Powdered coffee 'creamer' isn't food, it's processed chemicals

May 6, 2012
(NaturalNews) Every day, millions of Americans add powdered coffee "creamer" products to their morning cups of joe because they falsely believe that these substances are somehow healthier than real cream. But little do they know that most coffee creamer products contain no actual cream,
or food for that matter, as they are really nothing more than a crafty blend of toxic chemicals.

When powdered coffee creamers first came onto the scene back in the 1950s, they actually contained real dehydrated cream and sugar, which made them a convenient, non-perishable source of cream
for coffee. Over time, however, manufacturers began to phase out the cream, and replace it with
things like processed vegetables oils, stabilizers, chemical sweeteners, and other additives that
were less expensive and that more easily dissolved in coffee.

Today, the average canister of so-called "creamer" substitute contains not a trace of actual food,
at least not food in the technical sense of the word. Take the Coffee-Mate brand of coffee creamer,
for instance. The original powder flavor contains corn syrup solids, hydrogenated vegetable oils,
and a handful of stabilizing, emulsifying, and flavoring chemicals (http://www.coffee-mate.com).

Not only is there no "cream" of any kind in Coffee-Mate's Original Powder, but there are also no
natural food ingredients whatsoever. This is why some countries actually require that powdered
coffee additives be called "whiteners" rather than "creamers," since they do not actually contain
any real cream.

Corn syrup solids and hydrogenated oils are highly-toxic 'non-foods'

Though both are derived from real food, corn syrup solids and hydrogenated oils are not technically foods themselves. To produce corn syrup solids, corn kernels are first transformed into corn starch, which is then chemically treated with hydrochloric acid, a highly-corrosive, industrial chemical solution that is also used to make plastic materials. The resulting liquid goo is then processed again and dried to form dried crystals -- delicious, eh?

And hydrogenated oils are produced using a similar chemical process that involves subjecting already heated, pressurized, and highly processed oils to various chemical catalysts and metals such as nickel and platinum that change its density and molecular structure. The final product is the definition of a trans-fat, which are linked to causing heart disease and death (http://www.naturalnews.com/027445_fat_fats_trans.html).

Then, there are ingredients like sodium caseinate, a milk derivative; mono- and diglycerides;
sodium aluminosilicate; and artificial flavor, all of which are non-foods as well. Sodium caseinate,
for instance, is derived from a milk protein known as casein using a chemical extrusion process.
The chemical alteration is so significant that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not even consider the final product to be a dairy product.

And sodium aluminosilicate is an anti-caking, flow agent chemical additive produced specifically for use in processed food items, laundry detergents, and other dry, powdered products. Like its name implies, sodium aluminosilicate contains toxic aluminum, which is linked to organ and tissue damage, bone disorders, gastrointestinal problems, Alzheimer's disease, cell damage, and other problems (http://www.angelfire.com).

If dairy is problematic for your dietary needs but you still want to add creamer to your coffee,
it is important to always read ingredient labels and carefully avoid all powdered creamer products
that contain artificial ingredients.

Some great non-dairy alternatives to conventional creamer products include liquid coconut creamers like those made by So Delicious (http://www.sodeliciousdairyfree.com), for instance. Fresh coconut cream or milk (http://www.wildernessfamilynaturals.com) and homemade almond milk (http://georgiapellegrini.com/2012/03/07/recipes/homemade-almond-milk/), are several other useful options as well.

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Anonymous said...

Aiyah. What do you think we drink Kopi when the coffee shop owner pour in the "Condensed Milk". Hardly any trace of real milk altogather.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Many of the babyboomer generations grew up with condensed milk as their staple food. Where got milk powdered or special formula then? And condensed milk waa a luxury then.

Matilah_Singapura said...

This is scaremongering and mostly complete and utter nonsense, perpetrated by people who don't understand science, or use pseudo/ junk science to scare the shit out of the similarly ignorant.

I love condensed milk. Especially when licked off a naked woman.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The Naturalistic Fallacy aka 'Appeal To Nature'

[1] Wikipedia

[2]The Fallacy Files
Note the use of Sweeping generalizations, loaded words and vagueness in the claims and arguments

[3] California State University San Marcos

[4] Logical-Critical Thinking

Matilah's tip for saving your hard-earned money, and living happily:

Net time you walk past Guardian, Watsons etc. resist the urge to blow any money on rubbish and nonsense products which claim to "detoxify", "energise" make you "younger" etc etc.
* Vitamin pills don't work
* Supplements don't work -- unless you have an actual deficiency.
* There is nothing you can take to "boost" you immune system
* There is nothing you can take to "purify" your blood or to "get rid of toxins"
* Magnetic bracelets, pillows etc are bullshit
* Alkalised, energised, vitaminised, magic-sized water is a CON JOB. Water is water. As long as it is reasonably pure and clean, no additives will make it "better for you".

Save your money. We all work HARD for it.

Your mind is deluding you into thinking these nonsense products actually work. THEY DON'T!

The manufacturers and marketeers of these products know how easy it is for you t fool yourself into BELIEF, and they take advantage of your insecurities and willingness to BELIEVE without evidence, and relieve you of your cash.

Caveat Emptor!

Anonymous said...

MS, you koyok man?

Anonymous said...

"Condensed milk".
Suggest you read the contents carefully.
Many of these no longer contain any milk.
Altho' the can and labels still look like the real condensed milk we used to drink 40 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Expect the unexpected in this modern world. Or should I say expect the expected. When I look at those cosmetics, body-wash and shampoo, I shudder to think what kind of chemicals goes into it and we are putting them onto our bodies everyday. And those chemicals eventually are washed into rivers and reservoirs. Talk about pollution, but all we hear is the case against plastic bags.

The problem with this world is that big corporations are paying big money to experts to tell us all the pros about the poducts while keeping mum about the cons that they know will harm us.

I never trust experts, analyst and professionals endorsing all kinds of things. These people make a living telling us what the big corporations want them to say. Nothing more nothing less. Not even the FDA can be trusted to tell the truth.

Whatever bad news we hear about a product only comes after the manufacturers have made all the money and laughed all the way to the bank while consumers are left to wonder why they were conned in the first place.

Do they care a hoot what happens to consumers in the end?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Last evening I casually watched a brief moment about the World Tobacco Conference in Indonesia. I was amazed by what they said about how wonderful the Asian markets like China and Indonesia are to the tobacco companies. They are looking at nearly 2b smokers and were salivating.

At the same time the contrarian picture of NY mayor Michael Bloomberg clamping now on the sale of cigarettes in his city, trying to make NY tobacco free and creating more and more no smoking zones.

And the things they said to glorify smoking and how the Indonesian youngs are targetted, to be cool, and the women to be emancipated etc etc. Unbelieveable!

Sorry Patriot and Matilah, just repeating a little of what were said in the programme.

patriot said...

Chin Leng:

Whoever says whatever about smoking is never an issue to me.

Have been smoking over haft a century.
The only complaint is that people are using smoking is harmful scare tactic to fleece smokers.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. No wonder so difficult to get powdered creamer here in europe - at least not in any major supermarket.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Re: Smoking -- that is a thing of the past. In Europe, China, Japan, US, Canada, Australia...e-cigarettes or PV (Personal Vapourisers) are the way to deliver kick-ass nicotine without the cancer-causing tars and all sorts of nasty by-products from combustion. PV's use VAPOUR- aka "e-juice" (water + flavour + optional nicotine), not SMOKE.

Fuck the tobacco companies. The problem is govt tax tobacco and get very rich from it. In some cuntrees like China, govt is the main supplier of tobacco...hence govts tend to HATE e-cigs. In Singapore e-cigs are BANNED outright.--i.e. The govt by doing so will be a MAJOR FACTOR in the premature deaths of many people, plus increased medical costs...simply because they BANNED a safer alternative...and by doing so protect their greedy tobacco tax base.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is like the high taxes on green cars and diesel cars. The revenue is more important than the health of people or mother earth.

The advertisements in Indonesia is all about the glamour of Malboro Country and the fake image of liberated women aka SPG. And they are targetting the children as the next great generation of smokers.

Understand your point of view Patriot.

Upton Sinclair said...

Americans and British aren't necessarily fat because they're lazy slobs.

Well yes, many of them are - the ones who need Segways to get them from their SUVs to the front door of the Walmart.

However, the US food and drug industries have worked together over half a century or more to package and sell people ever-more-toxic chemicals in the processed "food" - and then sell drugs to the same people to counteract the ill effects of high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, flavourings, colourings, etc. etc. More revenue, more profit, more power.

Don't eat processed food if you want to live.

Don't eat US "food" either, even the "fresh" ones. The Food and Drug Administration is bought and paid for by the food and drug industries and does not go after those it supposedly controls unless their customers are already dropping dead from the latest contamination epidemic. See http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-10-11/your-food-shouldn-t-hospitalize-you.html .

In the US alone: 48 million sick, 100,000 hospitalised and 3,000 dead from eating shitty food every year. That's 1 in 7 Americans. You like those odds?

Anonymous said...

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