Incestuous relationship and self gratification

The natives of Sin should stand up to applaud Prof Tommy Koh for his vocal support to the lonely voice of Prof Lim Chong Yah in his call for narrowing the income gap and inequality in our society. And thank the ST for publishing his view on this. One or two individuals, no matter how distinguished, could not make any ground against a pack of hyenas. There is an urgent need for the intellectuals with a conscience to stand together to make the voice heard.

In his article in the ST today, Tommy Koh was hitting hard by quoting British PM David Cameroon’s comment about incestuous relationship in high places, ‘I scratch your back, you scratch mine’ in the UK. Among the pseudo elite who are there to protect each other’s interest and pocket, there is a race to pay one another as much as they could. This kind of self gratification or in colloquial terminology, ‘pah chiu cheng’ is getting so serious and prevalent that it has become a norm. The elite thought nothing of it, that it is their right of passage to richness and instant gratification.

The pseudo elite are not blind or stupid. They knew exactly what they were doing, selective objectivity. Tommy Koh quoted the choice of using the flawed American model to pay themselves crazy instead of the more conservative Japanese model when the loot is much smaller. It is so glaring that the American model is running down the American and the world economy, but the pseudo elite are turning a blind eye to the dire consequences awaiting. They refuse to acknowledge or discuss the flaws of the system as long as they can continue to ‘pah chiu cheng’ and have a good time at the expense of the other extreme end of the social economic spectrum.

Tommy ended his article by saying, ‘In conclusion, I wish to thank Prof Lim for being our moral conscience. He has reminded us that our mission is to achieve growth with equity. Our mission is to build a fair and prosperous Singapore. What we have achieved so far is a prosperous but unfair society. Prof Lim has warned us that we have deviated from our original path and that we are dangerously close to a point when our inequality could adversely affect our cohesion and harmony.’

Thank you Tommy. To those elite with a conscience, Tommy added, ‘those at the top, should, however, reflect deeply on Prof Lim’s proposal and on their responsibility to society.’

Unfortunately many are busily trapped in the act of ‘pah chiu cheng’ and have no time to reflect and simply shoot off their hips at the proposal of Lim Chong Yah, without taking their attention off their act of self gratification for a moment. Just wait for the hyenas screaming in chorus to attack Tommy this time.


Anonymous said...

Tommy has my respect. I think beside professor and tommy, there is another guy supporting this argument

Anonymous said...

The pseudo elites are running out of time.
A Singapore era is drawing to a close.
And the free ride they have been enjoying will end with him.
So have to make as much money as possible before fleeing with the ill gotten gains.

Anonymous said...

Any collaboration within the clan or pack is obviously incestuous.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Why not just leave things alone, and allow those who are motivated to be wealthy do as they please (within the law) to achieve their "dreams"?

You make people "equal", you kill motivation and innovation.

Anonymous said...

Why not the filthy rich share the loots with the people they robbed?

The said...

Am currently reading "Why Nations Fail" by Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson.

Some extracts:

"Instead of a political voice, Roman citizens now had free handouts of wheat and, subsequently, olive oil, wine, and pork, and were kept entertained by circuses and gladiatorial contests....

"He also took control over the Church, just as Henry VII did when centralizing the state in England. With this process of political centralization, Peter was taking power away from others and redirecting it toward himself....

"Mugabe had in fact only recently awarded himself and his cabinet salary hikes of up to 200 percent....

"Nations fail today because their extractive economic institutions do not create the incentives needed for people to save, invest and innovate....

Anonymous said...

Does Tommy Koh beilieve that writing articles is sufficient to save Singapore from potentially disastrous future? Look at the countervailing forces which tightly control this country with which he should be familiar. For a start the headline to his article is In Defence Of Lim Chong Yah. Was Tommy defending LCY or was he decrying the incestous culture that prevails in the West to the detriment of the citizens? The need to characterise the piece as a defence of the lonely LCY is to detract from its importance and truth. But, with respect the Tommy the incestuous relationships that plague the business world pervades all the fundamental institutions in Singapore - the elite in the civil service, the srmed forces, etc. As LKY points out "I appoint you and you appoint me." Unless Tommy and other like-minded persons are prepared to go further than writing articles nothing will change.The headlines in the previous page in the ST screaming "Have We Gone Too Far" by two hacks should give him food for thought.

Anonymous said...

These so called "intellectuals" who propose this radical method of solving the income gap know very well it will never be accepted. Why do they not come up with a workable solution?

To suggest something that doesn't work, is just as good as being part of the problem.

Old trumpets blaring out an old tune. That is the way I see Tommy & Co. They know jolly well, no one in the establishment will back such a cracked brained scheme.

Darkness 2012

Anonymous said...

The recommendation that will work for the establishment is $1 for you and $1,000 for me. Better, $1 for you and $100,000 for me.

This kind of recommendations sure accepted.

Anonymous said...

Matilah state within the law but who writes and passed the law we have? Alamak

Anonymous said...

Had Professor Lim made such suggestions a decade or two ago, a fatwa would have been issued on his head.

Now, why do you think the PAP is suddenly so guilt stricken to want to uplift the income of the lower wage earners? Or am I seeing the wrong picture?

With HDB flat prices shooting to the roof, more CPF contributions would suit the PAP fine. HDB is once again affordable.

The adjustments will do nothing to ensure that Singaporeans will see some of their CPF money at 55. On the contrary, the PAP is making sure that Singaporeans have nothing to withdraw at 55 by making HDB flats so expensive, that every cent goes back to them for keeps. With the minimun sum and medisave amounts going up as well every year, Singaporeans will in years to come be asset rich in the millions, but are really poor in cash. That is not good.

Veritas said...

Lim Chong Yah and Tommy Koh's ideas have very little socialism inside, and its not enough. For SG to move forward, I would suggest

1) Universal healthcare

2) Free education

3) landed property for every
Singaporeans at cost of maximum 6x per capita median annual income (its per capita income, not the rigged household income). You cannot have a healthy and mentally sound citizen without them rolling on mud in childhood

4) a single COE entitlement for a family of 4.

5)Remove GST, reintroduce estate tax, scrap the "rent-value based" property tax and introduce land-value based property tax.

6)introduce FT quota like H1B visa

7) wage of minister or CEO must not be greater than 14x those of Janitor, like what Germany does

8) Scrap CPF, introduce pension for old.

I have introduce no radical socialism. It is not even socialist at all. The above measure even if fully implemented is still well within centrist capitalism.

Anonymous said...

These paper warriors will never enter the battle field themselves.
Talk cock sing songs lanpar song and appear like folk heroes,

Wayang besar lah, kawan.

patriot said...

The Tide is turning and these smart buggers are just going with the Flow.

They did not chose to champion the last two decades, instead they went along with the Flow then.

What say You?


Anonymous said...

patriot is right.
LCY and TK are just going with the flow.
They had a chance to do something positive for Sinkies over the last 20 years.
They did nothing.
Just ignore them as background noise.

Regime change is coming to Singapore.
And it will happen with or without them.
Because we've learned to create change without needing their august blessings and approval in GE 2011.
They are yesterday men.

Anonymous said...

"There's a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you're all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us."
Catwoman/Selina Kyle to Billionaire Bruce Wayne/Batman

Lim Chong Yah. Tommu Koh.
Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the song of angry men.
It is the music of a people
Who will not be slaves again.

Anonymous said...

We never realised how wonderfully contrived was the CPF scam in the early years. Slowly, surely, they hijacked everybody's life savings for old age, leaving them with no choice but to work until they die.
Now, there is no turning back.

Singaporeans have been screwed by the PAP, front, back, left, right, downwards and upwards and thrown down the rubbish chute. The wonderful part is that the majority, 60% as least, still do not realise that. Ignorance is indeed bliss.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You can all keep on talking the cock you are so good at.

FACT IS: Singapore is populated (locally) by Sheeple. And these Sheeple -- knowingly or not -- directly or indirectly -- support, maintain and encourage a Confusianism philosophy: whereby the action and planning of the cuntree, society and peoples lives are to be done by highly skilled "elites" or "mandarins" because they posses special knowledge, ability and POWER.

Still doubtful? I'll give a general example. The moment something goes wrong or a "problem" arises, the people STRAIGHT AWAY, without even a moments hesitation, automatic behaviour for automatons...they straight away either:

1. Blame a minister
2. Demand the minister fix the problem (or resign and demand his successor fix the problem)
3. Call for a change of government so that the new one can fix the problem
4. Hand out some "citizen advice" which involves the government fix the problem.

Perhaps some Sheeple are sick and tired of being the eternal victims. They might be interested in alternatives:

1. Trust government? Very bad scene
2. What is agorism?

The more you ask for government help or action, the more it validates the arrogance and obscene "pay" (theft) of ministerial salaries, and the BIGGER the state grows and the more they restrict your freedom, decide your destiny and confiscate from your rice bowl.

Got slavery?

Anonymous said...

Vote Opposition in GE 2016.
We've got nothing to lose.
PAP government is getting to expensive.
I can't afford them anymore.
They've taken all my money.
And whatever is left is all tied up in my HDB flat and CPF.

conrad said...

Actually Lim Chong Yah is the father of Lim Suet Fern, who is the wife of Lee Hsien Yang. So they and the venerable Dr Tommy Koh are all elites still, who speak up and not toe the line.

Matilah_Singapura said...

"The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter." -- Winston Churchill

Singapore is first a REPUBLIC, not a democracy. IMO even being a republic is too "excessive". It should revert to its status as a COLONY -- not a British colony, but a colony of voluntarily acting individuals. Or perhaps just a happening Hotel, where one can come and go as one pleases, do whatever the fuck one likes to do as long as it is peaceful.

Of course the chances of that happening in our lifetimes is as remote Lee Kuan Yew crawling out of his grave and singing "Majulah Singapura".

Here are some resources for self-interested, freedom loving, free traders and unstoppable profit-seeking producers -- the type of individual I proudly aspire to. (it's a process)

1. The 7 Never-to-be-Forgotten Principles of Government

2. Why Government Doesn't Work by Harry Browne

And remember, when it comes to the ballot, try not to be like all the other myth-believing idiots -- the Sheeple who will always get the government they deserve

Anonymous said...

Lim Chong Yah is just one vote.
Tommy Koh is just one vote.
Why didn't they speak up over these last 20 years?
Whatever their motives.
It's too little, too late.
Their "talents" can be replaced with a foreign talent.
We don't need them in the new regime.

Anonymous said...

I don't need LCY or TK to speak up for me. I can speak for myself, thank you very much.
The last time I trusted someone (PAP) to speak for me and represent me ... well just look at the fine mess we are in.
I will fight my own fights. I will represent my own self interest. If you want my vote, tell me how you are going to benefit me.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi conrad, welcome to the blog.

When both Lim Chong Yah and Tommy Koh started, things were going on reasonably well. The ministers were not demanding for the sky.

They are coming out now because things are going out of control. The way the country is going is not to the likings of the average sinkie. It is like the support of the people for the party in the early years. There was a communion, a bond and understanding between the ruling govt and the people.

Now this umblical cord has been severed and both are heading in opposite directions. More and more elite will want to speak out now as things have changed and they too have changed their minds.

The said...

/// Matilah_Singapura said...
"The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter." -- Winston Churchill ///

Well, this bloke also said:

"It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.

Matilah_Singapura said...

>> Well, this bloke also said: [...]

Yup. He was an epic drunkard. Which is why he's so profound ;-)

If you read blogs like the Temasek Review and Online Citizen, you'll get a feel of how really fucking stupid many VOTING Singaporeans are, and how they act from fear, not from something more "noble".

"The People Get The Government (and hence the Cuntree, which leads to the cultural, social, political, and economic stituations) They Deserve".

...and voting doesn't solve anything.

Last Words by H L Mencken

Anonymous said...

Matilah_Singapura offers the best solution for
Sinkies to live in Sin.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Please kind sir, don't put that kind of pressure or high expectation on me.

Anonymous said...

Alright Sir!
Please allow me to rephrase it.
Singapura Matilah will make Sinkies live better in Sin.


auto said...

These pigies or expigies speak out these days cos they know the internet with the help of some genius will bring the downfall of pig, will expose the sin of pig, capable of bringing a sin spring etc. They are trying to redeem themselves.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 204

> Singapura Matilah will make Sinkies live better in Sin.


Still no good. It has never been my intention to "help" "others" -- for the simple fact that I have no fucking idea who these "others" are. It is a label for an abstract concept that is not grounded in the real world. (what we can all loosely agree on being an "objective reality")

And I am definitely against "will make". I really don't want to force anyone to do my bidding -- unless it is a matter of voluntary exchange e.g. "suck my dick and I'll give you 50 bucks" -- free and fair trade. ;-)

The real world is all I care about, not floating abstractions nor the opinions based on those fluffy ideas.

The term "Sinkies" is also a label. What does it mean -- in reality? Who are these "Sinkies" --- in reality?

I actually like living at Hotel Singapore. I have strong networks of highly motivated, well-balanced and productive individuals, a great social life, a wild sex life and am free to pursue my "happiness". I keep away from the state as much as possible -- as I do anywhere else.

I never read the local papers, unless redbean posts a scadalous article. I don't own, and have NEVER owned a TV.

I have no (zero, zip, nada) interest in what the government is doing or how the people are feeling or who's fucking who, or what "social problems" there are...confining myself to a very narrow, willfully ignorant, fairly inflexible world view -- focused on my life primarily and the interactions with my networks.

My opinion of "the authorities" in Singapore are that they are a bunch of over-paid and over-rated buffoons, who manipulate the Sheeplke in the most ENTERTAINING ways -- but at least they leave profit-seeking privateers alone -- unless of course they break laws.

I see no reason to change my stance -- but I will if I see evidence to do so. I actually enjoy the entertaining experience of witnessing the consequences of butt-fuck-stupid behaviour of many locals, their unscientific and non-critical intellects, their fear-driven choices...and above all.. their immutable ARROGANCE in believing that they are RIGHT.

Fuck me, I laugh everyday at these dumb fuckers until I have to run to the loo to take a piss. I have to hold my (big) cock steady, because I'm still laughing, and thus run the risk of pissing all over the floor.

So keep up the side-splitting ENTERTAINMENT you dumb fucks. I'm having an uproarious time at Hotel Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Great wisdom and long live Botak Matilah.

You have just provided the Wisdom Sinkies need to live betterer in Sin.

Anonymous said...

A case of someone needing assurance from others and claiming otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Shanmugam boasted in his ST interview his million dollar ministerial pay is less than his income tax when he was in the private sector. Anyone still has any doubt we have an obscene and unconscionable system which overpays the elites?

Anonymous said...

Few elites in Sin have conscience in whatever professions they are in. Be it political, medical, law, finance and religion.

Anonymous said...

What Dr. Cheong, OCBC Chairman said recently.

"It wasn't that long ago that lawyers bore the brunt of cruel jokes and cartoons for being mercenary and unscrupulous. They've now been displaced and replaced by bankers. That is tragic because as custodians of other people's money, we, more than anyone else, should be unimpeachable."

Anonymous said...

When the leeches said they are number Two, no one else will dare claim to be number One, not the bankers, not the lawyers.

Anonymous said...

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