My parents are very important people

This elitist uncaring face attitude is not going away. After the public lashing and the dressing down in Parliament a few years back, it is resurfacing again. Two teenagers camped in a nursing room at Woodlands Regional Library and refused to allow a young mother to nurse her baby. They even showed her the middle finger and wrapped up the insult with the ‘My parents are very important people’ message. Until today, no one knows who they are. Though their photos were all over the internet, there seems to be a kind of self censorship in place. In the last elitish uncaring face, the elitist child’s face, name and parents were public knowledge. In this case the parents must be really important. Mypaper carried an article of the incident with the two elitist boys’ photo but with their faces pixilated. With a handheld computer game gadget in hand and some drinks on the table, they must be there having a good time for quite a while. And wonder how many nursing mothers were turned away because they thought their parents were important and they could occupy the nursing room as their personal playroom. Would this be the last of such elitist uncaring face incident or this is really the beginning? Interesting to know what the parents must have taught them.


Anonymous said...

Ya must be very important as no one dares to point them out lor

Matilah_Singapura said...

A bunch of rude kids. So what?

It just reflects on the low-quality parenting skills. If the kid's an asshole, chances are his parents are too.

patriot said...

In full agreement with Matilah_Singapura.
The behaviours of children depend most on the inculcation from their parents.
Shudder to imagine if the said kids were offsprings of political strongmen/women and how abusive they will me.

Having said the Aforesaid; school and society
too have their roles in educating the people, kids and all. The leaders have to be role models and when they failed, the place will just go to the Dingos and Hyenas.


Padaly said...

I'm afraid that our SinCity will one day be run by kids like those "groomed" by their "powerful", "important" and "elitist" parents of the land! They are nvr spanked before, exhibited selfish merciless uncaring attitude with zero compassion and zilch EQ! God bless our SinCity! Let it not sink or stink further!

Dr Spock said...

Poor little badly brought up children are like giant bottom-sucking fishes in a very small pond. When they get out to the big bad ocean, they will realise they aren't so important after all.

Hell, even LKY couldn't get the UK National Health Service to prioritise Mrs LKY's brain scan when she needed one while visiting. What chance do these poor little anchovies have?

Anonymous said...

A generation brought up without being taught civics and moral education are themselves bringing up kids that are capable of worse behaviour in time to come.

That is why I doubt Singaporeans will ever return to being gracious or civic minded. One generation is all it took to destroy the ethics of good behavior. It is now too late to try all those current gimmicks, short of fines, to get people to return trays, give up seats or littering.

Yes, fines will do the job temporarily, but will not change the innate behaviour of Singaporeans in any way, just like littering.

So what is the point if good social behaviour of Singaporeans can only be instilled by way of hurting their pockets. It will change nothing.