How to make a daft Sinkie fart without thinking?

Is it superflous to even think that a daft Sinkie has the ability to think? It is very common to hear how daft sinkies parroted views or positions from the establishment repeatedly without knowing what they were farting about. Many don’t even know that what they were saying was actually planted into their pea brain without them knowing. It is all a case of repeating a position and after a while the lazy or mindless will just garble them out as the truth or the logical answer to a situation.

Take the example of the slightly better off middle class and their entitlement for admission into govt hospitals. The official position is that the lower class wards were highly subsidised and the better off should not enjoy the subsidies in the lower classes as they are better off. So they must opt for more expensive classes to spend their savings away. The daft Sinkies were told that if these better off people were to opt for lower class wards, they would be competing for the limited beds in these classes.

Very logical on first pass. Think again, why are these people opting for lower class wards and willing to go through the ordeal with less niceties and comfort? And why should the lower class wards be limited and not increase to cater for everyone who cannot afford to pay for luxury? Just because someone is earning a little more, he must be able to pay more and consume more, and his savings must be robbed. Many could have other financial responsibilities or commitments that they do not have the comfort of squandering their limited resources to enjoy a little luxury.

But the daft Sinkies could only think, sorry I shouldn’t use the word think, they can’t, they could only parrot that these people are depriving the poorer folks from the beds available in the lower class wards.

The same daft Sinkies would say the same thing about Sinkies who earn more than the arbitrary $12k imposed by HDB to disqualify them from buying HDB flats. HDB flats are for poorer Sinkies. The richer Sinkies must not compete with poorer sinkies for public flats.

In the first place the HDB flats are no longer cheap unless they are saying $500k or $800k is cheap. Surely $1.7m is not cheap. How many people earning a combined income of $12k can afford to buy a $1.7m public flats?

The second point, who are the people competing for public flats with the poorer Sinkies? Have they ever heard of new citizens? How many new citizens have been printed to join the queue for public flats, competing with poorer Sinkies? And because they were foreigners before, many could have been very much richer than the Sinkies disqualified from buying public flats.

Then there are the PRs in the resale market, pushing resale price to the roof, competing with the outcasts or mistreated Sinkies who happened to earn more than $12k in household income. These victimised Sinkies, not allowed to buy public flats are now forced to compete with PRs to buy resale flats. Many are young professionals who have no choice but forced by the govt to cough out all their savings to buy public flats or private properties against their interest, against the wisdom of being prudent and saving for a rainy day. And daft Sinkies would say where got forced?

Why should foreigners turned citizens be allowed to compete with poorer Sinkies and Sinkies not allowed to do so. And why should such a scenario happen when the govt could simply build to satisfy the needs of its citizens? No, the daft Sinkies could not see further than the tip of their noses. No, maybe they are just acting daft, paid to sing a song, or have vested interested to sing the song, against the interests of fellow Sinkies. Really, how many Sinkies are earning above $12k and still needed to buy HDB compares to the influx of new citizens competing with the poorer Sinkies?


Anonymous said...

Don't give yourselves to brutes,
men who despise you,
enslave you,
who regiment your lives,
tell you what to do,
what to think and what to feel;
who drill you,
diet you,
treat you like cattle,
use you as cannon fodder.

Don't give yourselves to these unnatural men,
machine men, with machine minds and machine hearts!
You are not machines!
You are not cattle!
You are men!


Anonymous said...

To sum it up,
blame the daft sinkies
just like the old man who
led, breeded and is breeding
Sinkies the way they are.

How else can he manipulate
the Sinkies like playing with toys?

Anonymous said...

Aiya hdb is subsidized mah market subsidies at least and where can Suka Suka built based on demand. It's a raid on reserve according to mak bok tan u know

Anonymous said...

Who says cannot build on demand?
That's what happens in a free market.
Building on demand is non-negotiable.
Especially when the government-supplier owns 90% of the property in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

The Sinkies are programmed to daft and damned.

Anonymous said...

10.47am u wanted to raid the reserve is it?

Anonymous said...

Redbean, like wine, you are getting better with age.

It is really extremely ironic - and totally contradictory - that on the one hand we are urged to be thrifty, not to spend beyond our means, and on the other, we are being told we shouldn't go for cheaper when we want to in housing and hospitals. And penalised if we do.

It is as contradictory as Kuan Yew proclaiming that his govt's plan was to provide housing at or below cost. Well yes, IN THE BEGINNING.
Pity he didn't explain how and why they no longer do this but sell so-calledly at below market rates.

And why on earth does everyone have to keep harping back to 40 years ago? We are living in the here and now.

Don't sell, the old fellow also advised, as you'll find you cant afford an equivalent with the money you get. But your home is your asset and it's going up in price, he added in his next breath. One can hardly realise value unless one sells, and then you're jammed. So what the heck is the man and his people talking about??!!

I checked out C class wards in case of any eventuality. They looked good, but I'll be penalised for opting for one, because the govt didn't have the foresight to build more of such stuff. As you point out, what rubbish is this?
Where is the logic?!

Why am we having to pay for someone's lack of foresight and lack of action?! Shouldn't it be they who are penalised?

Are we really supposed to be thrifty or what???????

Anonymous said...

The govt has planned for the Sinkies to spend every cent they earned. And at the end of the day it will tell the Sinkies that they are daft and irresponsible for not being thrifty and prudent with their money.

Brilliant philosophy ain't it?

Anonymous said...

The Singapore reserves.
Does it exist?
Has anybody seen it? Touched it?
Who told you that it is real?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are daft and lazy. FTs are hungry and hard working.

Think Sinkies getting straight As were just lazy but lucky. The grades fell from the sky. No need to study hard.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is Tony Tan looking after?
Our reserves?
But it takes 56 man-years to do an inventory.
So what is Tony Tan looking at?
Other than the Olympic Games.

ape@kinjioleaf said...

Simple ape think simply.... do away with different wards and just have a simple C (for common) wards. Those who wanted privacy, first class treatment go to private hospital. No headache, no means testing, less administrative works, less cost.

Anonymous said...

in the hdb game, gov and sinkies are losers, the foreigners are the winners. foreigners can easily turn sinkies, buy hdb, reapply back foreign citizenships, sell hdb, make a big pile of monies out from daft gov and sinkies and go back homeland and retire like a king. just ask any pinoy $250 can get pinoy passport back.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi ape, welcome to the blog.

I like your suggestion. But without A wards, our poor govt elite would have to cough out a lot of money to be in private hospitals. Not practical.

And anon 3:18, hdb is always the net gainer not matter what. The year when it claimed to lose one or two biliant must be a stroke go genious accounting.

The only losers are Sinkies being forced to pay the foreigners returning home and buying their resale flats for a bomb.

Anonymous said...

"How many people earning a combined income of $12k can afford to buy a $1.7m public flats?"

Well... 12k per month is 144k per year. Let's leave out bonuses, if any, since the couple will need that for holidays to get away from the stress of paying for an overpriced hole in the sky.

The right way to gauge the affordability of a home is a price to income ratio. Just like a price-earnings ratio for shares, take the home price and divide it by the annual household income. According to Demographia (www.demographia.com), an affordable home is priced at a ratio of 3x annual income or less. More than 5x is "severely unaffordable".

That 1.7m flat on a 144k income? A mere 11.8 times earnings. Before transaction costs.

Hell, the poor daft buyers would be wiped out just by the real market interest on a loan of that size (80% of 1.7m x 6% = 81k per year, dudez). But of course, they got a little bit of help from their parents.

Imagine, Sinkies, that home prices continue to double every 5 years. By the time your kid(s) are ready to move out, they will need your help for 90% of the purchase price. On top of paying off your own overpriced housing. Sounds like a plan, yes?

patriot said...

The most practical and equitable arrangement ever suggested.


patriot said...

Is it possible for the owner to sell his/her property 5, 10, 20 times more few years down the road.
Think our leeaders can make it happens.

Possible or not?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

can, can.