Obama just said these in his victory speech

What is politics and what is political campaign? It is about America for Americans. It is about no Americans having to fight for a job with foreigners. It is about equality. It is about American children being given the best opportunities to be in schools and colleges.

Politics is all about the well being of American citizens. He is still speaking. He is still on the air as I type these few words.

Obama added that all Americans must have hope for a better future, that as long as they are willing to reach out, to work for it, there is hope for every Americans, better jobs for every Americans. That is what politics and running for the Presidency were for Obama, to better the lives of Americans, not foreigners.


Anonymous said...

This is why the Pro Alien Politicians support the Republican Party and Mitt Romney.
Guys like Obama only spoil the market for Pro Alien Millionaires.

oldhorse42 said...

I think our govt strategy is different. Its study must have shown that new citizens will always vote for the party that feed them. Whereas the old citizen will bite the hands that feed them. So more shark fin soup and bird nest and abalone for foreigners and give them citizenship in double quick time
As for old sinkie citizen, redbean soup is good enough for them

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, "we give and take". Take from the poor and give the rich. This is the value of 60.1% of Singaporeans about JUSTICE.

Nicole Tin said...

Politician talk is cheap.

Show me the cash.

Alaska is the only state that pays all its residents $1000 or more every year.

That is true American Freedom

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Nicole, welcome to the blog.

And Alaska is not as rich as Sin. But Sin govt did give the people some year end bonuses of a couple of thousands each. Then they make the Sinkies paid heavily on housing and cars and medical as well.

The latest COE for a small car is $77k. Add the cost of the car plus all the taxes, how much would a Sinkie have to pay to own a car? And Sinkies did not know that the car buyer is not the only one paying for it.

The high COE price will trickle down to everyone, with taxi and taxi fares hitting first. The professionals, doctors and lawyers etc who need to buy the expensive cars would have to make the daft Sinkies pay for them when they see a doctor or a lawyer or anyone who bought an expensive COE car.

And public housing is no longer cheap. It can cost from $500k to nearly $2m. And daft Sinkies think those young people earning less than $12k can afford such outrageous 99 year lease public housing.

Anonymous said...

Obama is doing for America and Americans. Pro Alien Politicians is only doing for Singapore. Singapore without Singaporeans.
Highest pay in the whold but doing so little thing and only for themselves.


Anonymous said...

The US Republican party is really just an assorted collection of special interest groups e.g. defence contractors, gun rights groups, millionaires, Christian far right, etc.

Just like our Millionaires-In-White. Each Millionaire Minister is surrounded by a satellite of special interest groups trying to advance their agenda thru the Millionaire Ministers.
e.g. Thorium (nuclear energy) for Singapore, and etc.

Anonymous said...

Talking about COE for cars....
We pay COE to government in exchange for reduced road congestion.
Was that not the original promise?

Then how can road congestion be reduced with a few million new citizens, PRs and work permit holders?

What are we paying COE for?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

COE is not working because it is not high enough. Wait till it hits $200k. Akan datang.

Anonymous said...

RB, I was following the US elections. I was impressed with the way Romney gracefully conceded his defeat by congratulating Obama and how Obama acknowledged the efforts by Romney. I dream a day, Singapore politics would be that gracious. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

"I dream a day, Singapore politics would be that gracious..."

When pigs can fly to heaven ....

Anonymous said...

"I dream a day, Singapore politics would be that gracious..."

Remember someone wants to call out the SAF and police if a freak election happen?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans have accepted that in a democracy, the Presidency can change after every election. It is their way of life. The CCP also practising this. Two terms in office and change baton.

Here some think they own this island so to give it up to anyone else is not possible.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The Sheeple Get The Government and The Dictator They Deserve

Anonymous said...

If voting made any difference, we wouldn't be allowed to do it -- Mark Twain. It is just wayang here and there. Mitt Romney is just there to show americans that it looks like they have a choice.
The day people reaaly have a choice is the day the whole world turns borderless. Everyone can go and live and work in where they wanted.