (he managed to keep his job somehow).

Many people are fooled thinking protest and strikes are bad. People forget that the commies leaders like Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai are angry students in the May 4th movement.

In a short period of 30 years, these angry students raised millions of peasants army, overthrow the old orders. 31 years after May 4th, these former angry students defeated the USA in Korean War.

Unfortunately, Mao and Zhou betrayed their ideology of liberty after they seized power.

Today, Singaporeans are so brainwash by LKY that they think all labour movement are bad. Shameless on us and PAP.

Anonymous said...

It's time for lau lee to pick up his hatchet and meet the Ah Tiongs at the cul de sac.
Sinkies win regardless of whoever walks out of cul de sac alive.

Anonymous said...

How huh if smrt train drivers oso don't turn up to work together?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This strike could be a minor and non event if handled well. The drivers did not go violent nor demonstrating in the streets. They just AWOL and stayed in the hostel. Quite a peaceful gesture of unhappiness over working conditions.

This could go off quickly or could escalate into something wild. Remember, we have several hundred thousands of PRCs here in different guises and many still see themselves as PRCs more than Sinkies. They could close ranks and it will be big trouble.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese, Indians and Pinoy workers here have reached a critical mass that they can spell real trouble when misguided. The govt was too arrogant and deluded to think that such numbers could be allowed in within such a short span of time to form interest groups of their own.

Together, each of these groups could turn this little piece of rock into hell. Don't pray pray with critical mass. Dodo.

Anonymous said...

The Foreign Talents will be doing Sinkies a big favour by granting us independence from PAP.
Since Sinkies are too chicken shit to fight for our own independence.

Padaly said...

Locals dare not strike cuz they fear the full weight of the draconian anti-strike law. That doesn't mean they got no issues. They just accept their status quo meekly. Do those FTs or foreigner workers feel the same way? They could just wreck havoc and return to their countries of origin by staging wild cat strikes or even riots etc. They got nothing to loose. They got no HDB loan, no children in school to consider or elderly parents at home to look after - no family and other commitments here. Whereas, where can the locals go? No place to hide and no way to escape retribution from our mighty punitive anti-strike law. Can you see the difference between them and us? Do you see the points? Do the powerful elites realize this when they mass import migrant workers by opening fully the floodgates? Do they understand the full implications of this interesting episode or are they hopelessly addicted to cheap labour to grow their bottom line and rake in more obscene profits? All these result in depressing our locals' wages. The naked truth is out. Cheaper foreign labour vs more expensive but reliable no nonsense locals. At least locals won't strike or cause havoc! It's a fact. What do you think?

patriot said...


me begs to differ with your conclusion in the Above Post.

It is not that locals wont strike. Like You said in the Same Post; the Consequences for locals to do anything unsanctioned is dire, if not may cost life(suicide).

The Rules are loaded against the Locals.


Anonymous said...

When the crowd at tekka runs wild, the red van and the police will be lost in the sea of people. Even the army would not be able to control that kind of numbers. Don't pray pray.

Anonymous said...

what if a million PRCs in s'pore launch a strike in s'pore? or do a mass demo like the red or yellow shirts in thailand. that would be beautiful. i would like to see how the MIWs tackle that. would probably pee in their pants.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, that day will come, sooner or later. Never discount such a possibility.

Anonymous said...

NS Men will be deploy in any major social unrest in Sg.
It will end up citizens against citizens and citizens against family members.
At the end only the silly sinkies suffer.

Anonymous said...

Foreigners are unlike Sinkies. They can be unpredictable and are not submissive like Sinkies. Time will show us what they are made of. That is when the mouse is familiar with what the lion will do.

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