How far has PAP deviated from its original goals?

‘This was the plan which we had from the very beginning, to give everybody a home at cost or below cost and as development takes place, everybody gets a lift, all boats rise as the tide rises. "We are investing to bring it up to date and you pay a token sum, the government carries the rest and HDB has been doing a fine job to give you an environment that you have today," Mr Lee shared.’ This is part of his speech during a Tree Planting session at Havelock Road last Sunday.

In his latest speech LKY recalled the original plan to give every Singaporean a home that would appreciate its value over time. This the PAP has done very well. In his speech he also touched on the pricing policies of HDB flats. ‘…you pay a token sum, the govt carries the rest…’ Is this still the case?

We must give full credit to his generation of leaders for doing what they preached and delivering them, cheap housing at a token price and appreciating home values. They have been there and done it. I think all the older Sinkies who have bought their flats during the early years will confirm this truth.

What is the new social contract?

The issue or trouble today is the mission of the new leaders. Are they still practicing the old policies of giving every Sinkie a home at cost of below cost? Are there Sinkies being deprived or disqualified from owning a home? Are Sinkies being made to pay sky high market driven prices?

The support for the old leaders for their good policies for the good of the people was genuine. Are the new leaders and their pro people policies gaining the same kind of support for the older leaders?

What do you think?


asingaporeanson said...

Unfortunately, HDB can still tell the public it has never deviate from its mission statement, "Providing Affordable Homes to the Public"

The previous and current MND chiefs played on the word affordable and insisted that public flats are still within reach of most citizens.

Obviously HDB is no longer selling flats below cost. The new pricing system is what they termed as 'market based subsidy'

Anonymous said...

Bean, all you need to do to see how far the PAP has deviated from its mission is to read the original PAP Manisfesto.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Please lah. Those "original goals" are more than 50 years old. The world has changed.

Anyway, this is politics. No politician in history has ever been held accountable to his original objectives or promises.

If you believe otherwise, you need to smash your head on a sharp object :-)

Anonymous said...

I hope their goals are shifting with times. No point holding on to a goal that is more than half a century old. Personally, I don't think anyone know what is the goal.

patriot said...

We are still having old folks still singing praises for one pioneer ruler despite knowing well the Same Leader is still calling the shots.
Am I mistaken to say that the predatory behaviours of the Younger Rulers are due much to the Mentoring of a very Senior Mentor Minister?

I interpret Chin Leng's Message here as the Younger Rulers are indepent decision free fron the guidance and supervision of their seniors. And that they are free to implement their ideas as they, the Youngee Rulers, like.

Am I right?


Anonymous said...

Please lah MS, if you cannot read don't anyhow comment.

patriot said...

My apology to All.

'indepent' should be corrected to 'independent', in the Above Comment.


Anonymous said...

Redbean must be overjoyed with his property rising 5, 10, 15, 20 and soon 50 times.
Somewhat intoxicated huh.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi patriot, we must give credit when it is due. The old leaders, not one, gave the people cheap housing and all appreciated in value. This is a fact.

Whether this high value is going to kill the future generation is not their problem. They are passe. What is important is what the new leaders are doing and whether they are good for the new generation of voters. This is what they owed to them.

Like Matilah said, things changed. Old leader's time is over. Now is the time for new promises and new social contract. If the new leaders cannot deliver, they deserve to be kicked out of parliament.

The new generation of voters did not ask for market priced HDB. This is shafted down their throat plus all kinds of daft regulations. They will have to pay dearly if the new voters decide to tell them to FO.

Padaly said...

Like everything else in SinCity, it's either sold to foreigners or commercialized. Only profit and loss or money that matters. Those yester yrs of socialism is gone forever. Now it's hard core capitalism. Money rules all. Yes build flats for ppl at mkt prices! Have you ever heard that those opt in fixtures like doors for BTO flats cost so much more than private contractors. If you get outside contractor to fix the door or any other fixture is much cheaper than HDB. That is a classic example "subsidy?" Building flats for the common citizens? Pls lah don't make my toes laugh! We are not that stupid. We can see and know the differences from those days and current situation.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 10:45, the older generation did benefitted from the asset enhancement policy. But this is a double edged sword that benefits them but cutting the throats of the younger generation.

It was good for the old but bad for the young. If the young leaders think this is the way to go, they will have to go as well.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Padaly, you said it. The writing is on the wall. Can't bluff the people all the time. Once the blinkers are off and the ugly truth stares right in the people's eyes, it is game over

patriot said...

Like 70% discount at sales and the retailers still make 50% profit and more.



Anonymous said...

Red bean, you asked what do u think? Are u kidding me? Do u need to ask?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Heheheh: )

Veritas said...

The asset bubble is a classical phenomenon of fiat currency. It saps the young and enrich the old. It creates dynastic wealth. Those parasite in Bukit Timah and Katong getting landed property from Ah Gong sit the equivalent of 3-4 generation of of life time middle class salary.

This is not sustainable. It is exploitation of labor in favor of asset.

This ponzi can only work because MAS keep printing and printing. Under the gold standard, MAS cannot print. Any bubble asset will create a high risk in lending. Banks will raise interest rate, forcing the asset price down.

Gold standards is the first step in protecting labor against asset elites.

We need to take down Sing Dollar and replace with gold standards.

The said...

Folks, buy your HDB flats now! It will go up 5, 10 or 15 times in future.

Imagine, if you buy a flat now for $500,000, it will be worth $7,500,000 in the future!!!

Huat Ah!!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful suggestion. What kind of investment can reap this kind of profits? GIC and TH should not waste time throwing their money everywhere. Just buy properties here, HDB also damn good buy. 10 times, 15 times, huat ah!

Anonymous said...

Right, the goal is also to take away the land of the Opposition leaders, and voters also....

Anonymous said...

Stop regretting.You want to change something,Vote for Broke in the next General Election.Better late than never.

patriot said...

Chin Leng:

I mean to say that the Younger Rulers are moulded and mentored to behave the ways they do.
The Younger Rulers are acting at the behest of the Senior and Superior Folks.
Of course All of them got to share similar Pack Mentality.

Thank You for the Response.


Anonymous said...

We had something called a Mental, I mean Mentor Minister position for quite a few years.
So that the younger Millionaire Ministers can be "moulded" and "groomed" into a chip of the old block.

Anonymous said...

It is sad we leave the problems for the young generations. This is the same as US debts. Who is going to pay the trillions of dollars of debt? Assest enhancement is good but got side effect. Government just did not want to tell you.

Anonymous said...

Singapore does not equal PAP.
What is good for PAP does not mean it is good for Singapore.

Does LKY = PAP?
Does LHL = PAP?

What is good for LKY ... does it mean it is also good for PAP?
What is good for LHL ... does it mean it is also good for PAP?

Is PAP bigger than the Lee family?
Or is the Lee family bigger than PAP?

Personally, I don't give a fcuk.
I just vote Opposition.

clarinet2concerto said...

~If the new leaders cannot deliver, they deserve to be kicked out of parliament.~
Leaders (present moment) not the political party ..... interesting point.

market2garden msn 2012.11.05

Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 1038

If you can't understand me, don't comment lah ;-)

Anyway, my comments are gasak butu, anyhow hantam. If you take me seriously, that is your own funeral -- where I'd be happy to piss on your corpse...for free!

In the beginning, Lee Kuan Yew was god. He could steal the kampung, and built great big flats, and sell "cheap" back to the former kampung dwellers -- many who were "happy" with the "good deal".

Those days, the Treasury was in-chage of the money. No central bank (MAS) yet. Quasi gold standard. The Singapore dollar was backed by rock-solid assets, and Green Spot at the kopi tiam costs 20 cents with ice.

However, the world has changed, and even though LKY is still god, he cannot fight off economic reality.

Sorry you economically and politically ignorant assholes: even if the govt wanted to do it, it can't: No cheap socialist-style housing for you fuckers.

Now if you still don't understand, please fuck responsibly and don't produce kids, because the cuntree can do without your genes ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yaah. I still think the old days are the best. You got screwed by land acquisition but HDB is rather kind to you. Now, not many can afford new flats and even they do, will have to slave for theentire working life.

oldhorse42 said...

In the early years, when Lim Kim San was the Minster for ND, we had what we called social pricing for HDB flats. HDB flats were priced according to affordability level. About 7 years annual salary of an average worker. Over the years,HDB has evolved from building low cost public housing to building affordable housing. The price is now pegged to market price and is sold at a discount to market.This is called market subsidy. Not cost subsidy! How much is the cost of building a HDB unit? It must be the best kept state secret!

Veritas said...

7 years income ratio of average worker is already pricing HDB as bubble. This is our so call "fair pricing". Anyway, Lim Kim San is from a family of gangsters la.

In his memoir by Lim Kim San: A Builder of Singapore by Asad-Ul Iqbal Latif, Lim was from family of Kapitan. The Kapitan is euphemism of gangsters boss who serve as lackey for the Ang Moh in exploiting poor Chinese coolies.

If you check the ancestors of bananas of PAP, almost everyone come from dirty sperm of a scumbag la.

By the way, the right price should be under 6x annual income of worker. The ideal pricing of property should be 3x annual income of worker. (Note, not family income)

And Lim Kim San has his hand on Land Acquisition Act. HDB was instrumental in carrying out gazetting of land from the non-perankan areas.

Singaporeans must not brood and content with staying in HDB anymore. Every Singaporeans should be entitled a landed property. How can a nation not grown pervert when they grow up in the cage hundred meter away from soil.

To produce healthy citizen, they must be rolling on the mud at childhood.

Anonymous said...

MM not involved with housing policies or the govt. If not he sure tell Mah to stop his nonsense of making the people pay so much for public flats.

Now he regrets letting go and let Mah do what he liked and a PAP that is losing support of the people it sold affordable and subsidised flats to.

Anonymous said...

Old fart is trying to cover up the housing policies problem by his government and painted such a nice scene. Their housing policies only benefit the rich, the government, the foreign and PR. It doesn't benefit most of the original Singaporean. He is either farting or out of tough. Look at his eye (眼神) during his speech, he looked so blur and I don't think he can think properly now.

Anonymous said...

Ex Minister Mah Boh Tan was the Blue Eye Boy of the Present MP for Tanjong Pagar Lee Kuan Yew.

Anonymous said...

Cost of HDB flat = Construction cost of HDB flat.

The construction cost is publicly available info.
Look at the HDB tender results.

Anonymous said...

MM Lee said, HDB will sell flats at or below costs. Did anyone update him?

Padaly said...

Read this. But the rulers won't listen! They just refuse to change their mindset. http://gintai.wordpress.com/2012/05/16/is-there-a-way-to-stop-our-spiraling-hdb-prices/

Another article.

Anonymous said...

Hey Padaly.
What makes you think PAP is interested in lowering the prices of HDB flats?
What makes you think PAP cares about low income Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

Padaly. Unfortunately Gintai did not tell this to MM Lee and maybe those who read his blog did not tell him too.

Anonymous said...

MM Lee changed his mind about selling HDB flats at or below cost.
Didn't you get the memo?

Anonymous said...

If HDB prices come down, where is the govt going to get so much money to pay their world class salary? And how to suck away the CPF savings and no need to pay back to the people?

auto said...

One of the followings may be true why they are creating such a big mess:
1) to get as much money out as possible in case they are not elected next round
2) to scare off oppositions
3) to emerge as heros for cleaning up the mess
4) to make opposition looks very bad if they cannot clean up the mess when they are elected

Anonymous said...

You all stop blogging and go buy, buy, buy all the HDB flats with all the money you got. The lucky guy bought BTO for $1.7m will see his flat becomes $17m and then $34m, 10x and 20x.

And if hold and don't sell, can go $340m also can.

Anonymous said...

And LKY will also live forever.

Anonymous said...

How much deviation? What about from heaven to hell?

Anonymous said...

Please go and get a copy of :
" SINGAPORE PLACES ITS BETS " by Derek Da Cunha and you will have a better idea where we are heading to !