Najib kenna stabbed in the back

Must give it to Najib for trying so hard to woo the non Malay voters for the coming GE. He has done many things that were tabooed before, offering concessions to other ethnic interests. I must say that some of the fence sitters were wavering and could be thinking of returning to the BN banner. And even Mahathir said the moment is ripe for a GE. But he qualified that with time down the road, things could change and will change if the election is not called soon.

Unfortunately he has spoken too early. There was a news yesterday that a Chinese hair dressing shop was issued a summon for cutting the hair of a male Chinese by a female Chinese hair dresser. This is the new ‘law’ that the govt is pulling out to impose its value and lifestyle on other ethnic groups. When they don’t do it or cannot do it, other ethnic groups would not be allowed to do so. There is a new ‘law’ that Muslim female hair dressers can only cut the hair of female Muslim customers and male to cut the hair of male customers. Now this is being imposed on the non Muslims.

This hidden and deep seated obsession to impose its religious ethos, values and life prohibitions is going to remind the other ethnic groups of more to come. Would it be extended to no pork, no alcohol, no movies and no whatsoever, no lion dance, no religious parades etc etc?

Did Najib know that this is being done and is undermining his friendly gestures and olive branch to the other ethnic groups? It is interesting to know how the other ethnic groups are thinking now. UMNO will never know the truth, and neither will Najib know the truth until the next GE result is announced.

PS: Just read the paper, Correction, the hair cut summon was issued by PAS in Kelantan and MCA is taking issue with. Still this is something the non Malay parties are very high about. They just did not know when and who is going to up the challenge to see who is more ultra.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Correction, the hair cut summon was issued by PAS in Kelantan and MCA is taking issue with.

So Najib and BN is safe on this. But Najib also warned about internal party strife and sabotaged in the media today.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Some aspects of Malaysian culture have not evolved past the dark ages lah.

Thank gods and godesses we, The Almighty Singaporeans, seceded from that fucked racially-based quasi religious tribe, and pulled way ahead in terms of creating wealth.