Little fantasies, myths and beliefs

I could not remember what was the annual sum quoted to maintain the make believe gardens at Marina South. The novelties are wearing down and the exuberant crowds have dissipated, or at least during weekdays. The abundance of eateries is putting pressure on the operators of barely half filled joints, sitting glorious like petrol stations in a way out park in the desert. If the revenue from the eateries were computed to defray the original maintenance cost of the gardens, this is going to rocket when they called it a day or with rentals tumbling down. The little fantasy could be a long drawn financial drain on the public coffer. There is another interesting article in the Sunday Times on the poorest president in office, Uruguayan President Jose Mujica. He does not live in the equivalent of a White House or the Elysee Palace but in his little farm house. He donated 90% of his US$12,000 monthly salary to charity and drives around in a 1987 Volkswagen worth US$1,800. His philosophy in life is not to be burdened by possessions. This is what he said, ‘I am called “the poorest president”, but I don’t feel poor. Poor people are those who only work to try to keep an expensive lifestyle, and always want more and more.’ I don’t think he will fit into the ethos of living in Sin. He is easy going, no drive, no greed and no ambition to want to be a multi millionaire, and did not claim that he had sacrificed for the country by taking up political office. Neither did he claim that his income is far below market rate. Another piece which would trash the learning Mandarin is difficult myth for the Chinese Sinkies is about the two precocious little girls of investment guru Jim Rogers. They were Americans but speak fluent Mandarin that they learnt while attending local schools on arriving here. The presence of a Mandarin speaking home environment helps with a full time personal tutor. What is more important is the passion and purpose of wanting to learn a language and the ability to see its usefulness in the future. But this will be an exception as some Chinese Sinkies will still find learning Mandarin more difficult than pursuing a course in rocket science. Another myth centres in the now infamous CIA Director Gen Petraeus. It has nothing to do with his ECA but how the CIA thought it expedient or convenient to con the American public and the world with their reports. Think WMD. In this case it was the 911 attacked of the US Embassy in Benghazi and the killing of its Ambassador. The official and public statements made were that it was a spontaneous rioting. The truth is that it was a planned terrorist attack to commemorate the September 11 attack on the World Trade Centre twin towers. This kind of misinformation or telling white lies is nothing new to the CIA or the American Administration. Fortunately or unfortunately many believers will still believe that anything coming out from the American govt or western media must be the truth, as they keep repeating them. These are interesting readings and food for thought on a Sunday morning.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Why do you say Jim Rogers kids are "precocious"?

Anonymous said...

how much to hire a full time personal tutor?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They are bright, confident and knowing what is best for them and willing to take the training planned for them.

As for the personal tutor, for those who need, will depend on their pockets. For most Chinese Sinkies, it is not difficult to create a Chinese speaking environment. Just tune to Channel 8 more often.

Anonymous said...

You sound like MIW.
"Very easy to learn Mandarin" sounds like "HDB flat very affordable"

Matilah_Singapura said...

"A Letter To My Daughters". Check it out. Every responsible parent needs to get a copy for their kids.

People like Mr Rogers -- a tireless promoter of individualism, private enterprise and personal responsibility -- need to be appreciated and thanked by Singaporeans.

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