Is Sinkieland a cheap third world joint?

Is Sinkieland a first world city or a third world joint? Are people and companies coming here because they see value in this island that could make their investments worthwhile as a package or just a cheap joint for low cost industries?

The picture painted is that this is a first world city where the talents of the world would like to be. And from the statistics on the huge influx of foreigners into the city to work, to become PR or citizens, this must be a choice place to be in. Surveys by international agencies also supported this view that Sinkieland is top choice for expats living and working.

If the finding is real, the city need not worry about companies setting up operations here and threatening to leave if foreign labour or half baked talents are not available. The city should be able to pick and choose and tell those companies that think low cost labour consisting of foreigners is the comparative advantage to set up operations elsewhere. But if we are being deceived and the reality is that this is another shit hole that no companies would want to locate here unless they can bring in third world cheap talents, then we have a serious problem to think about.

What is the truth? Is the city being held ransom by cheap labour intensive companies or really a choice destination, with good infrastructure, rule of law, ease to do business etc as the trump cards that put low cost labour as irrelevant?

One of the truths is that the high cost of operations is at the top and high rentals. Thus anything below top management has to be cheap. This makes sense to recruit more cheap foreigners to fill the ranks. And the reports that Sinkies are a minority in many foreign owned companies here is true. What choice do Sinkies have?

Are sinkies prepared to be a minority in the workplace eventually in the little island they called home? And not to forget, foreigners depressed wages but cost housing prices to go up, as well as cost of living. They are tearing away at the heart of Sinkies basic concerns.


Kaffein said...

This is the best article I have read for a seriously long while. I have asked this question so many times with nary a good answer. The hard truth is nobody seems to know which way we are heading.

My opinion? We are going backwards to third world countries mentality where we need to import foreign talents for management positions but keep the labour cost low with third world wages.


Anonymous said...

Used to be first world city but degenerate into third world shithole lar

denk said...

some recent headlines....

another wtf [white trash foreigner] beating a cab driver, this wtf is a poly lecturer, no less

nigerian conmen hooking local loney hearts as drug mules

shoplifters, thieves, pickpockets, robbers, murderers, rapists from all corners of the world........ guatamla, colombia, bangladesh, india, vietnam, china, indonesia, u name it.

truly a *cosmolitan paradise* to be proud of !!!

Anonymous said...

No need to ponder. Already a Third World. My teenage son was doing a paper on S'pore and in all aspects, the arrows are pointing to the Third World. It is actually sad and our MIW who are high up at the Ivory, didn't know the grounds.

Anonymous said...

Only Matilah Singapura can help Sinkies.

agongkia said...

Foreign companies are coming here because getting their own country men as FTs here is easy as abc and local are known to be dafts to them.They will happily work for foreign country company and be boss around by just by paying them a bit extra and they will condemn their own local Sinky towkay as cheapskate employers thus benefiting them.
So why not take this advantages to make a fortune here.
And dun think those on top are not aware of your grievances.
They are looking hard to please everyone but you all must have patience.Give them 20 years .

denk said...

what the hell is going on ?
why is spore apparently shooting itself in the foot ?
here's another clue.........

i've been calling st the wsj local edition
i dont realise how accurate its until i spotted the name
barry wain , so the rabid china baiter from wsj is now
st head honcho hehehe

look out for these two also, brahma chellaney, michael richardson, both serial china bashers that i've been tracking for yrs.
they'r also *regulars* in st now.

see what i mean ?

Anonymous said...

Like you and Kaffein, these too are questions I've been asking for a long time, esp with Hsien Loong going on about this country's many advantages when he's trying to tell us how good this place is.

If it is that good, why do we need to go super cheapo on labour? Why aren't we playing on our so-called many strengths instead?

I live in the east and find the place swarming with pple from western ctys -- like it was in the 60s, when I moved in. Quite a few I've encountered look down on the
Asian and Sporean -- like in the 60s and 70s.

All the past attempts to get the Asian recognised are just going to nought these days.

I find it galling that so many companies here are headed by foreigners. They used to be led by Singaporeans. So what happened?

As for all that this govt spouts on how older pple still have a role and should be employed, I've found that that is just talk. On the quiet, they - mostly the younger ministers and leaders - are looking for younger pple, for so-called "fresh ideas". Yet in too many instances, younger pple I know have not been able to offer me anything new and fresh. I get this from older pple!

Anonymous said...

Here is one way to make us cost competitive and get Singaporeans employed at the same time. But will never be acceptable as long as a PAP government is in charge.

Let's choose the industries and companies we want to partner with. Allow them the FREE USE of land in a location of our choosing. The land still belongs to the government.
The chosen companies will have to pay for their own buildings.
We will put in the roads.
In exchange, the chosen companies have to hire Singaporeans.
And the government will supply the Singaporeans if the chosen companies are unable to find & recruit the Singaporeans they need.

Anonymous said...

Your name is agongkia or gong-gong kia?
"They are looking hard to please everyone but you all must have patience.Give them 20 years ."

They have been given 47 years since 1965. Too bad. Your time is out.
Time to make way for other people from other parties with new ideas.
Take your millions in salaries and please bugger off.

The said...

We are a sweatshop in a "modern" setting.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia maybe 18 yrs old and innocent. He is asking 20 yrs for sinkies.
He or she him/herself probably can goes fot 30 yrs and longer.

Matilah_Singapura said...

"Is Sinkieland a cheap third world joint?"

Nope. It is an awesome rocking HOTEL, where you can come and go as you please and embark on just about any profit-centered venture.

Once you understand and accept that, you will begin to see possibilities instead of wallowing in your self-pity...which no one gives a shit about anyway.

You are free to prove to the world that you are a loser ;-)

As for the rest of like-minded individuals, continue to make it ROCK OUT!

Anonymous said...

First world, third world no matter. Singapore is really blessed when million dollar minister's top concern is to worry about people returning trays in hawker centres.

The said...

/// Matilah_Singapura said...
Nope. It is an awesome rocking HOTEL, where you can come and go as you please ///

Tell that to Ng Boon Gay and Cecelia Sue.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Who the fuck are they and why should I even care?