In praise of the brilliant policies

Two key issues dominated the Natcon recently. Public housing is still affordable and CPF savings for the young will be enough when they retired. Some could add a third, the PSLE. I fully agree with the survey and comments that public housing is affordable and the CPF savings of the young will definitely be enough when they retired.

The caveats. As long as the repayment term is flexible, as long as the rubber band formula does not snap, public housing is affordable. (My personal definition of affordable is one income and a 20 year repayment at not more than 30% of monthly salary. Sinkies must not blindly subscribe to the deception of a moving reference point that makes the next astronomical number looks like only a small increment. It is a sneaky way of reasoning to make the unreasonable appears reasonable). It is time to put a stop to this unending Natcon that public housing is not affordable. It is affordable! You need proof, well just look at the queue and the happy buyers of every BTO launch. You want real numbers? There was a case where a buyer’s monthly income is only $1,000 and he could buy a 3 rm flat, or was it 4 rm? Then there was this couple who earn less than $12,000 pm and could afford to buy a $1.77m executive condo. These are hard proofs that at both ends, public housing is definitely affordable. Other wise there will be no one buying them. And for those who cannot afford to buy, just too bad, work harder and earn more or lower your expectation, buy within your means. But if you earn more than $12k, buy within your means also, empty your wallet to get a private property. It is prudent to spend every cent you have for a private property.

As for the savings in the CPF, sure, I am 100% sure that the young will have plenty of money in their CPF when they retire. The fear that inflation will eat up everything in the savings and turns the currency into banana notes is unfounded. When inflation goes up, just increase the amount to be saved, to be kept in the minimum sum. So easily done. If inflation goes up by 200%, make sure that the minimum goes up by the same amount or more. By then, if a plate of char kway teow is $1000, no sweat, the minimum sum could be $20m. So much moolah! As long as the minimum sum formula is as elastic as a rubber band, it can be stretched and stretched to accommodate the slack. I would even guarantee that it would be affordable when the young hit retirement age at 80 or 90. There will be plentiful of money in their CPF. Don’t worry about the value of the money. Don’t worry, I won’t be around.

In conclusion, these two topics should cease to be national issues for discussion in the Natcon. Natcon should be used to discuss about happiness, graciousness, kindness, harmony, and how we want the country to be in the future.


Anonymous said...

After paying my taxes, I don't like to do my government's work for them by further having a NatCON.

So I'm voting for the Opposition in GE 2016, so that the NatCON can be conducted in its rightful place ... in the Singapore Parliament.

Anonymous said...

The leaders deserve every praise You accorded them.
They are indeed brilliant to be chosen by the people who appreciate their talents, big opened hearts and huge sacrifices made for the people and the land.
Singaporeans know that with Ministers so dedicated to the people, nothing will not be unaffordable.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 948
Matilah guarantee agrees wth You.

Matilah_Singapura said...

>> Public housing is still affordable and CPF savings for the young will be enough when they retired. Some could add a third, the PSLE.

Myth Busters:

1. >> Public housing is still affordable

Given the scarcity of land, and the increasing population, IMO "Public" housing is still OK. "Affordable" is too vague a term.

There is no such thing as "ownership" in public housing. If You lease from the govt, or you rent rooms/ entire flat from an existing lease holder. Either way, everyone has to PAY in order to LIVE.

2. CPF savings for the young will be enough when they retired.

CPF is not savings. It is a tax. If you still believe it is "savings", then fucking good luck to you, you dumb fuck.

3. Some could add a third, the PSLE.

An in consequential exam taken by 12 year olds. Big deal. Take it or leave it. It is essentially a "useless' and "worthless" exam which has little bearing on developing the POTENTIAL of the child.

Believe what you will about government education. Me? I like the private sector to handle children's education.

If you want your kids to turn out to be bigger morons than they already are, then relinquish all your control parents, and trust the development of their in-bred brains to the state. ;-)

Anonymous said...

NATCON is there to iterate the nonsense that PAP is still the best, and the best party ever to lead SinCity. Nevermind, they coverup their legalised corruption, never mind they smear anybody as they wish and like, never mind they abuse authority and power, never mind they lost billions and millions without accountability and transparency, never they are the stupid monkeys, nevermind they are the wayang king.

Anonymous said...

Looks like everything in Singapore is affordable. Why not? We have $8 heart bypass which is the cheapest in the world. Can you beat it sucker?

As for HDB flats being affordable, I wonder whether the Minister for National Development ex Minister for Health knows what he is talking about. Perhaps he is still drooling over his $8 heart bypass that he forgot he is talking about sky high 'public' housing.

As Anon 9.04 said, no point talking further about the National Con. I too will use my vote in 2016 to tell them what I think.

Anonymous said...

Of cos they will say things that will help them to continue to earn millions from the people. Thats the problem with one party rules - they can say what they want and it does not bother them at all.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, they are bothered when 2016 comes nearer. Otherwise, why should they be concerned now about listening to what Singaporeans have to say. For 46 years they have been shafting everything down the people's throat and if they are not bothered, why not just continue using the same tactics.

In the past those that oppose them openly are easier to tackle. The PAP would just round them up and put them in cold storage or use the courts to sue their pants off.

Now, their bigger fear is the silent opposition that will not resort to stikes or demonstrations but who will put their message across during the General Elections. There is nothing the PAP can do about those people and their votes and those are the people who cannot be dealt with using the police or the courts.

Not tackling issues relating to their silent grievances is slow political suicide.

Anonymous said...

A strike by foreign SMRT bus drivers today. Any mishandling could lead to sympathetic strikes and the worms will start to crawl every where.

Can take locals for granted. Foreigners another cup of tea.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think many Sinkies would love to go for a heart by pass at $8 than visit a GP for cough and cold.

Has the queue been forming, for a heart by pass?