My eye balls rolling

The MOM is tightening rules for the PEP or Personalised Employment Pass for top tier foreign talents working in Sin. According to the media, this pass was introduced in 2007 to attract highly skilled foreigners to Sin. Pardon me for the pun. The terms of the PEP are so generous and liberal that it must be a privilege to qualify for one. Now the change, effective Dec 1, only those who earn a fixed annual income of $144k qualifies. Well, for such an exclusive pass and privileges, this should be the case.

Why are my eye balls rolling? Oh, it was also reported that when the PEP was introduced, this group of highly skilled foreign talents needed only $3,400 monthly income to qualify. Wow, must be some kind of exclusive talents doing charity works here. A new lousy local graduate’s starting pay is already more than $3000. So all our local graduates must be exceptionally qualified talents ya?

Now I can understand why Sin is so attractive to millions of highly talented FTs, all queuing up to Sin. My eyeballs haven’t stop rolling. We have 174,000 employment pass holders working here. I don’t have the number of PMETs that are unemployed, underemployed, or upgraded to become cleaners and masseurs and nurses. I am sure these PMETs, if health is ok, would not mind being reemployed for $3,400 instead.

The Human Resource professionals need a rethink, to look at the local PMETs as a trove of national treasure. Many are well qualified, highly experienced, and would be willing to take less, the same as cheap FTs, for a job. The HRs must be able to convince their bosses that this group of PMETs is value for money. They must not forget that they are paving a way for their own future and the future of their bosses who would very soon join the Dad’s Army and become redundant PMETs.

The strange thing about the HR profession is that they never grow old. The top management also never grow old. So growing old and becoming redundant will not be their problem. They will live forever young.


Anonymous said...

It's so simple to improve our immigration policies. Just vote Opposition in GE 2016.

Matilah_Singapura said...

There is no such thing as "job security". The sooner people get rid of their wishful thinking and entitlement mentality, the greater the degree of personal freedom they attain -- at least in the mind, where it all happens anyway.

I agree that local businesses should employ locals...but not at the price the would-be employees wand. Why should I pay a local grad -- still wet behind the years, with the general mentality of a child 3 grand when I can get a "foreign import" who will work harder and not complain for less?

You have to think like a greedy, bottom-line focused, narrowly self-interested business operator. At the end of the day he/she is into PROFIT and POSITIVE CASH FLOW. The business operator is not running a charity whose function it is to employ people on the basis of "pity". Get fucking real lah.

> upgraded to become cleaners and masseurs and nurses.

Here is redbean in all his finery as a typical Singaporean "job snob".

If you don't have a job in your chosen field, the "intelligent" thing to do is to get a job...any job, and do it well. This is known by most well-balanced and rational adults as having a "good attitude", instead of being a victim and blaming the world just because you cannot have what you want. Again: Get fucking real lah.

FT's coming in. So what?

They're getting perks. So what? You jelly ah? .

You think they are "over rated" having no greater or even less skills than the local they are supposed to be replacing? So what? Lum pah pah lan ah...really? You mean you are so free to feel animosity and carry that negativity around 24/7?

Get fucking real lah!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, I know your backside is itching this morning. Don't be an ass lah. There are many highly qualified PMETs who are willing to take on lesser jobs and lower paying jobs, same pay or lesser than FTs but were shunned and not wanted.

This is something that the govt got to address before it balloons into a big social and political problem.

Anonymous said...

This should have been implemented at least 5 years ago. The damage has already been done. To little too late.

Stupid people will simply have to reap what they sow. Now they will simply have to factor in the unimaginable prospect that brain drain is inexorable in Singapore.

LKY's dream has finally come true, we would all have to go abroad to work abroad as maids and coolies.

Not many people are likely to forgive or forget what misery and grief the PAP has wrought on ordinary hardworking natives. Not many at all. And if they are wise, the custodians of power will simply have to accept this idea that no matter how much hype and spin they may deploy, minds have already been made up Chin Leng.

Darkness 2012

The said...

/// this group of highly skilled foreign talents needed only $3,400 monthly income to qualify. ///

Not just your eye balls rolling - your jaw should be dropping and your other balls should be dropping as it is worse than you thought.

The qualifying salary was not even $3,400 a month. It was $34,000 a year or $2,833 a month.

These are really fallen talents - those who are unemployed or retrenched from other countries making a beeline here.

patriot said...

Brain drain is no issue to the Rulers
so long as they can attract and draw
in the filthy rich to seek safe haven in
Sin for their fortunes and their families
and clans.
And in the process also benefit the Rulers
themselves tremendously.

Sinkies have shown themselves to be
able to survive under past and present conditions, so there is little to worry about

The people must admit that they are adapting and living well such that most are
happy to want no change of regime.

Is it a case of You die your business being prevalent amongst the Sinkies themselves?


oldhorse42 said...

My eye balls are also rolling when I read about a FT was jailed for a drug offence. He was also epileptic.He was employed by an international auditing firm.Recently in the news is another FT employed as a Senior Legal Manager who was jailed for stealing $4000 worth of jewellery from his land lady.
These are high paying jobs. Are there no local good enough for these jobs?

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, after you have stopped with the ad hominems because you're debating skills are sub par..then again, you probably won't because you still can't form proper arguments...anyway..

>> but were shunned and not wanted.

Being shunned and not wanted (got proof?, empirical proof?) does not grant these motherfuckers an "automatic claim" on the rest of the universe to force others to "love" them.

Don't be ridiculous, and such a fucking child who cannot handle rejection.

Adults are free to associate and dissociate with other adults. No one can be forced to "accept" or "like" another person, and NO ONE with NO EXCEPTIONS is owed a living by anyone else.

Got maturity?

Anonymous said...

No need to say so much. Just vote any opposition in GE 2016 and everything will be okay. The sun will become brighter, air fresher, birth rates shoot up, employment suddenly aplenty especailly the PMETs types, salaries shoot up, work only 9- 5, cost of living crash, COE abolished, HDB crashed, private property crashed, citizens can withdraw anything they want, education and health all at only $1but world class standards of care, everybody happy.

Children stress and workers stress all come down because no need to work so hard anymore because no more distinction and meritocracy. Anyway no need to distinct so much because all are Singaporeans, our local people.

No need to attract foreigners. For what ? Singapore should be our country for only sinkies to savour. Property will also not shoot up so that our future generations can afford a roof over their head. Brain drain is no issue, for the land is so beautiful nobody wants to leave and nobody wants to come.

Patriot of the land

Anonymous said...

Matilah fucking nonsense again. I prefer u stick to your pussy story at least I can jerk it off . When you understand what a nation is relative to her citizen then talk lar. If not your wet dream story is better.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

He has no country. He left Sin but cannot feel that he is Aussie. So he prefers every country to open up, borderless, for him. And everyone will be stateless like him.

This is his trend of thought. He is going to get angry with this truth.

Anonymous said...

Matilah is spokesman for
international citizen.
He gladly declared he is
a orang champoran, his
self branding of 'chap
cheng', meaning mixed
blood. Surely, he cannot
be loyal to just two nations.

Understandably, he is good
to all. However, he is reasonable.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I am "loyal" to no nation or man-made "authority". I am LOYAL to REAL flesh and blood people who also reciprocate in REAL relationships.

I (try) only (to) act in my own self interest. Home is where I hang my hat (bald guys like wearing hats), and if there is opportunity there, I am willing to offer exchange so that the other party profits as well as myself. This is called "free trade". I am a "free trader".

redbean is nearly correct: the concept of "state" . As usual he offers an incomplete picture -- only amplifying that which he already believes.

If you want to hang labels on my political-economic philosophy, those would be agorist, anarcho-capitalism, Austro-Libertarian. There is a new FREE book out called "The Second Realm". You will find the audio and pdf versions in episodes 40, 45 & 46 here.

I am a Singapore citizen. I also own property in Singapore, and have many good relationships withe real people -- local and foreign. But I could care less about the state and even less about the "rulers". Singapore offers significant benefits to the anarcho-capitalist: low taxes, free labour markets, reasonably hard currency, excellent financial and legal services with high levels of confidentiality, ease of travel, complex service-based economy, stable politics, well-educated population and above all it is so fucking EASY to live there.

I would suspect than many "foreigners" as well as locals are also anarcho-capitalists and agorists, but unlike myself, prefer not to truly reveal themselves. Anarcho-capitalists tend to be universally hated by all schools of philosophy.

They see us as greedy, immoral, uncompassionate etc etc...which only shows their ignorance of human nature and the great but often missed potential which every individual has.

Instead all other schools of political-economy rest on the idea of legalised theft from one sector of the population and subsequent redistribution to another sector in exchange for "loyalty" at the ballot box. Democracy is a totalitarian system

@patriot 1158: Brain drain is no longer an issue in mostr cuntrees. If you hear the term used by politicians and intellectuals, be on your guard. Within a few moments they'll attempt to hijack your mind and then your wallet to fund another useless "policy".

You will find that most projects now are global and rely on "brains" from all over the world. "Brain shares" is the order of the day.

@anon 1129: The idea of "nation" is fast becoming an artifact of history. I would say that the children of our grandchildren will be bewildered if someone in the future tried to explain to them the idea of "nation".


>> meaning mixed

There is no such thing as "race" as a scientific/ biological idea. All human blood is essentially the same, as are our 2 sets of DNA -- human, and mitochondrial. (mitochondria are found in every species. We carry what is believed to be mitochondrial DNA of BACTERIAL origin)

patriot said...

Matilah Singapura agrees that brain drain is no problem and it is certainly so.
I definitely have no problem with it as me feels the professional abd elite in Sin do not benefit the people at large. In fact, I am of the view that; like the Rulers, the Brainny Lot preys as much on the People. Be they doctor, lawyer, ceo, manager, consultant, adviser and business people. Exploitation and manipulation are norms in Sin and they are without exception practise by elites abd those with authority. What can the plebeians do other than become their victims.

The Rulers can be nonchalant about the drain. There are tens and hundreds of thousand queuing to come to Sin from China, India, Indonesia and everywhere else. So brain drain is no big deal indeed.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We all here respect all kinds of creeps, including the anarcho capitalist, the selfish and greedy to want everything for themselves.

We also respect people who want a more egalitarian and just society for the average guy. The anarcho and the greedy can do what is best for themselves. So can the other groups that want a fairer society, a small wage gap, the good things or necessities be cheaper and not shitty affordable.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Who gives a shit about who you respect and who you don't? Definitely not me ;-)

What makes you so sure that anarcho capitalism cannot benefit the "average guy"?

Why do you hold such a low opinion of the "average guy" that you think the ONLY WAY for him to prevail is to engage in a system of centralised legal theft -- where The State takes from one group and redistributes to another, forcing one group to be victims of crime and the other recipients of welfare -- which is how "egalitarianism" (aka communism, socialism)really works.

The best part is that you are not even aware of the low social status you award the "average people".

Got subconscious bigotry?